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Lady Fatimah Zahra (S.A), after demise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)             Fatimah (S.A), daughter of Prophet Muhammad (A.S) and Lady Khadija (S.A)            Turkey to continue talks with Russia on 2nd batch of S-400 air defense systems: Erdogan            Russia: Iran is ívictim of terrorismí, among ípioneersí in fight against terror             US warns India against S-400 purchase deal with Russia: Report            Tunisian protesters, security forces clash after police beating of shepherd             US murder increase in 2020 triples previous annual record            IRGCís missiles destroy mock enemy warships 1,800 kilometers away during drills            Cuba blasts US sanctions on interior ministry as Ďcoercive measureí            WhatsApp postpones data-sharing change after backlash             Parliament rejects draft budget for second time            Bamiyan youth take to the slopes in first skiing contest of the season             Two police personnel killed in targeted explosion in Kabul             12 local police killed in Taliban attack in Herat             House votes to impeach Donald Trump with just a week to go before he is due to step down            


Muslim girl is changing the game and the conversation around Muslim women in sports

Tunisian protesters, security forces clash after police beating of shepherd

Absolutely groundless: Russia rejects US claim of Iran-Qaeda ties

Venezuelaís Maduro denounces US ícriminal policyí at new parliament

UAEís flag carrier suspends Tunisian pilot for refusing to fly to Israel

Lebanon files complaint with UN Security Council over Israeli violations

Israel launches fresh airstrikes on Syriaís east: SANA

UK troops should stay until peace talks are over: House of Lords

Peaceful, Stable Afghanistan Will Bring Opportunity: Imran Khan

UN and partners seek $1.3 billion to help 16 million Afghans

Iran says exporting its heavy water to eight countries

Gunmen target Mazar army personnel in military vehicle

Hundreds of cars stranded due to historic heavy snowfall in northern Japan

Iranian vaccine prioritized as Western types come under cloud of suspicion

Ex-Qatari PM urges dialogue between Iran, GCC countries

í12 Civilians Killed in Nimruz Airstrikeí: Local Council Head

Reconciliation Council Leadership Approves Guideline for Talks

IRGC unveils strategic underground missile base on Persian Gulf shores

India to Chair UNSCís Crucial Taliban Sanctions Committee

US airline union calls for ban on pro-Trump mob

Twitter, Facebook suspend Trumpís accounts after video

US cabinet discusses Trumpís removal over riot as four killed on Capitol grounds

Los Angeles police clash with pro-Trump rioters as rally called íunlawful assemblyí

Pence wonít interfere in election count despite pressure from Trump

6 Security Force Members Killed in Kunduz Attack

Shams and OMNES Media unveil an Influencers Platform with huge opportunities

Pence wonít interfere in election count despite pressure from Trump

Turkmen FM to attend launch of key projects in Afghanistan

WikiLeaks founder Assange awaiting imminent verdict on extradition to US

US, European allies refuse to unfreeze Venezuela funds for vaccine purchase

Two shootings in Floridaís Miami-Dade County leave 12 wounded

Democrat Pelosi narrowly re-elected as US House speaker amid political uncertainty

Soleimani assassination Ďnail in the coffin of international lawí: UN rapporteur

Report: German govt. approved $1.4bn arms sales to countries involved in Yemen, Libya wars in 2020

Qatar urges UN to stop violation of territorial waters by Bahraini vessels

Kabul University attack mastermind sentenced to death

At least 140 House Republicans to object count of electoral votes in Congress: Report

Syria urges UNSC to take firm action against Israeli acts of aggression

One killed, two wounded in early morning IED explosion

Saudi rights activist goes on open-ended hunger strike to protest prison conditions

Venezuelaís Maduro calls extension of opp. assembly Ďunconstitutionalí

Hashd al-Shaíabi guarantor of Iraqís security, unity, power: Senior clerics

Gunmen abduct two doctors in Parwan

16 Civilians Killed or wounded during past five days: AIHRC

Abdullah confirms next round of peace talks to be held in Doha

Slain ex-journalistís father appeals to UNSC to ensure justice is carried out

Ghani, Abdullah Discuss Next Round of Talks: Presidential Palace

Shooting leaves 3 people dead, 3 others wounded in Illinois

Turkeyís Erdogan voices readiness to talk, cooperate with every country

Trump claims Afghan elections Ďbetter run, more secureí than US polls

Iraqi govt. urged to take Trumpís pardons for Blackwater guards to intl. court, UNSC

UN íconcernedí over Trumpís pardons for guards who massacred Iraqi civilians

US vaccinations underway at slow pace as cases of COVID-19 surge

Saleh promotes a dignified and unified peace

Thousands volunteer as Iran prepares to launch human trials of homegrown COVID-19 vaccine

Ohio officer kills unarmed Black man while body camera wasnít on

3 French police killed in shooting, suspect found dead

Tunisia: Stance on Palestine unchanged, no normalization with Israel

There is no positive alternative to JCPOA: EU envoy to UN

FEFA chief executive gunned down in Kabul in latest attack

Chardara district police chief killed in Kunduz ambush

UN chief calls for trade with Iran based on Security Council Resolution 2231

UNHR office calls on Thailand to revise royal insult law

UNSC extends mandate of team monitoring Taliban-related sanctions

Overnight attack by Taliban in Ghazni Ďunder controlí

Indian farmers launch general strike to protest market liberalization

Belgium announces troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

US welcomes first meeting of reconciliation council

In rebuke to Trump, judge orders US govt. to reinstate DACA as it existed under Obama

US encouraging separatism in Syria, hindering restoration of its unity: Russia FM

Violence levels in Afghanistan unacceptably high: Pompeo

World Bank to Stop Funds Pending Access to Afghan Banking Data

Deadly Humvee bomb targets public protection unit in Ghazni

Suicide attacker targets Zabulís provincial council head

Leader Urges Punishment for Assassins of Iranian Scientist

Americaís security is not hinged on the number of troops on the ground: Pompeo

Russia denounces Pompeoís visit to occupied Golan as Ďprovocationí

Yemen stresses right to self-defense as Saudi Arabia resorts to UN over Aramco raid

Pakistan, India accuse each other of sponsoring terrorism at UN

Car bomb in Kandahar leaves 17 wounded

More than 70 killed or wounded across Afghanistan in under 24 hours

Germany Starts Reducing Troops in Kunduz: Report

Saffron flower harvesting process underway in Helmand

An Online Prayer Meeting for Religious People Around the World to End COVID-19

Twitter to hand @POTUS account to Biden even if Trump wonít concede

Venezuelaís Maduro announces mass production of indigenous drones, aircraft

Pakistan govt. under public pressure to expel French envoy over blasphemous cartoons

Taliban launch attack on Kunduz district center, reinforcements arrive

One arrested, one killed in connection with Kabul University attack

Biden faces repair job at US spy agencies after tumult under Trump

Biden to íreassessí close US-Saudi ties under Trump: Report

Mastermind of Kabul University attack arrested

Joe Biden elected 46th president of the United States

US election: Which battleground states do Biden and Trump need to claim in order to win?

Putin backs idea of urging countries to pass laws to protect sentiments of believers

Pope: Terrorist attacks aim to undermine interfaith dialog

Slovenian premier congratulates Trump victory before results are announced

Afghan Govt, Taliban in War of Words over University Attack

Gunmen Storm Kabul University; 25 Killed

Casualties feared as insurgents attack Kabul University

UN Security Council condemns Kabul education center bombing

Mosques in southern France placed under protection amid threats

Guinea scene of unrest as opposition cries foul after presidential vote

Iran stresses sovereignty over trio of Persian Gulf islands at UNSC

UNICEF praises KSA for ďhumanitarianĒ role in Yemen

Israeli warplanes, helicopters launch fresh air raids in Gaza

Pompeo smearing economic, trade cooperation between China, other countries: Beijing

Lifting of UN arms ban outcome of Iranís correct policy on JCPOA: Govt. spox

Trump seeks campaign boost as Biden leads in battleground Pennsylvania

UN secretary general condemns Ghor attack

Trump urges California GOP to ífight hardí for unofficial ballot boxes

Kyrgyzstanís president resigns after days of unrest

Iran envoy to UN: Ordinary citizens fall victim to US economic terror amid outbreak

UNAMA calls for urgent end to violence and focus to be on peace

Ghani attends funeral of victims killed in helicopter collision

10 COVID-19 vaccines in phase III trials, 180 countries join COVAX: WHO

Hackney Council in London struck by Ďserious cyber attackí

Belarusian opposition figure threatens to call country-wide strike

Unidentified drone crashes in NW Iran as Armenia, Azerbaijan clash over Nagorno-Karabakh

British govt. announces new local lockdown rules

US launches airstrikes on Taliban in Afghanistanís Helmand despite Ďpeaceí deal

Taliban implies discussions around ceasefire still a long way off

Police station in Paris suburb comes under attack

Biden targets Trump voters in critical Pennsylvania county

11 Security Force Members Killed in Kunduz, Helmand: Sources

United Nations World Food Program wins Nobel Peace Prize

Economic sanctions among major challenges faced by war-wracked Syria: UN ambassador

US pressure campaign against Iran Ďexample of state terrorismí: Envoy to UN

Bidenís running mate accuses Trump of promoting voter suppression

Russia denounces French-German Ďblackmailí over Navalny

Kissinger warns of WWI-like situation unless US, China stop escalating threats

NY Jews burn masks, denounce Cuomo, de Blasio over coronavirus restrictions

No light in sight at the end of Brexit tunnel

UN chief condemns Nangarhar attack, urges speedy political settlement

Ghani heads to Kuwait, for Emirís funeral, and then to Qatar

Egypt unveils 59 sealed coffins in major archaeological discovery

Is Trumpís COVID-19 contraction some kind of political stunt?

Taliban attack public police force base on Takhar-Kunduz highway

2 Killed, 2 Wounded in Kabul Incidents

US trying to take world back to íjungle ageí: China

Iranís Zarif says Intl. community must pressure Israel to destroy nuclear arsenal, accede to NPT

First presidential debate between Trump and Biden an Ďembarrassmentí to the US: Ex-White House communications chief

UNSC urges immediate halt to Karabakh fighting, return to peace talks

Nasrallah: Operation underway to revive Daesh, justify US role in Mideast

14 killed, including five children, in Daikundi roadside explosion

Islamic Ideology Council to recommend CII-like body for Afghanistan

Syria invites sanction-beset nations to unite against ísuffocatingí bans

Pakistan PM warns a hasty foreign troop withdrawal would be unwise

Khalilzad says Taliban unlikely to call a ceasefire until a deal is made

Ghani tells UN the country is dealing will multiple drivers of turmoil

Trump attacks Muslim lawmaker over telling him íhow to run our countryí

Nalati grassland in Xinjiang offers stunning late summer scenery /Video

US Justice Dept. threatens to cut federal funds to Democratic-led cities amid crackdown on protests

Ghani reiterates call for ceasefire at virtual UN meeting

Khalilzad concerned over escalation of violence across the country

HWPL Hosts Peace Education Webinar by Connecting South Asian Countries during the COVID-19 Crisis

Officials Confirm Civilian Deaths in Kunduz Airstrike

French MPs under fire for protesting Muslim womanís hijab at parliament

Former UNAMA chief warns peace talks Ďwill not be easyí

Khalilzad welcomes UN Security Councilís support of peace process

India building tunnel in Himalayas to get soldiers to Chinese border in 10 minutes

Trumpís Former NSA says withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is an unwise policy

Asian, European markets sink after US Fed warning of íuncertainí outlook

Gunmen fire 55 shots, killing at least two in Philadelphia

Venezuela blasts UN rights report as Ďriddled with falsehoodsí

Hurricane Sally swamps US Gulf Coast with massive floods, íunrealí rain

After failure at UN, US says will work to hinder arms trades with Iran with its own action

No Ceasefire Until Cause of War is Discussed: Taliban Spokesman

UN war crimes panel urges Turkey to rein in allied militants in N Syria

Iran complains to UN over Trumpís military threat, stresses right to self-defense

Security Council agrees to extend Afghanistan mission for one year

2 Killed, 12 Wounded in Takhar Blast

Afghanistan Wins Seat at UNís Commission on Women

Peace team likely to discuss reduction in violence at Sundayís meeting

Historic peace talks underway between Afghanistan and Taliban

Trump said feels no responsibility to understand anger of Black Americans: New book

