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Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan             Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians             íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care             Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria             Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked             Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia            US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership             UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza             Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan             Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF             Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3             Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide             Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney            US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex            US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran            


Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan

Increased Taliban arrests lead to Kabul families restricting womenís movement

UN expert demands Ďimmediateí release of women detained by Taliban for Ďbad hijabí

Taliban arrests dozens of women in Kabul for Ďimproper hijab,í says womenís group

Kazakhstan Removes Taliban From Banned Group List

Taliban De-Persianizing Afghanistan Culture: Roots and Ramifications

Political figures criticize UN report for alleged Ďwhitewashingí of Taliban, demand accountability

íRobust Measuresí Keep US Aid From Benefiting Taliban: Miller

Taliban, World Communityís Understandings of Inclusive Govt. Are Worlds Apart

Taliban Needs to Meet Its Commitments: US

Talibanís warning to Afghanistanís neighbors: Accusations will affect relationships

Pakistan: We will put pressure on the Taliban for the right to education for girls and the rights of Afghan women

Taliban Delegation Returns to Kabul from Doha

US support for the Taliban/ US supports no armed movement against Afghan government: Envoy

Taliban Meets Envoys of Gulf States in Doha: FM

Family Claims Former MoD Officer Detained by Taliban

Taliban delegation to leave Kabul for maiden London visit

Taliban: no women will be appointed to cabinet

Taliban release Afghan women activists, foreigners

Tedros Adhanom, WHO chief, discusses Health crisis with Taliban in Switzerland

Two sisters and mother assassinated in Kabul, Taliban arrested assassin

US seeking Talibanís cooperation in anti-ISIS fight

Former UK defence chief urges the West to Ďrecogniseí the Taliban

Taliban reacts to UN report over Al-Qaida presence in Afghanistan

Tens of ISIS-K affiliates surrender to Taliban in eastern Afghanistan

Rina Amiri asks Taliban to stop unjust detention of Afghans

Taliban plans to conduct census, need fund

Taliban says itís happy with former governmentís media law

Taliban rejects claims of Afghan interference in Kazakhstan unrest

Taliban affiliates not allowed entering entertainment parks with weapons: Spokesman

Qatar-Taliban agreed upon resuming evacuation from Kabul

It is too early for India, Russia to recognize Taliban: Russian Deputy FM

UN: Taliban killed scores of former govt

Biden calls for Taliban to release US hostage before legitimacy recognized

Pregnant foreign reporter asks Taliban for refuge after being rejected by home country

Taliban Says Rioters Will Be Considered Enemies

Russian ready to mediate talks between Taliban and other Afghan fractions

Taliban working on comprehensive economic, educational plans: Mujahid

joint European-US statement was issued after talks with the Taliban

UN asks Taliban to probe issue of missing Afghan women

Taliban praises Oslo talks as achievement

ďNRFĒ leaders may meet with Taliban in Moscow

Taliban delegation begins 1st day of Oslo talks with Afghan civil society

Taliban delegationís arrival in Oslo triggered protest

The Taliban foreign minister went to Norway

US has no specified schedule for recognition of Taliban: Special envoy

Taliban deny arrest of female protestor in Kabul

Taliban delegation led by Amir Khan Motaqi to visit Norway

Taliban: European Union Opens Embassy in Kabul

Six people including Taliban local commander killed in gunfire

Taliban to convene Economic Conference in Kabul

Sarajudin Haqqani asks Taliban commanders not to seek revenge on previous officers

Taliban asks Norway to take lead in recognition

Women in Kabul ask Taliban to reopen womenís ministry

Taliban locates arsenals of commander Alipoor

UN: Taliban Trying to Erase Women From Public Life

Taliban finalizes plan to collect Zakat and Usher

Taliban: Afghanistan not need foreigners from any country

Demise of a vote based system in Afghanistan, we acquired ethnic conflicts:Taliban representative

Taliban invites UNís request for delivering Afghanistanís assets

ATM to get operational in Afghanistan, first time after Taliban return

Video/ Hundreds took to the streets after the arrest of an Uzbek Taliban commander

2 Taliban Force Members Injured in Kabul Blast

I didnít feel like being in prison while in Talibanís detention: Afghan university professor

With change in Fiscal year, Taliban passes budget for fiscal year 1401

Report: Pakistani Talibanís spokesman killed in Afghanistan

Taliban stuck banners across Kabul to recommend hijab for women

Taliban delegation visiting Iran, will discuss politics and economy

Over 2,500 Taliban affiliates dissociated over misdemeanor

Taliban weed about to attract millions in foreign investment

Taliban appeal for humanitarian aid íwithout political biasí

We prevent economic collapse in Afghanistan: Talibanís FM

Taliban is concerned about unrest in Kazakhstan: Foreign Ministry

Do not violate peopleís personal privacy: Taliban rank-and-file

International community must coordinate humanitarian aids with Taliban: spokesperson