UN Secretary-General condemns attack on Afghan vice president

Yemeni forces pound Saudi Arabiaís Abha airport with drones for 4th time in days

Australian intelligence agents raided houses of Chinese journos in June

Saudi crown princeís Misk Foundation under review amid espionage scandals: Report

Trump expected to announce US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Russia denounces as Ďabsurdí attempts to link Moscow with Navalnyís alleged poisoning

US media denounce worst Secretary of State in history

FM Zarif meets with visiting Swiss counterpart

Tunisian police kill three militants after officer stabbed to death

Palestinian-Lebanese alliance: Hamas, Hezbollah put up united front against Israel

UN warns first coronavirus-induced famines to hit countries soon

Palestinian factions take uniform stance against attempts targeting Palestinian cause

Human Rights Watch demands ban on pellet guns in Kashmir

North Korea satellite imagery ísuggestive of submarine missile launchí

Iran raps US Ďunceasing insanityí over blacklisting of ICC prosecutor

UN inaugurates skills development project for Afghan refugee women in Pakistan

Palestine factions set for talks on Ďunified strategyí against US, Israel after UAE betrayal

Trump threatens to cut federal funds to ílawlessí Democratic cities

3 Civilians Killed, 1 Wounded in Nangarhar IED Blast

Saudi Arabia, UAE used cluster bombs in military offensives against Yemenís Hudaydah: UN official

Tunisia parliament approves new, technocratic cabinet

Venezuela opposition figures in talks to run in parliamentary vote: Turkey

US announces decision to partially lift arms ban on Cyprus, angering Turkey

Prisoner Swap Will End Soon: Peace Council

Portland police use crowd control munitions, arrest 19 protesters

Iranís UN envoy: US has no right to trigger snapback mechanism

US isolated again as it vetoes UN resolution on terroristsí fate

Karzai Supports Abdullahís Stance on Council Structure

US spy satellite launch delayed a week after abort in final seconds

Nigerian forces kill reporter, mourner in Kadunaís Ashura procession

Three Shia mourners killed, dozens wounded in Nigerian police attack

13 out of 15 UNSC members reject US bid to snapback Iran sanctions: Report

Pakistan to Comply with UN Sanctions against Afghan Taliban

IED Blasts in Kabul Leave One Dead, Four Wounded

Turkey announces discovery of large natural gas reserve in Black Sea

No trace of poison found in Navalny tests: Russian doctor

Trump Vows to Retaliate If Bounties on US Troops Confirmed

Biden denounces anti-Israel activist, rejects her endorsement at DNC

Iran unveils new domestically-built military achievements on Defense Industry Day

Obama slams Trump as unfit, says US democracy at risk

3 Killed, 16 Wounded in Kabul Rocket Attacks

Govt Halts Releases Until Taliban Frees ANDSF Commandos: Sources

China grants countryís first COVID-19 vaccine patent to CanSino: State media

5 people wounded in shooting at flea market in San Antonio

UN Calls for Protection of Human Rights Defenders

Joint Letter Sent to the UN Secretary-General to Stop Human Rights Violations and Religious Oppression in South Korea

Malaysiaís ex-PM Najib Razak found guilty on all corruption charges

North Koreaís nuclear weapons deter another war on country: Leader Kim

English Premier League: Leicester City 0-2 Manchester United

One Killed, Two Wounded in Kabul Blast

Eight in 10 Americans believe country headed in wrong direction: Poll

Rohingya refugees feared dead found alive on Malaysian islet

Indiaís Modi to lay foundation stone for Hindu temple at site of demolished mosque

Afghan govt. under criticism over alleged pandemic budget misuse

Over 60 killed in fresh violence in Sudanís Darfur: UN

Tunisia appoints new prime minister

Portland protests continue unabated despite federal suppression

íBlow-Upí Event Could Crush US Dollar as Multi-Trillion Debt Mounts, Ex-IMF Deputy Head Warns

Hunt for suspected PEDOPHILE descends into chaos in Kazakhstan

UN human rights office condemns Ďarbitrary arrests & unnecessary use of forceí amid US police brutality protests

UN says all must respect safety of civilian flights after US jets harassed Iranian airliner over Syria

Italian politician launches ĎItalexití party to take country out of eurozone

White Helmets collude with terrorists in Syria under humanitarian guise: Russia

Lawmakers slate EU recovery fund, long-term budget

Proposed union deal with BA involves cuts of at least 270 jobs and 20% in pay

Iran, China deal result of age-old ties, nothing out of order about it: Iranís UN envoy

UN report suggests temporary basic income to help worldís poorest amid pandemic

Donít expect first COVID-19 vaccinations until early 2021: WHO

Food insecurity in Yemen to rise from 2mn to over 3mn in just 6 months: UN agencies

Trump announces ísurgeí of federal agents as crackdown on anti-racism protests widens

China launches independent, unmanned Mars mission

Gunmen kill 11 villagers in Nigeriaís volatile northwest after wedding bloodshed

Key senator mounts pressure on Trump to declassify report on Soleimani strike

South Korea enters recession as exports plunge by most since 1963

China, Cuba blast Israel land grab bid, back Palestine at UNSC

Daphne Caruana Galizia: Middleman in killing of Maltese journalist found stabbed ahead of trial

Multiple people shot at funeral on Chicagoís South Side

Iranian and Afghan medical universities sign MoU to strengthen relations

Bodies of 29 drowned Afghan refugees found Ė Turkey

World Health Organization issues warning to African countries on Covid-19 outbreak

Iran to launch special trade office in China: Businessman

China vows Ďforceful counterattackí to UKís withdrawal from Hong Kong treaty

UN urges Azerbaijan, Armenia to avoid Ďdisastrousí full conflict

Palestinian factions to hold Ďhistoricí unity rally in Gaza against Israeli annexation

The gunman who allegedly shot a US federal judgeís son dead is believed to be a menís rights lawyer

Coronavirus: Oxford University vaccine found to produce COVID-19 antibodies

Rand Paul denounces use of federal force in Portland

Formula 1: Hamilton wins Hungarian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton takes world title lead after dominant Hungarian GP victory

Afghan Forces Take Casualties in Taliban Attacks in Kunduz

Tunisiaís Ennahda to íwithdraw confidence from governmentí

Taliban Violence íUndermines Confidence in Peaceí: NATO

Yemen war: Ansarullah says to unveil new ballistic missile after striking Saudi sites

UN warns more people going hungry as malnutrition persists worldwide

China rejects USí Ďunjustifiedí accusations over South China Sea

ĎIran open to long-term roadmaps for cooperation with friendly countriesí

If Soleimani assassination happened to West, it would declare war: UN official

Saudi crown prince prime suspect in Khashoggi murder case: UN official

EU leaders wrangle over COVID-19 recovery fund

68 civilians killed, wounded in past week: ONSC

UN expert raps US for arbitrary drone attack that killed Gen. Soleimani

Russia, China veto Western-backed UNSC resolution on Syria aid

UN warns nearly 10 million people facing acute food shortages in Yemen

Saudi permission for Ďraunchyí photo shoot in Medina sparks controversy

Level of Taliban Violence Unacceptable: Abdullah

US Defense Sec. Esper Was Briefed on Russian Bounties

UN report on General Soleimaniís assassination draws US ire

Dollar gives ground to higher-risk currencies as Chinese shares soar

Venezuela Ďneutralizesí unidentified US-registered aircraft over its airspace

United Airlines says could lay off as many as 36,000 employees

Belgium: Thousands denounce university headscarf ban ruling in Brussels

Trump coronavirus claims undercut by FDA official

DFB-Pokal final: Bayer Leverkusen 2-4 Bayern Munich

Trump fund-raising official tests positive for covid-19

UN peacekeepers in Israel suspended over sexual misconduct caught on video

Rains pound southern Japan causing floods

Trump: No briefings ever on Russian bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan

Khalilzad Begins New Round of Travel for Intra-Afghan Talks

Malawiís opposition leader wins presidential vote rerun

As Israeli annexation looms, US remains undecided

Outrage mounts in India over killing of father, son in police custody

Two killed, 4 wounded in Wal-Mart shooting: US media

Biden: Trump Inactive on Reported Russian Bounties

Khalilzad, Intl Community Condemns AIHRC Attack

Hamas calls on UN to put end to torture of Palestinians in Israeli prisons

North Korea: íOnly option left to counter nuclear with nuclearí

Pandemic could hit drug markets as in 2008 crisis: UN warns

At UN, US pushing for extension of Iran arms ban, warns Russia, China

Health Ministry Owes $29 Million Despite Intl Funds

Iran parliament: IAEA resolution proof of structural discrimination within UN nuclear watchdog

Shooting in police-free zone in NW US city of Seattle kills man, wounds another

Bundesliga: Bayern Munich 3-1 Freiburg

Top US diplomat slams UN human rights councilís resolution on police brutality, racism

Egypt approaches UNSC to mediate in landlocked water dispute with Ethiopia

US protestors mark end of slavery, say civil rights goals unmet

China denounces as Ďimproperí UN rights chiefís remarks on Hong Hongís new security law

One percent of humanity now displaced- UNHCR

Tehran renews warning to UN nuclear watchdog as EU, US launch anti-Iran push

One percent of world population displaced due to violence: UN

4 new members elected to UN Security Council, Canada loses again

Australiaís unemployment rate hits two-decade high: Official data

Anti-Corruption Efforts Critical for Afghanistan: UN

US envoy to UN says country is Ďleading advocate for human rightsí amid police brutality

Poll: Americans are the unhappiest theyíve been in 50 years

Africa wants UN rights body to open intl. probe into racism, police brutality in US

Iran, Russia, China denounce US sanctions targeting war-ravaged Syrian economy

5 ANDSF Killed in Kunduz Attack: Source

Yemen slams removal of Saudi-led coalition from UN blacklist of child-killers as Ďineffaceable crimeí

UN warns coronavirus impact could kill over 50,000 children in MENA

UNHRC to hold urgent debate on Ďsystemic racismí in US

íBlack people terrified of US cops who can shoot & walk free under qualified immunityí

Iran warns IAEA board against falling under US, Israel pressure

Turkey launches airstrikes against PKK targets in northern Iraq

Rouhani: Iranians defeated Americaís knee-to-neck policy through unity

Extremists operate Ďwith impunityí by exploiting gaps in UK law: Ex-top terror officer

Iran may take legal action to access funds in South Korea

UN chief says staff can join anti-racism protests Ďin private capacityí

China, Russia fighting off US Ďsnapbackí threat against Iran at UN

Coronavirus pandemic could spark global food emergency: UN chief

Houston bids farewell to George Floyd in hometown funeral

Iran freed US navy veteran White on humanitarian grounds: Judiciary spokesman

Roadside bombing kills two, wounds eight in Turkeyís Van

ĎDefund the police,í some US protesters shout but Biden disagrees

Harry Dunn father calls for Prince Andrew and Anne Sacoolas swap

History of US at home and abroad is riddled with Ďunimaginable human rights violationsí: Scholar

UN receives Ďdeeply disturbingí reports of deaths, destruction in liberated Libya towns

Iran underscores follow-up of Rouhaniís historic visit to Iraq

Minneapolis city council votes to dismantle police

Bundesliga: Werder Bremen 0-1 Wolfsburg

Palestinians hold funeral for former Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah

Rallies held around world in solidarity with ĎBlack Lives Matterí

US schools lay off hundreds of thousands, setting up lasting harm to kids

Speaker for city council in Taiwan jumps to his death

Bundesliga: Bayern Munich 4-2 Bayer Leverkusen

US protestors vow to continue rallies until change happens

Some acts of violence in DR Congo may amount to war crimes: UN

Face coverings must be worn on public transport from 15 June, government has announced

US unemployment rate likely shot up to almost 20% in May

ECB chief: Eurozone economy in for unprecedented contraction this year

Aid workers warn more Yemeni women will die as UN cuts maternity funding

PCS Union may call a ballot after MPs failed to keep distance from staff

Libyaís UN-recognized govt. takes full control of Tripoli, suburbs from Haftarís forces

About 2 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week

Knife attack wounds 39 in Chinese primary school

S Korea seeks arrest of Samsung heir in succession probe

Saudi-led coalition keeps pounding Yemen

UN: Taliban have not cut ties with al-Qaeda

Hong Kongís leader slams Ďdouble standardsí on national security, cites US unrest

Factbox: UN aid programs in Yemen at risk of going broke

Worldís coronavirus cases at 6.27mn, life returning to normal in many countries

Bundesliga: FC Koln 2-4 RB Leipzig

UN chief urges investigation into police violence against US protesters

Trumpís move to hide from protesters in bunker proves US democracy is big lie: Iran

US blames Ďforeign adversariesí for racial unrest after Floydís murder

Trump taken to underground bunker during White House protests

Bundesliga: Bayern Munich 5-0 Fortuna Dusseldorf

Protesters circle White House grounds as curfews go into effect nationwide

Korean prosecutors question Samsung heir in succession-related probe

Israel will not miss íhistoric opportunityí to annex West Bank: Netanyahu

Scottish First Minister Sturgeon Ďhauntedí by coronavirus impact on care homes

Afghan government releases 100 Taliban prisoners after ceasefire announced

Turkey delaying gas pipeline repair for unknown reasons: Iran

Trumpís economic adviser: US unemployment could pass 20 percent in May

San Francisco sanctions once-shunned homeless encampments

Quds Day: Unmasking Zionist collaborator in White House

Iran scolds Europe for ístunning captivityí to Israeli lobby

UK risks slow COVID recovery, all stimulus options under review

Trump: China wants to Ďcontinue to rip-off the United Statesí

Participating NHS hospitals begin enrolling volunteers for COVID-19 trial

Trump defends use of unproven drug to ward off coronavirus

Taliban leader urges US ínot to wasteí opportunity offered by deal

Trump defends use of unproven drug to ward off coronavirus

UN chief suggests world leaders send video statements for annual meeting

Chancellor Rishi Sunak warns of economic hardship

UN alarmed by rising civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Global coronavirus caseload at 4.8 million and counting

World paying heavy price for contradictory virus strategies: UN chief

Australia says calls for easing tensions with China still unanswered

Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead: Report

UAE dispatched mercenaries to help rebels in Libya: UN report

US selfishness undermines global COVID-19 vaccine search

EU to launch diplomatic push against Israeli West Bank annexation plan

US unable to block Iran gasoline shipments to Venezuela: Source

Rwandan genocide suspect Kabuga arrested in France after decades on the run

China urges US to stop Ďunreasonable suppressioní of Huawei

China calls on US to pay its debts to United Nations

Bundesliga: Dortmund train to host Schalke

Latest round of post-Brexit talks with Britain disappointing: EUís Brexit negotiator

US industrial output plunges 11.2% in April amid pandemic

Brazilís Lula warns virus could cause Ďgenocideí under Bolsonaro

COVID-19: Tension mounts in global race for coronavirus vaccine

Russia, China slam US plan to extend UN arms embargo on Iran

UN gathering of world leaders unlikely to be íbusiness as usualí

Trump says uninterested in talking to Xi, could sever China ties

í3 Police, 5 Taliban Killedí in Kunduz Clashes

Iran: US sponsors terrorists, not qualified to assess other countriesí anti-terror efforts

ĎSo far so good,í says Sir John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University

36.5 million Americans file for unemployment benefits

Brazil passes France in recorded coronavirus cases to become worldís 6th country

Resistance should be given freedom to counter Israeli annexation plot: Palestineís Hamas

Cuba dismisses US labeling as country not cooperating in counterterrorism

US threatens to trigger return of UN Iran sanctions as Russia reaffirms opposition

UN warns of global mental health crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic

High COVID-19 fatality rate among Afro-Americans due to ĎRampant racismí under Trump: Iran

Afghans Have to Take Care of Their Country: Trump

Whistleblower: US could face virus rebound in ídarkest winterí

Washington, DC extends coronavirus stay-at-home order through June 8

Israelís US-backed annexation scheme bound to fail: Iran parliamentary body

Dominic Raab under renewed pressure over Sacoolas extradition

Trumpís approval rating dips amid mounting coronavirus death toll

England tiptoes out of full lockdown as economy plunges

England tiptoes out of full lockdown as economy plunges

Russia: US claim of Iran nuclear deal membership Ďridiculousí after unilateral withdrawal

Saudi activists decry state for forcing nation under poverty line

42,000 flee violence in north Nigeria, south Niger: UN

Iran exports to Eurasian countries surge by nearly 70%: Official

24 Killed in Nangarhar Funeral Bombing

War thrust back Yemen development 21 years: UNDP

China launches 2 satellites for Internet of Things project

Iran holds funeral procession for 19 victims of naval exercise incident

íTrump Death Clockí counts preventable US coronavirus deaths

US coronavirus outbreak unleashes wave of fraud amid scarcity, fear

Trump to claim íabsolute immunityí from subpoenas in US Supreme Court appeal

Russia says expects Ďhot battlesí at UN Security Council over Iran arms embargo

Kabulís Dasht-e-Barchi attack; dozens killed, wounded

Bahrainís disruption of anti-Israel event Ďunlawfulí, in line with normalization policy: Wefaq

US unemployment rate Ďto get worseí amid pandemic: Treasury

Iran receiving orders for COVID-19 test kits from 8 countries: Official

Only Syrian people decide countryís future, type of government: Iran Foreign Ministry

Yemen urges UN to pressure Saudi-led coalition over offloading stranded oil tanker

Swiss humanitarian channel not enough to meet Iranís needs: UN envoy

Unilateral sanctions hamper Syriaís fight against coronavirus pandemic: UN envoy

Bundesliga 2: Dresden puts entire squad in two-week quarantine

ICC rejects Australiaís íunfoundedí challenge to probing Israeli war crimes

Navajo nation reels under weight of coronavirus Ė and history of broken promises

Barr under pressure for dropping case against Trump ex-adviser, Flynn

Iran urges US to end its Ďabject unilateralismí

German counterintel. chief apologizes to Tel Aviv over wiping Israel off map

UN chief warns against Ďtsunami of hatredí amid pandemic

UN Security Council to address Israelís annexation plan later this month: Palestine UN envoy

Israelís annexation plan shuts door on ípeace talksí with Palestinians: UN chief

Millions more Americans join the unemployment line

Khan says India could launch false flag operation against Pakistan, under infiltration pretext

UN agency calls for nearly $60mn to protect health, safety of Yemeni women, girls

Iraqi territory wonít be used as launching ground against others: Al-Kadhimi

Coronavirus spread swiftly around world in late 2019, study suggests

Chinaís UN envoy slams Ďabsurdí US politicization of new coronavirus

Iran wonít accept violation of UNSC resolution on arms ban, Rouhani warns US

Kushnerís inexperienced volunteers kept íVIPí list of leads for medical supplies

US, UK launch trade talks, pledge quick deal as virus ravages global economy

UN warns of rapid virus spread in American continentís prisons

Fears over spiraling youth unemployment in EU

Libyan government forces launch offensive to liberate key airbase from Haftar rebels

US Embassy in London refuses to meet Dunn family

US forfeited any right to seek renewal of UN arms embargo on Iran: European diplomats

Iraq mounts counter-terrorism operations amid warnings of US-Daesh plot to split region

US planning to give 40k unused green cards to doctors, nurses amid covid-19 pandemic

US milestone of 100,000 virus deaths likely by June

Assad: Syria facing unjust embargo in its fight against pandemic

Iran to launch 5 new free trade zones

PM Johnson urged to intervene by Harryís brother Niall Dunn

Rouhani: US cutting WHO funding hampers global fight against pandemic

Trade minister and Johnson ally avoids harsh punishment in corruption case

Unknown terrorists murder nine policemen in Syriaís Daraía

Germanyís Interior Minister backs Bundesliga restart

US House war hawks write to Pompeo over UN arms embargo on Iran

Fierce gun battles leave 9 dead in India-controlled Kashmir

Business community calling on government to prepare for end of lockdown

Coronavirus update: Global cases pass 3.4mn, curve flattening in some countries

Afghan Peace Process Must Include Press Freedom: UN

Iran allows issuance of $1.12bn worth of sukuk bonds under current budget

Gun-toting protesters in US occupy streets amid virus chaos

Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix to be held without fans

Israeli choppers launch rocket attacks against southern Syria: Reports

7 M Afghan Children at Risk of Hunger: Save the Children

Libya UN-backed GNA rejects Haftar truce, says does not trust his offer

Coronavirus originated in China but was ínot manmade or genetically modifiedí: US intel community

India committing war crimes in Kashmir under cover of coronavirus pandemic: PM Imran Khan

Turkey deployed US-made HAWK missiles to Idlib: Syriaís UN envoy

UNSC voices concern about secessionist bid in south Yemen

Top Democrat opposes defense industry funds in next coronavirus relief bill

UN envoy says Myanmararmy still committing Ďcrimes against humanityí

GOP under pressure over pro-Trump approach, some believe it should distance itself

RAF chief taunts Russian air force after routine encounter

US tells UN to renew Iran arms embargo in breach of nuclear deal

His warnings unheeded, Iranian scientist contracts coronavirus in US jail

In letter to Trump, Erdogan calls for better US understanding of strategic Turkey ties amid pandemic

Pandemic growing slowly in most countries, US still grappling with worst outbreak

3 Killed, 8 Wounded in Suicide Attack in Kabul

One million Yemenis risk losing shelter due to lack of funds: UN

US to face tough battle in pushing plan to extend UN Iran arms embargo: Diplomats

Libyan strongman dismisses UN unity pact, vows to form own govt.

One in three Americans found losing work, income due to coronavirus

UK coronavirus response utterly hypocritical, says UN poverty expert

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un Ďalive and well:í South Korea

Turkish forces gun down two protesters in northwest Syria

Iraq serious about US troops pullout, negotiations will start next June: Spokesman

Iran FM, UN chief urge humanitarian aid for Yemen amid COVID-19 pandemic

Cut US funding for the World Health Organization

Pandemic grows, most Muslim states usher in Ramadan under lockdown

Hundreds of Venezuelan refugees stranded on Colombia border

US Army announces upcoming deployments to Mid-East, Europe

Satellite images reveal huge amounts of methane leaking from US oil fields

Americans too scared to go to work risk losing unemployment aid, experts say

Qatar repeats call for lifting of Ďunjust, unlawfulí Saudi-led blockade

íNo evidenceí recovering from COVID-19 gives immunity, WHO says

Coronavirus: WHO warns against íimmunity passportsí for recovered patients

IRGCís satellite launch proved Iran stronger than before: US Senator

Saudi Arabia, al-Qaeda commit war crimes in Yemen in Ďunholy unioní

Saudis launched oil price war after MBS-Putin shouting match: Report

The International Trade Centre, CARE Enterprises and Bamboo Capital Partners join forces to boost gender justice with the CARE-SheTrades Impact Fund

N Korean military plane activities on Ďunusualí rise: Seoul

Italyís PM hails EUís massive coronavirus recovery fund

Americans too scared to go to work risk losing unemployment aid, experts say

Big questions surround EUís COVID-19 rescue plans

Islamic Center of England announced Friday as last day of Shaíban in Britain

Pompeo says US may never restore WHO funds; Democrats insist it must

Russia dismisses as Ďbaselessí US claims on IRGC satellite launch

Libyaís UN-recognized GNA forces launch íoffensiveí against Haftarís militia south of Tripoli

Russia excoriates US, allies over rejection of anti-sanction resolution at UN

Coronavirus: Pandemic ífast becoming human rights crisisí warns UN chief

Iran, Turkey stress preserving bilateral trade ties under coronavirus pandemic guidelines

Coronavirus: Spain wants EU to unite behind Ä1.5 trillion COVID-19 recovery fund

World on brink of Ďhunger pandemicí as coronavirus rages

UK PM Johnson under fire over handling of coronavirus crisis

UN warns global hunger could be next big impact of Covid-19 pandemic

Afghanistan Among íDeadliest Countriesí for Reporters: RSF

Unrest continues in economically-depressed Paris suburb amid lockdown

COVID-19 updates: Countries slowly loosening lockdown as 2.4mn infected, 165k dead