It is time for world to recognize Taliban: Deputy FM

Taliban announces state of emergency over heavy snow and rainfall

Taliban free 40 inmates from Kandahar prison

Taliban deny skirmish with Turkmenistanís border guards

Taliban to include suicide bombers in their army

Taliban close women baths in northern Afghanistan

Taliban deny release of suicide attacker on Kabul Airport

Talibanís interim government led to security in Afghanistan and region: Suhail Shaheen

Recognition is not our need, it is international communityís need: Taliban spokesman

Taliban prevent fences erection by Pakistan in Nimroz

Respect my amnesty, stop extrajudicial punishment: Mullah Hebtullah to Taliban

No threat from Afghanistanís borders to region: Taliban reacted to Putinís concerns

Taliban asks national and international companies to sign with them security contracts

Taliban asks countries to seek friendly relations with Afghanistan

Taliban bans playing music in cars

Taliban are yet to reach agreement with Turkey, Qatar over airportsí management

Nearly 2,000 Taliban affiliates dissociated so far: Officials

Taliban dissolve two ministries and electoral bodies

Illegal Mining Will Be Severely Punished: Taliban

US authorizes some transactions with Taliban to keep aid flowing to Afghanistan

Taliban, Turkey, Qatar to discuss airports management today

UN may pay $8.2 million to Taliban for security

Taliban destroys Pakistanís barbed-wire erected on Durand Line

Taliban leaders call for international aid as refugee exodus looms

Taliban Blames US for Current Afghan Crisis

Taliban intends to mend Nasir Khisrow Balkhiís tomb

Taliban reacts to UNís decision over allowing Faiq assume PR seat

Drone strike on Pakistani Taliban leader fails to explode, TTP sources say

Over 100 extrajudicial killings carried out since Taliban takeover: UN

US should compensate families of victims killed in drone strike: Taliban

Taliban bans use of foreign currencies in bid to stabilize Afghan currency

Taliban directs commission to take urgent steps to stabilize Afghan currency

Taliban guns down boy in Kabul

Taliban donít deserve to be recognized: Boulton

No place for ISIS-K terrorists in Afghanistan: Taliban

Talibanís provincial governors directed to resolve problems of those seeking asylum abroad

Taliban responds to UNís decision to delay seat for Afghanistan

US welcomes Taliban decree about womenís right

Taliban delegation hold talks with envoys from 16 countries in Doha

Clash between Taliban and Iranian forces was a misunderstanding: Mujahid

Look at Buddha holes for $5, Taliban offers

Taliban calls on former govt officials and ex-politicians to return home

US Envoy on Afghanistan to Return to Doha to Meet Taliban

Taliban announces 27 new appointments to key positions

Taliban hold military parade with US-made weapons in show of strength+Video

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman: America would work with Taliban on Daesh-K

Fighting Continues Between Taliban, Resistance Forces

Taliban Expected to Announce New Govt Soon

Taliban accuse US of destroying equipment including helicopters

Qatar warns isolating Taliban could further destabilize Afghanistan

India announces first formal meeting with Taliban

Taliban to unveil new Afghan govt framework within weeks, official says

Afghan Women to Taliban: íInclude Us In Your Govtí

Taliban seeks intíl assistance for rebuilding Afghanistan

EUís Borrell says Taliban takeover of Afghanistan biggest event since Crimea

Taliban call on the world to recognize their movement

Taliban Says Governing Structure May Include Council

Afghan Female Journalists Ask Taliban for Right to Work

Biden should take peopleís money seriously and question Afghan military top brass (including Ghani) who gave them orders not to fight Taliban

Taliban spokesman Mujahid holds first press conference in Kabul

Taliban urges government staff to return to work

Kabul: First day under Taliban rule

Taliban senior official says real test begins now

After irresponsibly watching takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, India should avoid losing Kashmir to Global Taliban through OMM

UN chief calls on Taliban to immediately halt offensive

Imran Khan says Taliban wonít talk peace unless Ghani goes

Taliban Take Over Kunduz Airport, Media Restricted in Takhar

Dostum says Taliban Ďtrappedí in north and have nowhere to go

Ninth provincial capital falls to Taliban as thousands flee northern Afghanistan

If China uses likely Taliban govt in Afghanistan, no big deal but if Global Taliban uses China, will be game changer & catastrophic

Pakistan urges look into Ďmeltdowní of Afghan forces as Taliban advances

Afghan orchestras and artists insist Taliban wonít stop the music

Taliban collecting 200 million AFN daily from captured border posts

Intense clashes between ANDSF and Taliban underway in Sheberghan

White House ĎConcernedí about Continued Taliban Violence

Taliban blow up bridges, close off a road between Nangarhar and Kabul

Taliban Attacks on Herat City Pushed Back: Officials

Taliban Killed íPossibly 800-900 Peopleí in Kandahar: Tadin Khan

Life returns to normal in Nijrab after security forces beat back Taliban

Taliban claim attack on defense min. residence, warn of more raids on govt. officials