South Korea blocks test kits for Iran on Saudi-funded TVís request

Dozens of Boko Haram militants found dead in Chad prison

British government to investigate why BAME community worst-hit by COVID-19

Afghanistanís education system launches platform for online classes

Earth-sized, habitable-zone exoplanet found hiding in Kepler data

Venezuela slams US over ďvulgarĒ central bank funds seizure

Coronavirus likely to kill at least 300,000 Africans, push 29 million into extreme poverty: UNECA

UN chief calls for protection of Palestinian prisoners amid coronavirus pandemic

Fighting between Myanmar military, ethnic rebels kills 32: UN rights office

US coronavirus crisis exacerbates inequalities, political dysfunction

China rejects US claim of holding secret nuclear weapon tests underground

New fires rage near defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine

Hard-hit European countries berated over care home deaths

UN Libya mission Ďalarmedí by rise in violence, slams rebel shelling of Tripoli

Over two dozen Rohingya found starved to death on boat stranded for weeks

IMF warns of social unrest amid coronavirus pandemic

WHO chief expresses regret over Trump move to cut funding

US may need to extend social distancing for virus until 2022: Study says

World facing off against killer pathogen: Countries report more coronavirus infections, deaths

Migrant workers face predicament in Persian Gulf countries amid pandemic

Turkey: Stance on buying Russian S-400 unchanged; working group can resolve row with US

Trump halts WHO funding as world scrambles to contain coronavirus pandemic

Obama endorses Biden to run against Trump in 2020 election

Iranís Army to unveil new achievements to help fight off coronavirus: Commander

Forest fire around defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant put out, Ukraine government says

UN agencies: 117 million children may miss measles shots due to COVID-19

Macron extends Franceís COVID-19 lockdown until May 11

Hamas dismisses as Ďuntrueí reports of prisoner swap deal with Israel

Locust raid creates food crisis for one million Ethiopians: UN

Iran FM discusses Yemeni, Afghan developments, anti-corona fight with counterparts

US cannot treat world countries, intl. bodies as its subordinates: Iran

International Cycling Union puts staff on enforced leave over viral pandemic

UK could be worst-hit country in Europe as COVID-19 death toll passes 10,000

Health situation in Gaza critical due to lack of supplies to run COVID-19 tests: Ministry

Trump privately weighed letting COVID-19 íwash over countryí: Report

New York schools to remain closed until September: mayor

Nepal refuses mountaineers call for Everest clean-up amid coronavirus pandemic calm

Bill Gates warns US is in Ďbig troubleí until it starts widespread COVID-19 testing

UN Chief urges unity among UNSC members in face of coronavirus pandemic

Venezuela receives tons of UN aid to fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus News: U.S. unemployment surges as global infections top 1.6m

Coronavirus: EU finance ministers agree on Ä500 billion emergency fund

French care homes hit hard as COVID-19 deaths mount

Spokesman: Hungaryís decision to expel Iranian students deeply regrettable

Iraqís PMU, army launch major anti-terror operation

OPCW report on Syria chemical attack unreliable: Russia

Iranians celebrate Imam Mahdiís birth anniversary under coronavirus lockdown

severe restrictions announced for Kabul city amid a sharp rise in coronavirus cases

US runs disinformation campaign against countries for regime change: Scholar

African Union urges countries to mark 26th anniversary of Rwanda genocide

African American communities hit hardest by coronavirus: US data

University in Japan holds graduation ceremony using avatar robots

Boris Johnson in intensive care unit as coronavirus symptoms worsen

UN Security Council to hold first coronavirus talks Thursday: diplomats

More Americans dying of covid-19 than official count: Report

Germanyís Merkel: Coronavirus EUís biggest test since foundation

Iran to have blocked funds released: Government spokesman

Yemeni forces take areas in eastern Jawf, uncover Daesh prisons

More than 30 countries helped Iran fight coronavirus: Foreign Ministry

Scotland chief medical officer ignores her own warnings against unjustified travels

UN chief urges govts to protect women during virus lockdown

China leading fight against COVID-19, aiding world countries: Iran FM spokesperson

Fierce gun battles leave a dozen dead in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Man in Russia kills 5 for "talking loudly" under his windows

New York in írace against timeí as Trump stresses face masks are voluntary

G77, China urge end to unilateral sanctions amid coronavirus pandemic

UN chief renews call to warring parties to halt clashes, focus on coronavirus fight

Saudi-led airstrike, gunfire leave nearly dozen civilians dead in Yemen

Italy slams EU lack of unity as bloc offers apology over virus

UN adopts resolution of global fight against COVID-19, fails to condemns US unilateral sanctions

Saudi Arabia launches massive arrest campaign against activists amid coronavirus pandemic

Iran medical body writes to Guterres, slams UN inaction on cruel US bans

Young Palestinian wounded by Israeli forces dies

Coronavirus: Spainís death toll tops 9,000, UN warns pandemic is íworldís worst crisisí since WW2

US sailors will die unless virus-hit aircraft carrier evacuated: Captain

Twitter suspends Iran Leaderís accounts

Syria UN envoy calls for lifting of sanctions amid COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus: Spain announces new record with over 9,000 new infections and 849 deaths in 24 hours

Daesh terrorists riot, escape from SDF-run prison in northeast Syria

Iranís Defense Ministry unveils rapid test kits for novel coronavirus

Wuhan, Chinaís COVID-19 ground zero, re-opens for business

EasyJet grounds entire fleet due to coronavirus pandemic

íBlank chequeí: Hungary expected to pass controversial COVID-19 law

Wife recounts Iranian scientistís ordeal in US jail

Britain creaking under emergency coronavirus laws and lockdown

COVID-19: Italy reports record daily death toll of over 900 as Ireland announces lockdown

US Space Force launches first mission amid virus outbreak

Coronavirus latest: Cases in United States surpass China and Italy

Coronavirus vaccine: Many hurdles remain before global immunization is feasible

Intentionally spreading coronavirus in US amounts to terrorism: Justice Dept.

Urban Pakistan under lockdown after 900 tests positive for Covid-19

1/3 of world goes under lockdown as India orders its population to stay home

Gunman attack Sikh religious gathering in Kabul, killing 25

Sanctions on Iran, others facing coronavirus must be urgently re-evaluated: UN

Virus triggers Ďunprecedented collapseí in EU, US economies

Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021 over coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus cases in Italy probably Ďten times greater than announcedí

Pompeoís Visit Was Lost Opportunity: President Abdullah

Spanish military test disinfecting streets with adapted military emergency unit

Maidan Shahr mayor survives gun attack Ė Kabul

Balkans; New Counter Ground Of World Powers

On World Water Day, UN urges globe to use resources wisely

Taliban commander among 24 killed Ė Kunduz

US sanctions on Iran amid COVID - tantamount to mass murder

COVID-19: Countries see outbreaks growing, Chinaís effectively halts

UN postpones returning refugees to Afghanistan

Iraq lodges complaint with UNSC over US airstrikes

Iranians sue UK bank for blocking accounts, seek £1.5mn in damages

UN Official Calls to Include Childrenís Rights in Afghan Peace

UK coronavirus crisis íto last until spring 2021 and could see 7.9m hospitalisedí: PHE document

Turkish-backed militants undermine Russia-Turkey joint patrols in Idlib

Nearly 5 million children born in war-hit Syria since 2011: UN

Coronavirus taking toll on diplomacy at UN

Russia, Turkey launch patrol mission in Syriaís Idlib

Iranís Army launches drills to prevent, monitor coronavirus spread

Muslims still feel unsafe a year after New Zealand massacre

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates leaves board of directors

UN chief says declaration of coronavirus pandemic is call to action

UK Prince Harry says Trump is one of the ísick peopleí running the world

Washington nursing home says unable to test 65 workers with coronavirus symptoms

US asks UNSC to endorse Taliban deal as initial Afghanistan troop withdrawal begins

A joint statement was agreed on the occasion of the signing of the US-Taliban Agreement on February 29 in Qatar. The representatives of the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations met

Trump under pressure as recession fears mount over coronavirus

Italian PM puts whole country in lockdown over COVID-19 outbreak

Global equity markets crash on virus fears, plunge in oil prices

Doctors warn UK hospitals running out of protective equipment for staff

Damascus wonít let Ankara split any Syrian territory in embattled Idlib: UN envoy Jaafari

Russia to send troops to Afghanistan if the countryís official authorities ask

Greek border forces fire teargas at refugees amid accounts of police brutality

US Congress blasts Boeing missteps, FAA blunders on 737 MAX

Saudi crown prince orders arrest of three senior royals, including his uncle: Reports

Policewoman claims she was raped by commander in charge Ė Daikundi

Trump Urges Afghans to ĎSeize this Opportunityí for Peace

Attacker hacks man to death with axe in Manchester, motive unknown

Questions arise after Melania Trumpís unemployed sister Ines Knauss receives US citizenship

Trump furious at plunging stock market on coronavirus fear: Report

Abdullah to launch widespread program from the North after rejecting controversial election results

Afghanistan; 10,000 CIVILIAN CASUALTIES in 2019 Ė UNAMA

Seven people in Vietnam Charged over the deaths of 39 migrants whose bodies were found in a lorry in Essex in October

Russia says Turkey sends large amounts of ammo to Syriaís Idlib ahead of large-scale op

Council of Presidential Candidates Calls to Annul Election Result

Afghan election results fuel tensions in the country

UN envoy urges Turkey, Russia to de-escalate situation in Syriaís Idlib

US assassination of Soleimani breached international norms: UN rapporteur

Abdullah Rejects Results, Announces Formation of ĎInclusive Govtí

UN chief praises Iran, Pakistan for hosting Afghan refugees

Maduro says US plotting to invade Venezuela, country Ďnot afraid of combatí

Armed assailants kill 22 villagers, including 14 children, in Cameroon: UN

íFive Afghan Forces Killedí in Kunduz Attack: MoD

Trump is ítoying with everybody,í says his counselor

UN Secretary-General follows ďcloselyĒ peace efforts Afghanistan

Pep Guardiola leaving Manchester City would be understandable - Ruud Gullit

Haiti orphanage fire kills 15, renews debate over unlicensed orphanages

Afghan President Meets Key US, NATO Officials in Munich

Afghanistan launches National Trade Policy

Venezuela files lawsuit against US at ICC over unilateral sanctions

COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine could cost hundreds of millions of dollars and take months ó WHO

EU parliament lawmakers slam Trumpís Mideast plan as unlawful

US, German spies plundered global secrets via Swiss encryption firm: Report

14 Rohingya die, dozens unaccounted for as boat sinks off Bangladesh

Boy suffers head injury from police truncheon after Barnsley football match

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation Explores Challenges and Solutions for Illiteracy, Open Registration for 1st Literacy Challenge Forum

Africa holds ĎSilencing the Gunsí summit with focus on Libya, South Sudan

China reports 97 new coronavirus deaths on mainland on Sunday, toll rises to 908

Afghan female athlete to leave the country after her dog shot dead by gunmen

2 US Troops Killed By Shooter Ďin Afghan Uniformí: US

UN expert says Spain íutterly failingí poorest citizens

To counter Huawei, US could take ícontrolling stakeí in Ericsson, Nokia: attorney general

New Delhi uses cruel law to keep Kashmir leaders in jail amid persisting unrest

IECCís Decision Made Under Political Pressure: Campaigns

Trump delivers third State of the Union speech

EU to unveil reforms in accession system to appease France

Pakistanís deficit under microscope as IMF review begins

Two killed, one wounded in shooting at Texas university campus

Pound hit by renewed hard Brexit fears after Johnsonís tough talk

Morales says wants to go home, run for senator in upcoming general elections

Saudi media try to rationalize betrayal of Palestinians under Trump plan

US Democrats planning to skip State of the Union address, hold protests

Trump says US has íshut downí coronavirus threat; China shuns US help

Djokovic stuns Thiem to win 8th Australian Open

Trump says he thinks of communism when he thinks of Sanders

Arab envoys present at US Mideast plan unveiling were misled: Diplomat

UK officially leaves European Union

US move to raise travel warning Ďtoo unkindí: China

Turkey may launch Syria offensive if Idlib attacks continue: Erdogan

China envoy says ía lotí is still unknown about coronavirus

New telescope reveals sunís surface in closest detail yet

American president to bar nationals from 6 more countries from traveling, migrating to US

Britain officially leaves the European Union

Gunman fires at Delhi protest against citizenship law, wounds one

Mexico deports hundreds of migrants to Honduras

Mass demonstrations in Gaza as Trump unveils ídeal of the centuryí

Trump outlines contentious Palestine scheme, says Quds will be Israelís Ďundivided capitalí

Afghan Govt íNowhere Nearí Able to Self-Fund: Sopko

Netanyahu withdraws request for immunity from prosecution on graft charges

Warning shots fired as refugees rush Serbiaís border with Hungary

US Aircraft Dropped 7,423 Munitions in Afghanistan in 2019

Homesteaders, catastrophists run for the hills to flee US uncertainty

Under fire for presidency bid, Bolivia interim leader asks all ministers to resign

Supporters of Wikileaks founder protest outside prison in London

Prince Charles wants to visit Iran: Sunday Times

8-year-old Palestinian boy found dead, suspected to have been kidnapped by settlers

20 people wounded in grenade attack at wedding party Ė Khost

Martyrdom exerts profound effects on worldís future: Iran Leader

Cricket: Qualifying Process Announced for T20 World Cup 2021

Israel to retain security control of Palestinian state under Trump deal: Report

Mistrust of police major contributor of gun violence in US: Report

íIdiotí Trump had better pull out troops from Iraq voluntarily: Hashd al-Shaíabi leader

Afghanistan Again Among Top Corrupt Countries: Watchdog

Trump mounts pressure on EU to shun Iran

UK govt. announce plans to introduce lie detector in wake of terror attack

Hundreds evacuated as flooding threaten homes in southern France as Storm Gloria hits

Khan urges UN action over Kashmir dispute with India

Iran: US will fail to undercut our influence through terror acts like Soleimaniís assassination

Mystery virus can mutate, China says, as countries move to prevent spread

Lebanonís PM Diab announces formation of new government

Millions go hungry in wealthy Canada - and some die young as a result

Children go missing as US-bound refugees clash with Mexican forces

Ex-inspector tells UN how OPCW whitewashed findings on Douma chemical attack

US not done in Venezuela, Pompeo announcing new sanctions on Caracas

Propped up by Trump, gun activists rally against proposed Virginia gun laws

South Korea to dispatch Ďanti-piracy unití to Strait of Hormuz, not to join US-led alliance

Thousands of US-bound migrants set to enter Mexico from Guatemala in new influx

Govt ĎApplies Double Standardí to Private Sector: Union

US military says 11 US troops wounded in Iranian missile attack despite earlier denials

Around 350,0000 people have fled Syriaís Idlib since Dec. 1: UN

Russian parliament unanimously approves Mikhail Mishustin as prime minister

Long-Bailey announces groundbreaking initiative on Islamophobia

Russian PM Medvedev announces government resignation

Police conduct raids in Germany in hunt for suspected Chechen militants

Hong Kong Ďfacing unprecedented challenges over high number of arrestsí

New Boeing chief executive takes over with 737 max crisis unresolved

Saudi TV suspends Palestinian announcer over solidarity with Yemen

Iran summons British ambassador over íunconventional behavior,í attending íillegalí rally

Hundreds of people protest French military presence in Mali

Trump: US troops wonít leave Iraq unless it pays for Ďmoney we put iní

US rebuffs Iraqís call to withdraw troops from Arab country

China reports first fatal case of unidentified virus outbreak

20 killed, over dozen wounded in bus accident in northern Iran

Epic Funeral Services for Gen. Soleimani Across Iran

Countries move to evacuate, restrict citizens after Iran missile attacks on US bases in Iraq

Massive crowds bid farewell to hero general in hometown funeral

In pictures: Final funeral procession for Lt. Gen. Soleimani

Japanese businessman pays $1.8 for an enormous tuna

In Pictures: Tehran holds huge funeral procession for martyred commanders

US not to leave Iraq, unless they pay for our base: Trump

Iraq lodges complaint to UN chief, UNSC over US assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani, Muhandis

Iran announces decision to take fifth step to scale back JCPOA commitments

Iraqi lawmakers approve bill to expel US forces from country

170 Iraqi lawmakers sign draft bill to expel US military forces from country

In photos: Funeral held for Gen. Soleimani, his companions

Huge crowds of Iraqi mourners join Gen. Soleimaniís funeral procession

Iraqís PMU denies strike on fighters as US mounts attacks on anti-terror group

Iranís Armed Forces vow ípunishing responseí to Soleimaniís assassination

Netanyahu to ask parliament for immunity from corruption charges

US Amb. Bass: Take Opportunity for Peace, Fight Corruption

4,000 US troops ordered to deploy in Middle East amid Iraq unrest: Officials

Pilots break strike unity as Macronís ĎThatcher momentí is right now

US under barrage of criticism over strikes in Iraq

Young Afghan MMA fighter defeats his Russian rival in a breathtaking fight

NASAís Mars 2020 rover set to hunt Martian fossils, scout for manned missions

American University in Kabul May Close

Facing US trade uncertainty, China seeks closer ties with neighbors

Leaders Unite Against Rise of ĎFraudulentí Govt

ďMost MembersĒ of Taliban Councils Support Ceasefire: Sources

Document: MoF Asks Govt-Run Bank to Pay Taxes in Advance

Trump: ĎPelosi gives us the most unfair trial in the history of the US Congressí

Taliban killed an ĎAmericaní solider in northern Kunduz province

Hundreds arrested in India during days of protests over citizenship law

Facebook removes hundreds of fake accounts promoting Trump

US watching North Korea closely for possible íChristmas surpriseí missile launch: Report

Lebanon president Aoun designates Diab as countryís new premier

Abdullah Asks Protestors to Allow Recount in Seven Provinces

UK system of elections is viewed by many as being unfair

US weekly names Swedish activist Greta Thunberg Person of the Year

Abdullah Says Result Announcement Will Not Be Acceptable

2 killed, 73 Wounded in Ongoing Taliban Attack near Bagram Base

US House Democrats unveil Trump impeachment charges

Endless unwinnable US war in Afghanistan

Saudi gunman ílegallyí purchased pistol used in US terror attack

IEC May Announce Election Results Wednesday

Head of Japanese NGO in Nangarhar Has Died From Gunfire Wounds

Italy PM defends reform of euro zone bailout fund but seeks concessions

Knowledge Summit 2019: MBRF Unveils Findings of ĎFuture of Knowledge

Ayatollah Khamenei blasts Americans for unauthorized trips to regional states

13 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack in Kunduz

Police, Moralesí supporters clash amid worsening unrest

Nabil Boycotts Vote Recounting Process

Abdullah Warns of Using Every Means to Stop Partial Vote Recount

Taliban Prisoners Still Under Afghan Government Custody: Sediqqi

IEC: Election Announcement Again Postponed

31 Taliban militants, civilians killed, wounded as explosives-laden vehicle goes off in Jawzjan

Breach of IECís Digital Center Unacceptable: MPs

62 killed, 33 wounded in an explosion in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan

Civilian Casualties Have Spiked: UN

Blast In Ghazni University Leaves 23 Students Wounded

UN Insists on Transparency With Afghan Election Count

Vote Counting Underway; 1 Million Counted So Far

Trump rejects UN request for FBI probe into Khashoggiís murder to save weapons sales

Russia will help Iran with oil, banking if payment channel not launched: Ryabkov

Trump announces exit of his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders

Police shooting of black man triggers unrest in Memphis, Tennessee

PM Abe calls Iran significant country, voices Japanís readiness to help ease tensions

US pressuring world into ignoring Security Council resolution on Iran: Russia FM

Unknown militants raid Burkina Faso town, kill 19

25 Days Passed, MPs Quarrel Still Remains Unsolved

ĎTrump undermining US leadership role,í Democrats attack Trump for his Mexico deal

UK drivers being pursued by foreign police over unpaid speeding fines: Report

4 killed, 18 injured in gun battle between rival Indian political parties

Iran unveils new indigenous air defense system

Sudan protesters begin ícivil disobedienceí to unseat junta

Hundreds of US infantry soldiers mobilizing for deployment to Afghanistan

Myanmarís Suu Kyi, Hungaryís far-right PM, lament ígrowing Muslim populationsí

Iran: Abe visit success depends on unwinding US measures

UNSC assigns no blame despite UAEís claims on oil tanker attacks

Trump vows fair UK trade deal, tells May to stick around

Almost Half Of Rural Afghans Face Food Insecurity: UN Report

Ghani To Visit Pakistan At The End Of June

One Killed, 17 Wounded in Kabul Blasts

US heavily investing in Asia to counter China: Pentagon chief

Russia says new US limits on space launch contracts aimed at forcing it out of market

On Eve of Intl. Quds Day, Iran urges strong Muslim unity against Israel

Suicide Bombing Near Marshal Fahim Military University Kills Six

Palestine using rockets not rocks to counter Israel: President Rouhani

Nearly 40% of Americans canít cover an unexpected $400 expense: Report

Modi takes commanding lead as India counts votes

EU under huge US pressure over Iran trade: France

Six Civilians Killed in Irresponsible Armed Groups Gunfight in Takhar

UN Stresses On Persistent Anti-Corruption Efforts In Afghanistan

UN chief warns of nuclear Ďcoffiní leaking in Pacific

UK PM agrees to announce timetable for resignation

Afghanistan beats Scotland by 2 runs via D/L method in second ODI match

Hungary Forces 11 Afghan Asylum-Seekers Into Serbia

Dunford Suggests Longer Military Presence In Afghanistan

Gunmen Storm Intíl Organization In Kabul; Gunfight Continues

Iran to unveil countermeasures to US withdrawal from JCPOA

Funeral held in Gaza as Tel Aviv continues to strike besieged enclave

Boeing 737 slides off runway into Florida river, 21 hurt

Zarif: US unilateralism existential threat to entire world

Sixth Round Of US -Taliban Talks in Doha to Begin Today

UK may defy US warnings on Huawei cooperation: UN envoy

Suspected militant blown up while planting a bomb inside a private university in Kabul

UNAMA Report Shows 23 Percent Decrease in Civilian Casualties

Khalilzad Says Important Steps Not Taken for Launch of Intra-Afghan Dialogue

Afghanistan announces squad for ICC Cricket world Cup

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo looks to Dubai as international launchpad

US intelligence says Huawei funded by Chinese state security: The Times

Climate-change protesters vow to disrupt London underground

Cases of Torture Reduce in Afghanistan Prisons: UNAMA

UN Condemns Taliban Announcement of Spring Offensive

Syriaís Assad denounces US for blacklisting Iranís IRGC

UN expert: Assange not guaranteed fair trial in US; torture, death penalty possible

Afghan Forces Push Back Taliban Attack on Kunduz City

Khalilzad condemns Taliban ĎRecklessí Offensive Announcement

Taliban Offensive Announcement ĎIllegitimateí: ARG

Poll shows Labour is surging in run-up to UK elections

Turkey, Qatar, China, Iraq denounce US blacklisting of IRGC

US under pressure to extend Iran waiver as oil surges

Ex-Communication Minister Jailed for Three Years

Afghanistanian Govít to Form Peace and Reconciliation Council: Abdullah

Govt Proposes Lists For Negotiating Team, Reconciliation Council

Haqqani network militants among 15 killed in latest air, ground operations

Britainís May asks EU for Brexit extension to June 30; EU could offer a year

Study: US-Saudi arms deals ídramatically understatedí

US likely to unveil Ďdeal of centuryí on Nakba Day: Report

Pence slams Germanyís unacceptable Russia ties, NATO spending

US President Calls Afghanistan War ďUnfortunateĒ and ďRidiculousĒ

Flash Floods Affected Thousands of People in Afghanistan: UNOCHA

European Unionís chief negotiator warns no-deal Brexit more likely

Facebook deletes accounts in India, Pakistan

Top Venezuela court urges revocation of Guaidoís immunity

Interim Govt Not Under Discussion: Abdullah

Comedian tops 1st round of Ukraineís pres. race, set to face Poroshenko in run-off: Early results