Blinken expresses concern over escalation of violence by Taliban

Taliban seek Ďlionís share of powerí in deadlocked peace talks: Khalilzad

US and UK accuse Taliban of possible war crimes

Southern provinces witness intense battles as Taliban pushes for more ground

Qureshi Says Taliban Will Keep Daesh Out of Afghanistan: Media

​​​​​​​Taliban Blasted for Attack on Herat City

EU envoy says aid will be cut if Taliban seize power militarily

Top-level Taliban delegation visits China, Ďoffers assurancesí

UN Envoy Warns Taliban of Intl Isolation If No Movement in Talks

Pakistan Reopens Spin Boldak Crossing Held by Taliban

Taliban pushed back from Badghis capital, Badghis governor confirms

Badghis governor reports all districts in province have fallen to Taliban

Tehran hosts meeting between Taliban and Afghan delegations

Afghan Taliban to put forth íwritten peace dealí at talks next month

11 Districts Fall to Taliban in 24 Hours: Sources

Taliban warn all foreign troops must leave by September deadline

US Wants to See Taliban Return to Afghan Peace Process: Pentagon

Afghan peace talks should continue unless Taliban pull out: Abdullah

Surge in Taliban attacks across Afghanistan as tribal leaders mobilize to fight

District in Ghor Falls to Taliban after ĎHeavy Clashesí

Center of Faryabís Dawlat Shah District Falls to Taliban

Zabulís Shinkai district falls to the Taliban

Taliban Still Closely Tied to Al Qaeda: UN Report

Taliban captures check posts in Nangarhar in series of attacks

NSA says thereís been no sign of Taliban leader for a year

More than 60 people freed from Taliban prison in Baghlan

Taliban reacts to reports of US base being established in region

More than 60 people freed from Taliban prison in Baghlan

Taliban lays down conditions to attend Istanbul conference

Commandos rescue 41 during raid on Taliban prison in Herat

Taliban attacks in Badakhshan province repelled

US lawmakers concerned Taliban may grab military gear after withdrawal

8 Soldiers, 20 Taliban Killed as Clashes Continue in Baghlan

District in Maidan Wardak falls to Taliban: officials

Dawlat Shah in Laghman falls to Taliban

Fears of Taliban takeover post troop withdrawal are overblown: Khalilzad

A battlefield decision might be needed if Taliban shun peace: Ghani

Taliban Attacks Herat District, Clashes Underway: Governor

Miller warns of increase in Taliban pressure on provincial capitals

Deputy Leader of Taliban Splinter Group Wounded in Herat

Abdullah welcomes Talibanís announcement of three-day ceasefire

Taliban leader says in Eid message there Ďwill be an Islamic Emirateí

Afghan Govt Will Not Release More Taliban Prisoners: Omar

Taliban ambush security checkpoint in Badakhshan

12 local police killed in Taliban attack in Herat

38 Taliban killed, incl 9 Pakistanis, in airstrikes in Farah and Nimroz

Four soldiers killed in Taliban attack on Takhar base

India to Chair UNSCís Crucial Taliban Sanctions Committee

Taliban Attacks Pushed Back in Kandahar

Danish: Taliban Seek Collapse of System by Opposing Constitution

Freed Taliban prisoner killed on battlefield: governorís media office

Actions will prove whether Taliban has cut ties with al-Qaeda: Sullivan

Taliban accuse US of violating deal following airstrikes

Talibanís leader for Helmand district killed in airstrike

Pompeo hails US-Taliban deal and peace talks as Ďincredible progressí

Taliban deputy head holding Ďconsultationsí on peace talks with clerics and leaders

UNSC extends mandate of team monitoring Taliban-related sanctions

Overnight attack by Taliban in Ghazni Ďunder controlí

HCNR is ready to fully engage with Taliban to end the war: Abdullah

Pompeo to meet with Afghan and Taliban talks teams

Taliban launch attack on Kunduz district center, reinforcements arrive

Abdullah: Taliban Prisoners Released in Hope for Peace

Afghan Govt, Taliban in War of Words over University Attack

Taliban Rejects Al-Qaeda Presence in Afghanistan

Parts Helmand Districts Cleared of Taliban: Defense Ministry

US launches airstrikes on Taliban in Afghanistanís Helmand despite Ďpeaceí deal

Violence íNot Consistentí with US-Taliban Deal: US Envoy

Taliban implies discussions around ceasefire still a long way off

Ghani to meet with Republicís talks team in Doha but not the Taliban

Taliban attack public police force base on Takhar-Kunduz highway

Miller: Taliban Must Reduce Violence

Trump was absolutely wrong to negotiate with Taliban: McMaster

Khalilzad says Taliban unlikely to call a ceasefire until a deal is made

Local Police Commander Killed in Taliban Attack in Badakhshan

5 Family Members Killed in íTaliban Ambushí in Badakhshan

US peace envoy: Taliban have not complied with their commitments

Trump calls Taliban tough but says US military canít police Afghanistan

No Ceasefire Until Cause of War is Discussed: Taliban Spokesman

Historic peace talks underway between Afghanistan and Taliban

Taliban Have Not Cut Ties with Al-Qaida: Kenneth McKenzie Jr.