Japan unveils name of new imperial era ahead of emperorís abdication

Nevada woman accuses Biden of unwanted touching in 2014

ĎResolveí of Fatemiyoun Forces in Anti-Terror Fight

New round of global outcry targets US over Syriaís Golan

Trump calls Biden a ílow IQ individualí over accidental 2020 announcement

Letters from Citizens to National Leaders: Endorsing Accountability for Global Peace Building at the UN General Assembly

3 killed, 22 wounded in Kabul mortar attack

Chancellor Merkel defends UN migration pact, censures ínationalism in purest formí

43 Killed, 83 Wounded in Kabul Wedding Hall Explosion

EU Says Geneva Conference is An ĎImportant Opportunityí

UN calls for resumption of Yemen peace talks íwithin a monthí

Four Civilians, Two Policemen Wounded in Kabul Suicide Bombing

36 dead, wounded in Kabul traffic incident

Political Movement Unveils Thousands Of Fake ID Cards

Russia tells US not to go for another Ďunlawfulí aggression against Syria

Daesh Ideology Takes Root in Afghanistan: U.S. Ambassador to UN

US, Pakistan Welcome Ceasefire Announcement

Taliban militants kidnap 170 passengers from Kunduz-Takhar highway

US cuts Syria ístabilizationí fund, vows to continue anti-Damascus bid

Taliban Chief invites US to talks to ĎReach Understandingí to end the ongoing war

Ghazni Is Not Safe For Aid Workers To Enter: UN

Consensus reached on peace with Taliban, elections: Junbish Party

EU Says ĎWe Stand United With Afghanistaní After Attacks

Former NDS Chief Launches New Political Movement

Argentina calls off soccer friendly against Israel under pressure from campaigners

NATO discussing funding for Afghanistanian forces beyond 2020: Stoltenberg

ĎIntercultural Dialogue for Peace and Developmentí Held at UN Headquarters to Create a Foundation of Understanding and Tolerance

Nearly 3.7 Million Afghanistanian Children Out of Schools: UNICEF

UN: Trump forcing millions of Americans into financial ruin

Russian pilot shot down in Afghanistan in 1980s found alive

Three Reasons Driving Saudi Hudaydah Offensive despite UN Warning

Attack On Interior Ministry Ends After 10 Gunmen Killed

Danish minister under fire for calling fasting Muslims Ďdangerí

UN Chief Urges Governments To Protect Civilians From Violence

Taliban Kills 14 Soldiers in Kunduz

S.U.C Called on People Not to Register for Election Until Security is Not Provided

NSA Asks China To Help Establish A ĎMountain Brigadeí

President Erdogan declares June 24 for snap elections in Turkey

50 People Killing Weekly in Syriaís Raqqa, Captured by US-Backed Militias: UN

Trump says CIA chief met North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un

60 percent of French voters unhappy with Macron

UNSC holds urgent meeting on Israelís massacre in Gaza, Guterres urges probe

New species of frog found in Colombia-Venezuela border areas

Countries sponsoring terrorism pay US for support: Iran diplomat

Australia PM under pressure as government loses yet another opinion poll

Massive anti-gun rallies mark a shift in US gun control debate: Activist

China pledges retaliation as Trump prepares to announce new tariffs

UN Condemns Kabul Bombing as Death Toll Rises to 32

US High Delegation Led by Gen. Dunford Arrives in Afghanistan

Powers Race for Superiority Leagues under Sea

Foreign Countries Should Not Turn Afghanistan Into Their Rivalry Hub: Iranian Envoy

Trump Jr., wife announce marriage breaku

UN Security Council Calls on Taliban to Accept Peace Talks Without Preconditions

UN accuses Mexico of torture, cover-up in missing students case

Finland is worldís happiest country :UN report

7 dead, 22 wounded in Kandahar road accident

Why Does Peace Look Unachievable in Afghanistan?

Some ĎCorruptí Individuals in NUG Challenging the System: Humayun

Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un to meet by May: South Korea

UNAMA Chief Reports Back On Peace And Elections

Netanyahu launches into another tirade against Iran

Car Bomb in Kabul Kills 1, Wounds 22

Work On Afghanistan Section Of TAPI Project Launched

Indian Religious Leaders Raise the Voice for Securing Human Rights During the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

More than 10,000 civilians killed, wounded in 2017 in Afghanistan: UNAMA

Death Toll Rises To 95, Over 158 Wounded In Kabul Blast

3 killed, 25 wounded as siege ends on NGO office in East of Afghanistan

UN Strongly Condemns ĎTerrorist Attacksí in Paktia

Pakistan Unveils First Section Of Durand Line Fence

President Ghani Warns Taliban at Abdyaniís Funeral

Rabbani Calls For Fundamental Reforms

Russia massively funding Taliban to fight NATO forces: Report

US UNESCO Exit Signaling Washington Frustration, Hegemony Decline

Trumpís Iran claims have nothing to do with reality: Pundit

Electoral Commissioners Under Fire By Coalition Council

Berlin drops probe into US, British mass surveillance of German telecommunications, internet

Dunford says Ďclear to meí that the ISI of Pakistan has connections with terror group

Arsenal of weapons, ammo found at Las Vegas gunmanís hotel room

US, Philippines launch new counter-terrorism drills

UN rights chief calls on Spain to investigate referendum violence

Ashura, a Critical Juncture in the Life of Mankind

U.S. cannot achieve objectives in Afghanistan without change of behavior by Pakistan: Dunford

UN: Longer-term plans needed to manage Rohingya influx into Bangladesh

Twin bombings, gun fight kill six police in Afghanistan

Upcoming event in India big opportunity for investment in Afghanistan: CE Abdullah

Iraqi Kurdistan holds referendum in defiance of intl. community

UN, HR Groups Retail Rohingyasí Suffering at Hand of Myanmar Regime

31 Taliban Killed, Wounded in Dasht-e Archi District of Kunduz

French leader speaks in defense of Iran deal in first UN speech

UN chief urges Myanmar to halt military campaign against Rohingya

US current account deficit reaches $123 billion

Hamas to Welcome Palestinian Unity Govt. in Gaza: Haniyah

Islamic Banking System Could Boost Countryís Economy

Trump says Ďbureaucracyí and ímismanagementí holding UN back

Global Peace Festival with 200,000 People from 30 Countries was held in Korea

Ghani off to US to attend UN General Assembly and meet President Trump

Explosion in Khost city mobile phone market leaves several dead, wounded

Ghani to Discuss War on Terror, Peace and Security at UNGA

Police in Catalonia hunt for hidden ballot boxes

US wonít be satisfied unless Syriaís Assad leaves power: US official

Biden says Trump íundermines Americaís standing in the worldí

Britain, Sweden urge Security Council to work for end to plight of Rohingya Muslims

Apple unveils iPhone X in major product launch+VIDEO

Rapist, killer of EU officialís daughter had also raped young Afghan girl in Ghazni

MUDH and Kabul polytechnic university sign MoU to boost expertise, urban development

Security Council to vote on US-drafted resolution on North Korea

Hundreds of thousands rally for Catalanís independence from Spain

Arab countries, Qatar should mend Persian Gulf rift by direct talks: Russian FM

UN asks for aid to tackle Rohingya crisis unfolding in southern Bangladesh

Riyadh may have sponsored 9/11 ídry runí: New lawsuit data

Egypt announces discovery of 3,500-year-old tomb

Iran FM urges swift UN action on Rohingya crisis

Syria strongly denies alleged role in Khan Shaykhun chemical attack

Unity Is Key To Resolving Current Crisis: Massoud

Muslim nations denounce Myanmarís persecution of Rohingya Muslims

The United States viewpoint on the new regional security order in the Middle East

Western diplomats call for fresh UN sanctions on North Korea

Bangladesh relief camps for Rohingya reach full capacity: UN official

Saudi Economy Faces Uncertain Future Due to Yemen War: Report

UNAMA says 28 civilians killed, 16 wounded in Logar and Herat airstrikes

Iranís Leader Urges Immediate End to Domestic Wars in Islamic Countries

Understanding Afghanistan's Haqqani Network

Young Ukrainian converts to Islam at Imam Reza Holy Shrine

New US strategy an opportunity for Pakistan to review its old approach: Ghani

Erdogan feels Ďuneasy' about US support for Kurds

Pakistan reacts as US unveils new strategy criticizing Pakistan for harboring terrorism

Junbish slams Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for his remarks regarding the new coalition

Americans cheer as rare total solar eclipse marches across country

Al-Aqsa Mosque Still Under Siege 48 Years after Arson Attack by Zionists

UN mission Afghanistan confirms massacre of civilians by Taliban and ISIS loyalists

US formally launches probe of China trade ties

Putin condemns Barcelona attack, calls for united front against terror

UN experts say Charlottesville highlights rising racism in US

Trump praises Kim Jong Un's decision to delay attack on Guam

Ayatollah Shahroudi named new head of Expediency Council

Hezbollah Stronger, Israel Scared, US Unable to Intimidate Lebanese: Nasrallah

US white nationalists clash with counter-protesters+VIDEO

Saudi Regime to Executes 14 Shiite Muslims after Unfair Trial: HRW

Iran Slams Massacre of Shiites in Afghanistan, Urges Unity in War on Terror

Cargo Route Failure Draws Backlash From Business Community

Trump's Frustrated in Afghanistan Quagmire, Demands Plunder of Country's Minerals

Venezuela Constituent Assembly Commences, Country Faces Armed Insurgency

Baghlan-Kunduz Highway, One Of The Most Unsafe Routes: Officials

Trump, GOPers launch crackdown on immigration

Ulema Scholars Slam Herat Mosque Attack, Say It Was Un-Islamic

e-NIC Rollout To Be Launched In A Month

Pakistan Politics: Three Unofficial Powerhouses

UN, NATO Condemn Attack on Iraqi Embassy in Kabul

Afghanistan announces Kankor results for enrollment of students in universities

Watch moment Iran successfully launches Simorgh satellite carrier

IEC to Launch E-Registration Process For Voters Soon: Official

US police killings linked to racial bias in community: Study

France announces plan to set up processing centers for refugees in Libya

250,000 minors under 16 married in US over past years: Report

40 dead, wounded in a traffic incident in North of Afghanistan

Iran Starts Producing Sayyad (Hunter) 3 Air Defense Missiles

Russian Naval Forces to Counter Growing US Military Threat

US To Withhold Military Fund From Pakistan Over Haqqani Inaction

US Syria Deal with Russia Unattainable without Iran's Approval

Saudi Warplanes Killed 20 Civilians Including Women, Children in Yemen: UN

Saudi Regime Blocks UN Aid Flight to Yemen

Taliban Threat or Opportunity for Pakistan?

80,000 Muslim Children in Myanmar Facing Hunger: WFP

Bride killed, 4 others wounded in Kabul firing involving Mohaqiq's guards

Ex-Afghan intelligence chief announces the formation of new political party

Karzai condemns alleged airstrikes by foreign forces in Kunduz and Uruzgan

Monitoring group: US-coalition killed 744 civilians in Iraq, Syria in June

Chinaís Military Base in Africa to Counterbalance Japan, US?