22 Taliban Killed in Faryab Clashes: MoD

Afghan government troops repel Taliban offensive in Kandahar

Study finds released Taliban prisoners returning to battlefield

Herat-Badghis Highway Cleared of Taliban

Taliban Attack in Heratís Ghorian District Pushed Back: Official

Three Afghan security force members killed in Taliban car bomb

11 Taliban Killed in Faryab Airstrike

Key Taliban commander arrested in outlying area of Kabul

Pakistan to Comply with UN Sanctions against Afghan Taliban

Taliban Must Reduce Violence, Says Gen. Miller

Khalilzad urges govít, Taliban to ďimmediately start intra-Afghan negotiationsĒ

Russia expects prisoner swap between govít, Taliban to be completed soon

Taliban attacked security outposts of pro-govít forces in Takhar, killing 14

Release of Taliban prisoners will flood UK, Europe with drugs: Ghani

Govt Halts Releases Until Taliban Frees ANDSF Commandos: Sources

Loya Jirga Approves Release of 400 Taliban Prisoners

Taliban seek to control aid agencies, private companies in Afghanistan

Taliban political chief warns US to withdraw as per Doha agreement

íTaliban Killed in Herat Airstrikeí: Khalid

Brave Afghan teenage girl who lost parents says Ďreadyí to fight Taliban

í31 Taliban Killed, 13 Held Pakistani IDsí: Officials

Afghan teenage girl kills two Taliban militants in retaliation for killing of parents

Afghan Forces Take Casualties in Taliban Attacks in Kunduz

Taliban Violence íUndermines Confidence in Peaceí: NATO

US says deal with Taliban enters Ďnext phaseí

Khalilzad Condemns Taliban Attack on NDS in Samangan

13 Security Force Members Killed in Taliban Clashes

Sediqqi: Taliban Must Join Peace Process in íReal Wayí

Level of Taliban Violence Unacceptable: Abdullah

Dispute Over 592 Taliban Prisoners Solved: Source

Khalilzad Discusses Development Plans With Qataris, Taliban

Watchdog Urges Taliban to Allow Probe of Sangin Attack

íHeavyí Taliban Casualties in Sar-e-Pul Airstrike: Officials

Six Policemen Killed in Taliban Attack in Balkh

Two Afghan Forces Commanders Killed in Taliban Attack in Helmand

12 ANDSF Killed in Taliban Attack in Jawzjan

Qatari capital to host first peace talks between Afghan government, Taliban

íTalibaní Kill 4 Members of Family in Wardak: Officials

UN: Taliban have not cut ties with al-Qaeda

14 Border Forces Killed in ĎTaliban Attackí Despite Ceasefire

Afghan Govt to Release 900 Taliban Inmates amid Ceasefire

Afghan government releases 100 Taliban prisoners after ceasefire announced

Khalilzad Meets with Taliban in Doha

Taliban leader urges US ínot to wasteí opportunity offered by deal

ĎTaliban Killed 120 Civilians Since Start of Ramadaní: Govt

Contrary to US claim, Afghanistan says Taliban carried out Kabul hospital raid

í3 Police, 5 Taliban Killedí in Kunduz Clashes

Taliban strongly reacts to Ghaniís order to Afghan forces to revive offensive operations

Pompeo shares demand with Afghan govt, Taliban after deadly Kabul, Nangarhar attacks

Govt Temporarily Stops Release of Taliban Prisoners

Taliban shows willing-signs to get along with India

6 Afghan Forces Killed in íTaliban Attackí in Laghman: MoD

Taliban Releases 28 Govt Prisoners in Herat

Khost Police Chief Killed In Taliban Blast

USís Khalilzad Meets With Taliban Deputy Leader in Qatar

Taliban, Afghan Govt Not Fulfilling Terms: Esper

Afghan government releases over 100 Taliban prisoners

Afghan Govt íReleases 100 Taliban Detaineesí in Kabul: Source

US, Taliban engage in Twitter row

7 Afghan Forces Killed in Taliban Attack in Logar: Tribal Elders

Khalilzad Urges Taliban to Agree to Ceasefire

19 Afghan Forces Killed in Taliban Attacks

Khalilzad, Gen. Miller Meet with Taliban in Qatar

Khalilzad urges Afghan govít, Taliban to accelerate prisoner releases

Taliban to free 20 Afghan government prisoners: Spokesman

US Gen. Miller Meets with Taliban in Doha

Afghan Govt To Release Another 100 Taliban Prisoners

Taliban Halting Talks with Govt Over Prisoner Release

Deal with US Has Been ĎViolatedí: Taliban

Taliban prisoner release faces technical issues

Afghan Govt, Taliban Set to Swap First Batch of Prisoners

Taliban reject Afghan governmentís negotiating team

Pompeo arrives in Afghanistan in bid to help salvage US-Taliban deal

US envoy says Kabul, Taliban in first prisoner exchange talks

Taliban commander among 24 killed Ė Kunduz

US Pushes for Sooner Release of Taliban Prisoners

US asks UNSC to endorse Taliban deal as initial Afghanistan troop withdrawal begins

A joint statement was agreed on the occasion of the signing of the US-Taliban Agreement on February 29 in Qatar. The representatives of the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations met

US insists on prisoner releases by Taliban, Afghan govít

No commitments to releasing 5,000 Taliban prisoners Ė President Ghani

US-Taliban deal puts Afghanistan on a path to peace: Khalilzad

NATO Welcomes US-Taliban Plan to Sign Deal

US-Taliban Deal to be Signed on Feb. 29: Pompeo

There is íChanceí of Taliban Deal: Trump

US-Taliban Peace Agreement is Entirely Conditional: Sediqqi

US-Taliban peace deal to be signed by the end of February

Peace Agreement Between US and Taliban íFinalizedí: Abdullah

In talks with the Taliban, the US has taken the upper hand

Dangers for civilians rise in Afghan-Taliban conflict

US envoy for Afghan peace meets Mullah Baradar, other senior Taliban leaders in Qatar

ĎAmerican Contractor Captured by Taliban in Khostí: Newsweek

Taliban accuse Trump of harming peace talks

Taliban say US has Ďharmedí negotiations

Withdrawal of US Troops Will Boost Taliban: Retired US General

US Demands ĎDemonstrableí Reduction in Violence from Taliban

US Peace Envoy Briefs Afghan Leaders on Taliban Talks

Taliban attack kills 10 policemen in northern Afghanistan

Taliban repel Afghan forcesí attempt to reach US spy plane crash site +Video

In Talks, US Asks Taliban for ĎLong-Term Reduction in Violenceí

Taliban, US involved in controversy of ceasefire, reduction in violence

Taliban Aims to Sign Peace Deal by íMonthís Endí: Dawn

US, Taliban Discuss Signing of Peace Deal: Shaheen

Qureshi: Taliban íReady for Reduction of Violenceí

Taliban Leader Agrees to a 7-Day Reduction of Violence: Source

US Wants Taliban to Cut Iran Ties: Hekmatyar

Taliban Agrees On One Week Ceasefire

ďMost MembersĒ of Taliban Councils Support Ceasefire: Sources

Taliban abducts 27 peace activists in Afghanistan

Talibanís Top Leaders Meet in Quetta: Sources

Taliban Agrees With Short Term Ceasefire Proposed By USA

Taliban killed an ĎAmericaní solider in northern Kunduz province

2 killed, 73 Wounded in Ongoing Taliban Attack near Bagram Base

US, Taliban Not Agreed on Reduction of Violence: Sources

US-Taliban Talks Continue for Second Day

Khalilzad Will ďRejoin Talks with the TalibanĒ: US

US Troop Drawdowns In Afghanistan ĎNot Tiedí to Taliban Deal: Esper

Freed Taliban Hostage Australian Professor Says He Never Gave Up Hope

Australian Professor on Three-Year Ordeal Taliban Hostage

Trump: US ĎWorking on an Agreement With the Talibaní

13 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack in Kunduz

Taliban Prisoners Still Under Afghan Government Custody: Sediqqi

US ĎStrongly Supportsí Release of Taliban Prisoners: Bass

íTaliban Commanderí Killed In Logar Airstrike

Afghan woman politician sees Taliban talks as only hope for future

31 Taliban militants, civilians killed, wounded as explosives-laden vehicle goes off in Jawzjan

Taliban Had to Show Real Willingness to Make Real Compromises: NATO

China Set to Host Taliban, Afghanistanian Politicians

Taliban Delegation Meets Pakistani Officials

Taliban claims Kabul and Parwan explosions

Taliban Main Obstacle to Peace Process: Abdullah

Key Taliban Member Among 52 Others Killed In Zabul: Governor

Mohib Says ANDSF Will ĎBreak Talibanís Backbone In Four Monthsí

Ex-Afghan Spy Chief Leaks New Information Regarding Govt, IEC, Taliban

Taliban Leader Expects ĎHonestyí From US

Moscow Talks: Taliban Rejects Calls For Ceasefire

Foreign forces must exit Afghanistan for peace: Taliban

Taliban Wants To Take Over Afghanistan: Ex-Pentagon Chief

Taliban Attack In Kabul Labelled Crime Against Civilians

Taliban Has No Political Will For Peace: Abdullahís Office

Taliban Attack Kills 20 Soldiers in Farah Province

Khalilzad Reacts To Talibanís Rejection Of ĎLaying Down Armsí

Khalilzad Urges Taliban to Stop Violence, Embrace Peace

Sixth Round Of US -Taliban Talks in Doha to Begin Today

Khalilzad, Talibanís deputy political chief met with Indonesian FM ahead of Qatar talks