US created Daesh, allowed regional states to fund terror group: Nasrallah

G20 communique exposes split with US on climate policy

Muslim religious leaders launch European tour in condemnation of terrorism

UNESCO Puts Ibrahimi Mosque on World Heritage in Danger List, Israel Objects

$19.6 million contract signed for new Salang tunnel technical studies

Russia blocks UN condemnation of North Korea's missile launch

Saudi Regime Funding Terrorism, Extremism in Britain: Report

Ghani in Tajikistan for CASA-1000 summit, to meet Pakistani and Tajik counterparts

Iran's Leader Urged IRGC to Boost Country's Missile Defense Power

France Slightly Shifts Syria Approach Under Macron

US-Russia Relations Under Shadow of INF Treaty

Taliban, Foreign Fighters ĎPlanning Major Offensive On Kunduzí

Fierce Battles Rage On Outskirts Of Kunduz City

Sunni Conference Due in Iraq, Fugitive Politicians with Terrorism Links Invited

Efforts Underway for Israeli-Arab Normalization Amid Tense Iranophobic Campaign

Saudi-led blocís demands unreasonable: Qatar

Old Afghan rivals meet in Turkey for political unity after recent violence

US Senate approves 4,000 more visas for Afghans under the SIV program

Afghan governmentís optimisms on Gen. Dunfordís visit to Afghanistan

Failed Militarily, Saudis Seek Controlling Yemenís Vital Port Through UN

Hundreds of Greek activists protest against refugee squats evacuation

Afghanistan declares Sunday first day of Eid-ul-Fitr

25 killed, over 100 wounded as back to back explosions hit Parachinar in Pakistan

Thousands attend slain Muslim teen Nabra Hassanenís funeral in US

Emergency food will run out in drought-hit Ethiopia by next month, warn aid agencies

India to overtake China as most populous country: UN

ARG Accepts Need For Reforms On Back Of UNAMA Criticism

UNAMA Welcomes Announcement Of Election Date

Afghanistan announces parliament elections date scheduled for 7 July 2018

Afghanistan confirmed as full members by the International cricket council

UNAMA Chief Calls For Urgent Reforms To Avert Future Crises

ĎUnprecedentedí 81 million need food aid: Study

UN Report States Security Situation ĎIntensely Volatileí

Lavrov slams Washingtonís latest round of anti-Russia sanctions

More Refugees Likely To Return From Iran, Pakistan: UNHRC

Two Protesters Dead, Over 20 Wounded In Clash With Police

Pakistan Still Home To 2 Million Afghan Refugees: UNHCR+Video

Kabul protesters claim nearly 30 killed, wounded in latest violence

Ghani Warns Countries Against Fueling The War

IRGC launches missiles at Daesh headquarters in Syria from western Iran

Insurgent Attacks Will Not Divide Afghans: Ulema Council

US president under no investigation for obstruction: His attorney

4 killed, 8 wounded in suicide attack on Kabul mosque

US Senate moves to punish Moscow over 2016 alleged meddling

1 congressman shot as gunman opens fire on lawmakers in Virginia

UN Chief Calls on World to Support Afghanistan

Taliban claims 44 killed, wounded in suicide attack on Mullah Rasool militants

UN Chief Warns Terrorist Sponsor States

Trump mulling firing special counsel on Russia Robert Mueller

Ghani Under Pressure To Bring Security Reforms, Review Policies

Protesters Call On International Community For Support

Rouhani: Iran to crush any enemy plots through unity, integrity

President Ghani accuses Pakistan of launching 'undeclared war' against Afghanistan

Rights groups: Saudis planning to execute 14 Shias after unfair trial

Explosion near Herat mosque leaves 7 dead, 16 wounded

US Muslims in California break Ramadan fasting with community Iftar / Pics

Imam Khomeiniís Saying That US Unreliable Attested by Western Leaders: Iran Leader

Remaining suicide bomber, 12 terrorists arrested after Kabul funeral bombing

Noor strongly reacts to coordinated suicide attack targeting Kabul funeral

UNAMA Calls For Restraint Amid Protests In Kabul

U.S Envoy Calls For Unity Following Two Days Of Bloodshed

At Least 87 Wounded In Cemetery Blast, Up To 20 Dead: Sources

Trumpís decision on Paris deal to affect foreign direct investment: UN

Afghanistan-India air corridor program first flight scheduled for 15th JuneAfghanistan-India air corridor program first flight scheduled for 15th June

Taliban reacts at Kabul bombing that left 80 dead, over 350 wounded

US embassy issues security alert after explosion leaves 80 dead, 350 wounded in Kabul

80 killed, over 350 wounded in Kabul explosion

Deadly ending of a young boy and girlís intimacy in Kabul

Merkel says climate talks at G7 summit 'very unsatisfactory'

13 killed, 8 wounded in Khost city suicide attack

UNAMA Receives Petition On Hizb-e-Islamiís Hekmatyar

China Killed over 12 US Spies, Unraveled CIA Network

Germany to launch reforms in army, defense minister says

Russiaís Putin Urges Global Unity to Combat Terrorism, Extremism

UNHCR says about 250 feared dead in Mediterranean shipwrecks

Heavy Clashes Ongoing Close To Kunduz City

Ghani Vows to Reform MoI As EU, UN Warn Against Corruption

Kunduz Battle Enters Third Day, MPs Criticize War Leadership

Unemployment And Poverty On The Rise: Word Bank

UAE-Saudi Disputes Emerge Further as Yemen War Unfolds

Macron Trounces Le Pen to Win French Presidency amid Low Turnout

Iran Rejects UNESCO 2030 Agenda: Ayatollah Khamenei

Britain Unable to Control ISIS Terrorists Returning from Syria, Iraq: Report

ĎUS using North Korea pretext to launch nuclear attack on China

Hekmatyar Should Be Held Accountable For Past Actions: HRW

Russia, Turkey underline need to continue anti-terror fight

Myanmar rejects UN probe into crimes against Rohingya

8 killed, 25 wounded in Kabul suicide attack

Fourth round of Syria peace talks opens in Kazakh capital

Hezbollah Chief Slams Arab Leadersí Silence amid Palestinian Hunger Strike

+ UNAMA Chief Commends Local Media For Its Courage

India To Fund Documentary On Nabi And Rashidís Rise To Fame

ISI chief to visit Kabul as efforts underway to mend Pak-Afghan ties

US to grant 2,500 more visas for Afghans under $1 trillion deal

Workers rally to mark Labor Day around world

Mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners enters 2nd week

Calls For Unity Ring Out As 8th Of Saur Marked In Kabul

Trump administration profoundly committed to destroying planet: Chomsky

Iím your true friend: Trump tells gun owners

Afghanistan reacts at Talibanís announcement of spring offensive

US losing 'tremendous amount' defending Saudi Arabia: Trump

Geopolitical games being played around Afghanistan: Russia

Afghan authorities have made progress in fight against corruption: UN

Security Council must impose new sanctions on North Korea: Trump

First Afghan Minister elected a member of Governing Council of UN-Habitat

Prayer Ceremonies Countrywide In Honor Of Fallen Soldiers

Ghani makes unannounced visit to Balkh after deadly attack on army base

Erdoganís Wild Claims against Iraqi Volunteer Forces

Iran's Interior Ministry nnounces final list of presidential candidates

Child Brides Run The Risk Of Dying Young, Warns First Lady

Trump, Republican fundraising tops $42 million in 2017: Report

One in four young women in UK reports mental health problems: Study

Saudi blockade paralyzing Yemen, causing catastrophe: UN expert

America's first Muslim woman judge found dead in New York

134 Sri Lankan Peacekeepers linked to Child Sex Ring; No Arrests: UN Report

Manchester United gets its first Muslim captain

Russia-US relations deteriorated under Trump: Putin

UN: Refugees traded in Libya Ďslave marketsí

US strikes in Syria violate UN Charter: Rouhani, Putin

Rashid Khan secures 3 wickets as SunRisers Hyderabad wins second IPL match

International probe must be launched in reported Syria gas attack: Iran president

UN experts warn Saudi Arabia against demolition of Shia neighborhood

Hojjatoleslam Raeisi to run for president: Representative

Russia, West trade barbs over Syria attack in UNSC meeting

Sandstorm unearths historical site in southeastern Iran

UN Ďextremely concernedí over potential attack on Yemenís Hudaydah

Over 70 rockets fired on Kunar from Pakistan in past 24 hours

Govt Under Fire For Failing To Fill Cabinet Positions

Herat Provincial Council Head Sentenced To Prison

Biden regrets not running for US president

Iran announces sanctions on 15 US companies

President Ghani arrives in Mazar-e-Sharif city on unannounced visit

UN urges Iran, Russia, Turkey to resume Syria talks in Astana

European Union marks 60th anniversary in Rome as Brexit looms

CIA was hacking iPhones one year after launch: WikiLeaks

Hundreds feared dead as refugee boat sinks off Libya

Policeman Kills 9 Colleagues At Kunduz Check Post

Noor Announces His Intention To Run For President

Saudis urge UN to control Yemeni port after botch

Ex-US envoy questions Trumpís understating of NATO after tweets

Clash among Junbish and Jamiat gunmen leaves 4 dead in North of Afghanistan

1 killed, 2 wounded in gunmen firing in Kabul city

Afghan MP Lalai accused of irresponsible firing in Kabul under alcohol influence

Ghani: ĎThere is No Sovereignty of the Law in the Countryí

Afghanistan defeats Ireland in first ODI series by 30 runs

1 killed, at least 8 wounded in Kabul explosion

Kabul and Moscow to hold talks on counter-terrorism and bilateral ties

Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen May Mount to War Crimes: HRW Urges West Halt Arms Sale to Regime

Iran Unveils Its Most Advanced Tank

Govt asks for analysis report in 10 days for the launch of Electronic ID cards

Shahzad goes past Kohli in T20I career runs, secures 4th spot

Putin pardons woman found guilty of treason in 2016

UN rights chief slams Israeli infringement of Palestinian rights

Abdullah: Unity Among Afghans Is Only Response To Enemies

Standoff underway in Kabul military hospital following heavy explosion

Mosul chemical attack believed to be carried out by Daesh amounts to war crime: UN

MoI Announces New Appointments To Key Posts

Iranian university launches Pashtu faculty

Senior Samsung executives offer to resign: Report

Afghanistan to launch 4G services in the near future: MCIT

UAE Ambassador wounded in Kandahar explosion has died

Trump growing frustrated with running White House: Aides

UN Welcomes NUGís ĎStrong Willí For Elections

Myanmar crackdown has allegedly killed 1,000 Rohingya: UN officials

Iran lineup for 2017 Freestyle World Cup announced

Saudi diplomat found guilty of sex assault in Singapore

Will US Congress Take Nuclear Button from Unpredictable Trump?

Militaryís Violence Displaced 92,000 Muslims in Myanmar: UN

Yemen loses decade of health gains due to Saudi war: UN

36 ISIS militants killed, 20 wounded in South of Afghanistan

16 killed in Hungarian school bus crash in northern Italy

Photos: Protests around world following US presidential inauguration

Michelangeloís Moses statue unveiled after cleanup

Trump vows support to help unearth Afghanistanís massive natural resources

Afghan brothers make drone to hunt mines in Afghanistan

Iran, intl. community condemn Bahrainís execution of three activists

Hungarian court sentences journalist to probation for kicking refugees

Europe must boost efforts to save refugees dying of cold: UNHCR

AHPC official under fire for calling Taliban ĎAngels, Holy Groupí

Saudi campaign has killed 1,400 Yemeni kids, UNICEF says

Ayatollah Khamenei to Lead Ritual Prayers at Ex-Presidentís Funeral

Chairman of Expediency Council Ayatollah Rafsanjani passes away

Pakistan army arrests 5 over deadly university attack

Taliban wants to be removed from UN blacklist before new peace talks

Space junk may cause armed conflict: New report

Pakistan claims attack on university handled from Afghanistan

Pakistan observes mourning for university massacre victims

Bahraini regime jails 250 children on political grounds: Report

4 killed, 24 wounded in blast near Russian embassy in Kabul

21 Killed, 50 Wounded In Pakistan University Attack

Raheel Sharif Oversees Clearance Op After Deadly University Attack

Ayat. Sistani urges Iraqi govt. to protect Sunni mosques

Saudi king not aware of his surroundings, report says

UNICEF calls for urgent help for 10 million Yemeni children

Cricket Team Beats Zimbabwe By 81 Runs in Second T20 Mach

Tajik, Uzbek, Turkmen inducted into Taliban Leadership Council

Special force formed to counter ISIS in Afghanistan

Leader calls for Ďcommunal unityí in Afghanistan

1 US soldier killed, 2 wounded in Taliban attack in Helmand

India mission in Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif comes under attack

ANA chopper crashes in Logar, 3 killed, 1 wounded

I will veto Obamaís executive actions on guns, Trump says

UN chief expresses Ďdismayí at Sheikh Nimr's execution by Riyadh

Gunmen Attack Indian Air Force Base Near Pakistan Border

Unidentified armed men gun down woman in Sar-e-Pulís Kohistanat District

Russia launched 100+ strikes at Daesh positions in Syria

The inherent illegitimacy of the Zionist Regime paved the ground for Securitization