Taliban had considered a reduction in violence in Doha talks: sources

UN Condemns Taliban Announcement of Spring Offensive

Afghan Forces Push Back Taliban Attack on Kunduz City

Khalilzad condemns Taliban ĎRecklessí Offensive Announcement

Taliban Offensive Announcement ĎIllegitimateí: ARG

Abdullah Sees A Role For Taliban If They Quit Violence

Ghani Slams Taliban, Pakistan for Recent Bombing in Kabul

Taliban militants kidnap 170 passengers from Kunduz-Takhar highway

Taliban Preparing To Attack Kabul: Massoud

Taliban Chief invites US to talks to ĎReach Understandingí to end the ongoing war

Consensus reached on peace with Taliban, elections: Junbish Party

íVery positive signalsí after U.S., Taliban talks: sources

Taliban Kills 14 Soldiers in Kunduz

Taliban sought money not weapons from Russia, claims Kabulov

Tashkent Calls On Taliban To Embrace Peace Offer

Taliban Welcomes Afghanistanian Jihadi Leaderís Offer for Direct Talks

UN Security Council Calls on Taliban to Accept Peace Talks Without Preconditions

Politicians React to Hekmatyarís Idea of Granting Local Autonomy to Taliban

Pakistan still supporting Taliban, says top U.S. general

Taliban kill 18 soldiers in Afghanistanís Farah province

US offers $5 million in award money for Taliban leader

Afghanistanian government offers recognition of Taliban as political group

Peace Prospects Fading in Afghanistan as Trump Rejects Talks with Taliban

Afghanistani Govt. Denies Holding Informal Talks with Taliban in Turkey

Attack on TV shows Taliban, ISIS opposition to freedom of speech: Dostum

Ghani and pence discuss US strategy impact on Afghanistanian forces and Taliban

MoD Accused Pakistan of Backing Taliban in Staging Recent Massive Attacks

Taliban Must Have No Hope Of Winning On Battlefield: CIA Chief

America Is Not Going Anywhere As Long As Taliban Decide to Join Peace Talks :Tillerson

Over 100 Security Force Members Killed In Three Taliban Attacks

President Ghani Warns Taliban at Abdyaniís Funeral

Russia massively funding Taliban to fight NATO forces: Report

Karzai warns of growing US-Russia rivalry in Afghanistan, slams Taliban for destructions

Quartet to meet in Oman to revive Afghan peace talks with Taliban

Gen. Raziq confirms Taliban chiefís visit to Helmand

Taliban reacts in panic as Black Hawk helicopters handed over to the Afghan forces

Taliban chief attempting for cease fire with ISIS group

Taliban says not tired of war as US-led invasion enters its 17th year

Talibanís Qatar Office Engaged in ĎSpreading Terror Activitiesí in Afghanistan

Taliban canít win on the battlefield, can gain much on negotiation table: Stoltenberg

Trump pushes Ghani to close Taliban office in Qatar

31 Taliban Killed, Wounded in Dasht-e Archi District of Kunduz

Taliban and their backers cannot win militarily, Ghani says

Trump Defends Afghan War Strategy, Vows Action Against Taliban

Ghani Says Taliban Will Never Win The War

Afghan Taliban to support Pakistan against foreign invasion: Sami-ul-Haq

Why US Seeks Brokering Taliban-Afghan Govt. Peace Talks?

Abdullah calls Taliban a Ďterrorist groupí Afghanistan marks week of martyrs

Karzai strongly reacts at civilians deaths in Taliban, ISIS attacks, and US airstrike

NSC rejects contacts between Atmar and Taliban leaders in Pakistan and Qatar

Taliban a criminal organization, cannot win on battlefield: Gen. Nicholson

Taliban Suffer Heavy Casualty Toll in Chemtal

UN mission Afghanistan confirms massacre of civilians by Taliban and ISIS loyalists

Taliban militants kill 5 Afghan police in Helmand overnight raid

Saudi Regime Attempted to Host Taliban Liaison Office

235 civilians rescued from Taliban and ISIS captivity in North of Afghanistan+Photos

Abdullah Visits Ghor's Taywara Following Taliban Takeover

Taliban Kill Civilians And Doctors After Collapse Of Taywara

Taliban Seize Two Key Districts in Ghor and Faryab Provinces

Taliban leader's son carries out suicide attack in Helmand province

ĎFather of Taliban' Sami-ul-Haq offers conditional support to Afghan peace process

Taliban Threat or Opportunity for Pakistan?