Migration to Europe: opportunities and threats

West should compensate Russia for fighting terrorists in Syria: Pundit

UN urges US to take measures to reduce gun violence

Russia launches first airstrikes in Syria: US

Palestinians forced out of Aqsa compound

Emotions Run High As MPs Demand Answers Over Kunduz Crisis

160 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunduz Airstrikes

US strongly condemns Taliban attacks in Kundoz

UN urges warring sides in Kundoz to protect civilians and respect international law

The full text of the speech of Vladimir Putin, Russian president at a meeting of the United Nations

Hundreds Attend Ceremony In Memory Of Rabbani

Look at the United States efforts to expand its forces in West Asia

UN warns of civilian fatalities in Yemen's Taiz

Young Girl, Boy Commit Suicide in Balkh, Samangan

'We Love Germany!', Cry Relieved Refugees at Munich Station

Yemen Ansarullah fighters, army units shell Saudi Arabia's Jizan

Ulema Council Condemns Attacks, Demands Justice

Astronomers Discover 'Young Jupiter' Exoplanet

Afghanistanís Natural Resources under the sight of Islamic State

19 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunduz Airstrike

Foreign investment in Israel down by near 50%: UNCTAD

Dasht-i-Arche District of Kundoz province fall to Taliban hands

Parliament Under Attack, Taliban Claims Responsibility

Iranian volleyballers stun US in World League

Turkeyís Erdogan pushes for coalition amid uncertainty

Afghan Mines Minister committed to transparency and accountability in mining industry

Saba: Daesh Seeking to Exploit Mines for Funding

'The Biggest Funeral in History' - Tehran, June 3rd 1989

United Airlines apologizes to US Muslim woman over discrimination

FIFA President Sepp Blatter announces resignation

Saudi warplanes pound new areas across Yemen

Russian FM slams unauthorized US raids in Syria

Three civilians wounded in Helmand blast

Minister of Mines Looks to Clear Air Around Hajigak Mine Controversy

68 people wounded in Zabul suicide attack

Pakistan engaged in an undeclared war with Afghanistan: Ghani

Weíre in Heart of Qalamoun Battle, Saudis gained nothing in Yemen but

Iran complains to UNSC of Riyadh siege on Yemen

Military Operation Launched to Retake Control of Badghis's Jawand

Lionel Messi fires late brace as Barcelona beat Bayern Munich

Over 225,000 people under ISIL siege in Syriaís Deir Ezzor

UN Condemns Deadly Jalalabad Blast That Killed 33

Farkhunda Buried, Ghani Appoints Fact-Finding Team

Kabul cleric under fire for endorsing murder and burning of woman

Iran anti-terror assistance to Iraq unconditional: Iraqi commander

Afghan Mafia Boss Hung to Death in Kabul

Ismail Khan Labels New Cabinet 'Communists' and 'Dual Citizens,' Calls for Mujahideen Leadership

Funeral held for Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon

Train services resumed in Channel Tunnel

Finally NUG Announces Cabinet Nominees

Izadi girl gives account of sex slavery by ISIL

14 Americans, one Spanish fund Netanyahuís Likud campaign: Report

Vital Section of Cabinet to be Announced Soon: Mohaqeq

Panel to advise against punishment for CIA computer search

Afghan civilian casualties hit record high: UN

Kabul Suicide Attack Kills One, Wounds 3

Gunmen take several hostages in Australia cafť

Central Asian Countries Vow Anti-Terror Combat

Afghanistan World's Third Largest Opium Producer: UNODC

US used Afghanistan as testing battleground: Analyst

Militants launch rocket attack on US airbase in Afghanistan

Foreigners arrested with 3 million counterfeit Euros, Dollars in Kabul

Counter-terrorism conference in Syria

Nigeriaís Damaturu city rocked by explosions, gunfire

'Russia uses language Washington understands'

Afghan look-alike of Salman Khan to appear on screen as Salmanís younger brother

Israel plans to build 200 more units in occupied Palestine

Police arrests 5 individuals over unpaid Kabul Bank debt

Kabul Bank Trial Underway, Final Verdict Expected Today

Ayat. Sistani urges Iraq govt. to help Sunni tribes against ISIL

Supreme Court Announces Special Kabul Bank Trial

Afghan Mobile Business event announces winners of Afghanistanís first smartphone app competition

ISIL launches gas attack in Iraqís Anbar: Local cmdr.

Gunmen kill 3 Turkish soldiers in Kurdish town

Russian president says US undermines global stability

IEC to Announce Provincial Council Results Saturday

Afghanistan a priority country for WFP

Pakistani Forces Fire 33 Missiles Into Kunar

Leader goes on first hike in Tehran mountainside following surgery

Japan funds mine clearance operations in Afghanistan

UN Has Misspent Millions in Afghanistan: U.S Watchdog

Media censor Argentina president's remarks at UN

Mass wedding of 100 Afghan couples organized in Daikundi Province

Afghanistanís new unity government to serve as a green signal for investors

Intelligence officer martyred in IED attack in Kunar

Canada welcomes agreement on national unity govt in Afghanistan

IEC Announces Ghani as President

Candidates Sign National Unity Government Agreement

Final Results Will be Announced Sunday: IEC

Candidates Reach Agreement on National Unity Deal

Afghan Soldier Killed in Helicopter Crash in Daikundi

Pak envoy summoned over Punjabi Talibanís war declaration in Afghanistan

Iran Cinema Celebration 2014 announces winners

Released Al-Qaeda Prisoner Leading Insurgents in Kunduz

Campaigns Hopeful for Negotiations, But Timing Still Unclear

4 irrigation projects to be launched in Ghor

Imam Ali(as),Unique Leader in the History of Mankind

Militants set hundreds of fuel tankers ablaze in Afghanistan

MPs Demand Impartiality of Karzai, International Community

Voting starts in Afghanistan run-off presidential election

Afghan Forces on Alert for Runoff

Operation launched to retake control of Yamgan district

Former Afghan spy chief supports Abdullah in election runoff

Afghan Election: Provincial council vote results released

Afghanistan to launch 4G internet services soon

Final vote results announcement delayed

US unable to paralyze Iranian nation: Leader

Zalmai Rassoul endorses Abdullah in election runoff

Hezb-e-Islami Shura endorses Ashraf Ghani in election runoff

Gul Agha Sherzai endorses Abdullah in second round of election

Around 2500 people feared dead in Badakhshan landslides

US and British forces run illegal prisons in Afghanistan

Pakistanís North Waziristan comes under rocket attack from Afghanistan

Afghanistan presidential election goes to run-off

Photo painful youngest prisoner in the hands of terrorists in Syria

University of Tehran Researchers Invent Non-Enzyme Sensor to Detect Blood Sugar

Immunity in Preemies: Study On Gut Microbes

Manchester United sacks David Moyes

UN! / Cartoon

Female MP Maryam Koofi injured in gunmen attack in Kabul city

Syria forces enter Sarkha town in Qalamoun

Partial Afghan vote result announcement delayed for another day

United States Intervened in 2009 Presidential Election/US Dealt with Iran Vigilantly in Afghanistan

Young Afghan artists to compete for Afghan Contemporary Art Prize

Appearance of China country

Afghan parliament approves Younus Qanooni to succeed late Marshal Fahim

Afghanistan cricket board announces squad for ACC Premier League

United Nations warns of drought crisis in Syria

North Korean leader pledges to strengthen military, nuclear arsenal

Top EU diplomat: US Capitol siege Ďwake-up callí for democracies

Official warns EU advocating Trump ílegacy to blackmail Iraní

Pompeo says Iran should not enrich uranium at any level

Pakistanís Hazara Muslims continue protest, refuse to bury dead

Johnsonís father applies for French citizenship after Brexit

Brexit becomes reality as UK quits EU single market

Pompeo sued over US írushedí arms sale to UAE

Refugees wait in cold to be bussed from burnt Bosnia camp

North Korea set to open massive party meeting

Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon set ablaze after row

Rebels seize city ahead of elections in Central African Republic

Iran to Canada: USís top sanctions enforcer better stop HR brag

WHO chief says íno vaccine for povertyí as special session paints grim post-pandemic picture

HCNR is ready to fully engage with Taliban to end the war: Abdullah

French police clearing refugees from encampment near Paris

EU, Pakistan Vow to Work for Afghan Peace

Linking terrorism to Islam shows ignorance: Imam of Egyptís Al-Azhar

China: Removal of Iran arms ban must be faithfully implemented

Al-Shabab terrorists kill over dozen army troops in Somalia: Military

Boliviaís ex-president warns about US meddling in upcoming elections

Defying US sanctions, Iran completes 2nd fuel delivery mission to Venezuela

Abdullah in Pakistan Meets Qureshi to Discuss Afghan Peace

Belarus accuses West of triggering íchaos and anarchyí

Peninsula tensions: North Korea urges South Navy to keep off its waters in missing officer probe

Imran Khan accuses India of Ďsponsoring Islamophobiaí

Rights groups slam EUís new refugee plan

Afghans, suspected of causing Moria camp fire, remanded in custody

Sudan ready to normalize Israel ties in return for $3bn: Report

Iran will never succumb to US bullying, illegitimate demands: President Rouhani

US rage rooted in repeated failures vis-a-vis Iran: Foreign Ministry

US snapback push against Iran ítheatrical performanceí: Russia

Iran on US histrionics: Sanctions are not back except in Pompeoís imaginary world

EU parliament urges arms embargo on Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi murder, Yemen war

President Maduro: EU demand to delay election in Venezuela íimpossibleí

Germany to take in 1,500 more Lesbos island migrants

13 detained after fire near second Greek refugee camp

Six Afghan refugees suspected of having set fire to Moria camp

Drone shows sprawling new tent camp for Lesbos migrants

North Korean leader visits typhoon-hit area, orders recovery efforts



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



Aftershock rocks Indonesia quake zone as search for survivors continues

Lady Fatimah Zahra (S.A), after demise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Fatimah (S.A), daughter of Prophet Muhammad (A.S) and Lady Khadija (S.A)

Turkey to continue talks with Russia on 2nd batch of S-400 air defense systems: Erdogan

Russia: Iran is ívictim of terrorismí, among ípioneersí in fight against terror

US warns India against S-400 purchase deal with Russia: Report

Tunisian protesters, security forces clash after police beating of shepherd

US murder increase in 2020 triples previous annual record

IRGCís missiles destroy mock enemy warships 1,800 kilometers away during drills

Cuba blasts US sanctions on interior ministry as Ďcoercive measureí

WhatsApp postpones data-sharing change after backlash

Parliament rejects draft budget for second time

Bamiyan youth take to the slopes in first skiing contest of the season

Two police personnel killed in targeted explosion in Kabul

12 local police killed in Taliban attack in Herat

House votes to impeach Donald Trump with just a week to go before he is due to step down

Johnson triggers diplomatic row with China by blaming it for coronavirus pandemic

Iran says US blacklisting of Yemenís Ansarullah will kill political process, talks

People plotting to do danger: US senator

Absolutely groundless: Russia rejects US claim of Iran-Qaeda ties

Afghan MPs: No System Acceptable Except Republic

J&J may not meet US COVID-19 vaccine supply target by spring: NYT

End of Trump era heralds failure of economic terrorism, bullying: President Rouhani

Venezuelaís Maduro denounces US ícriminal policyí at new parliament

Iran Navy starts military drills in southern waters, takes delivery of two warships

Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny íto return to Russia on Jan. 17í

US threatens to sanction European firms helping Nord Stream 2 pipeline

North Korean leader pledges to strengthen military, nuclear arsenal

UAEís flag carrier suspends Tunisian pilot for refusing to fly to Israel

Lebanon files complaint with UN Security Council over Israeli violations

Iran: Pompeoís claims of al-Qaeda ties preposterous, shows failure of pressure policy

US rejects claims its pushing for interim government in Afghanistan

Millions of WhatsApp users migrate to Signal and Telegram

Ethiopia warns Sudan against igniting war at disputed border region

US faces extraordinary humiliation as Europeans refuse to meet with Pompeo

EU, OIC slam Israelís plan to build more illegal settler homes in West Bank

Several House Republicans join Democratsí bid to impeach Trump

Israel launches fresh airstrikes on Syriaís east: SANA

US claims show failed maximum pressure policy against Iran: FM spox

US state Capitols brace for armed protests against Biden victory


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