Status of Factions of Taliban in Afghanistan

Khalilzad doubts Pakistan will act against Haqqani network and Taliban

Taliban, Foreign Fighters ĎPlanning Major Offensive On Kunduzí

Clashes reported among the Taliban and ISIS militants in Nuristan

Ghani Delivers Eid Message, Tells Taliban To Join Peace Process

Tora Bora Falls To Daesh After Heavy Clashes With Taliban

Taliban claims 44 killed, wounded in suicide attack on Mullah Rasool militants

Taliban reacts at Kabul bombing that left 80 dead, over 350 wounded

Taliban militants kill 15 Afghan soldiers in Kandahar

Trump committed to defeat ISIS and Taliban: White House

Qala-e-Zal District Collapses To The Taliban

Hekmatyar Calls Taliban ĎBrothersí, Urges Them To Lay Down Arms

Journalists bravely face Taliban, other terrorist networks threats: Llorens

Taliban are main reason behind US forces presence in Afghanistan: Hekmatyar

Reasons behind Talibanís Recently-Heightened Violence in Afghanistan

Taliban Suffer 'Heavy Casualty Toll' In Baghlan Battle

Taliban not to achieve goals through war and violence: Hekmatyar

Afghanistan reacts at Talibanís announcement of spring offensive

Ghani has handed over 50 percent of territory to Taliban, claims Massoud

91 killed in Taliban and ISIS militants clash in North of Afghanistan

Mattis Slams Taliban, Calls Them 'Barbaric Enemy'

Karzai says can no longer call Taliban brothers after army base attack

209 Shaheen Corps: The Base The Taliban Attacked

US forces confirm death of top Taliban leader Quari Tayib

Taliban claims 4 of its fighters had enrolled before the attack on army base

Senior Taliban leader identified as Ijaz-ul-Haq killed by own bomb in Laghman

Russia has the right to have relations with Taliban: Karzai

Taliban kill child and 3 women over alleged cooperation with govt in Sar-e-Pul

Russia reacts at alleged support to the Afghan Taliban

Nine Afghan forces battling Taliban killed by roadside bomb

Senior Taliban leader arrested in North of Afghanistan

Russia supports Talibanís call for withdrawal of all foreign forces

Taliban militants suffer heavy casualties in US airstrike in East of Afghanistan

Russia rejects US claim of giving supplies to Taliban in Afghanistan

Taliban militants capture key district in Afghanistanís Helmand

Taliban Attack On Takharís District Pushed Back

Russia reiterates contacts with Taliban only aimed at promoting Afghan peace

Taliban: Transformation from Stabilizing to Destabilizing Force

Key Taliban group member arrested in capital Kabul

Peace with Taliban possible but safe havens must be eliminated: Abdullah

Taliban Abducts Two Badghis Health Officials

CEO Assures Helmand Residents Lashkargah Wonít Fall To Taliban

Taliban earn $4.8 million annually from Kajaki Dam

Recent Afghanistan Bombings Muscle-Flexing from Taliban: Analyst

Government strongly reacts at ĎTaliban Angels of Peaceí remarks

AHPC official under fire for calling Taliban ĎAngels, Holy Groupí

Taliban wants to be removed from UN blacklist before new peace talks

Pakistan To Present List Of Taliban Open To Peace Talks At Meeting

Tajik, Uzbek, Turkmen inducted into Taliban Leadership Council

Daesh judge among 18 killed in clash with Taliban in Nangarhar

1 US soldier killed, 2 wounded in Taliban attack in Helmand

Rival Taliban groups agree on ceasefire, exchange of prisoners

Afghan Special Forces release 59 hostages from Taliban captivity in Helmand

ISIS photo purports to show captured Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

80 killed in fighting between Taliban rival groups

Taliban did not shoot down US military aircraft: Pentagon

160 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunduz Airstrikes

US strongly condemns Taliban attacks in Kundoz

Taliban new Supreme Leader criticizes low quality of projects in his first Eid message

Taliban Changing Military Strategy in Afghanistan

Taliban shadow governor for Faryab arrested before escaping to Quetta

Taliban kill 25 militiamen loyal to first vice president Gen. Dostum

110 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Musa Qala Clashes: Officials

Taliban working to resolve leadership issues

Taliban's Chief Political Officer Resigns Over Replacement of Mullah Omar

Afghan govít, Taliban militants to meet again after Pakistan talks

Hekmatyarís party to support ISIS in fight against Taliban

19 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunduz Airstrike

Forces Retake Nuristan's District That Fell to the Taliban

Dasht-i-Arche District of Kundoz province fall to Taliban hands

Parliament Under Attack, Taliban Claims Responsibility

ISIL beheads 10 Taliban militants in eastern Afghanistan

Pakistan warns Afghan Taliban to immediately end ďSpring OffensiveĒ

35 Taliban Militants Killed in Zabul Passenger Rescue Operation

Government, Taliban discussed ceasefire in Qatar

13 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Afghan Operations

ACA suspended Taliban website ďwww.toorabora.netĒ

Taliban claims their infiltrator killed 3 US contractors at Kabul airport

Top Taliban intelligence official among 4 released from Guantanamo

Key Pakistani Taliban Leader Handed Over to Islamabad

Abdullah Discusses Taliban, Pakistan in Britain

Afghan mom avenges son's murder, kills 25 Taliban militants

Afghan woman kills 25 Taliban rebels to avenge her sonís murder

Taliban Focus Attacks on Cities: NDS

Fazal-ur-Rehman endorses Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan

Taliban Attack Kabul Police Headquarter

Key Taliban Commander Killed in Herat

Taliban Kill Nad Ali District Governor

5 Taliban Commanders Declare Allegiance to ISIS

Pakistani Taliban Pledges Support for ISIS

Taliban chief Mullah Omar claims victory through his Eid message

ISAF condemns suicide attack by Taliban in capital Kabul+video

Pak envoy summoned over Punjabi Talibanís war declaration in Afghanistan

Pakistan seeks power sharing with Taliban in Afghanistanís next government

Afghan forces retake control of Yamgan district from Taliban

UK probes British soldierís thumbs up picture with dead Taliban fighter

Senior Taliban leader killed in Paktia province

Former Taliban leader Agha Jan Mutasim has been held in UAE

Pedram: The Abduction of Hazara and Tajik Women Recalls the Crimes of Abdur Rahman

UNAMA report: 49 Hazara community members killed in Afghanistan in three months

Generations of Pakistan and Afghanistan who fell victim to suicide attacks

UN Secretary General: rights of women and girls have been limited in Afghanistan

Pakistan Claims Attacks in Pakistan Linked to Afghans

UNís Deputy Chief reiterates UNís support for Afghan women

US Senator Calls to Cut Funding to Afghanistan

Blast occurs in Shia mosque in Afghanistanís Baghlan Province

Iran FM: Muslim countries must join hands in defending Palestinians, al-Aqsa

UNís Afghan mission condemns arrest of womenís activists

UN: The situation of women and girls is getting worse day by day in Afghanistan

Calls to reopen girlsí schools in Afghanistan continue

Thomas West: ĎWe Need to Keep Women, Girlsí Issues Front and Center

Former president Rabbani remembered on 12th anniversary of his assassination

Amnesty Intl: Secondary Schools Should Be Reopened for Afghan Girls

West: Islamic Emirate íSignificantly Degraded ISKP Capabilityí

Iran says supports regional initiatives aimed at resolving Afghan woes

UN says human rights in Afghanistan in ístate of collapseí

Afghan Women Criticize Bidenís Afghan Assets Decision

Islamic Emirate Might íChange Policyí Toward US If Funds Withheld

Pakistanís Khan Calls for Intl Engagement with Islamic Emirate

Freed Activists íFeel Pressureí to Not Share Details: Relatives

Ex-UK Defense Chief Suggests Recognition of Islamic Emirate

Afghan Officials Deny Pakistani Access to Used NATO Equipment

We will continue our political struggle to achieve recognition: Amir Khan Motaqi

U.S. advice to banks: OK to transfer aid money to Afghanistan

Afghan health system on brink of collapse due to sanctions

EU, UNAMA, Amnesty Intl Raise Concerns Over Detained Reporters

We have right to suppress dissidents and imprison protestors: Mujahid

Turkey, Qatar Reach Preliminary Agreement on Kabul Airport

Video of mistaken U.S. drone strike on Kabul home made public

Water released by Afghanistan definitely aimed at Iran: Governor

US unlikely to return Afghan helicopters parked in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan: Kirby

Minister Orders Police to Stop Unauthorized Operations

media and journalists in Afghanistan have lost their independence

Lack of access to information may lead to closure of media in Afghanistan: survey

Islamic Emirate Deploys Around 2,500 Troops to Sar-e-Pul

95% Afghan journalists cannot cover stories independently: polling

Kabul Protest Spotlights Recent Killing of 2 Women

Detained Islamic Emirate Commander Brought to Kabul



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



Federalism in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges

Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan

Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians

íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care

Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria

Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked

Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia

US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership

UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza

Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan

Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF

Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3

Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide

Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney

US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex

US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran

Yemen directly hits US warship with ballistic missile

Hamas has self-reliantly opposed the three giant intelligence agencies of the world!

President Raeisi calls for UN reform, says body unable to end Gaza genocide

Pedram: The Abduction of Hazara and Tajik Women Recalls the Crimes of Abdur Rahman

Special envoys from G7 countries discuss Afghanistan in London meeting

Turkish lawmakers open debate over Swedenís NATO membership

UN agency says over half a million Palestinians face Ďcatastrophic hungerí in Gaza

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Al-Maghazi operation proved defeat of Israeli regime in Gaza war

European support for Israel damaging energy security on the continent, report says

Pakistan Army Kills Seven ĎTerroristsí Near Afghan Border

Israel kills at least 190 people in Khan Younis in 24 hours

UNAMA report: 49 Hazara community members killed in Afghanistan in three months

Indiaís Modi inaugurates Hindu temple on site of razed mosque ahead of elections

US 2024 election: DeSantis drops out of Republican presidential race, backs Trump

Survivors of Russian charter flight crash transferred to Kabul

Iranís anti-terror strikes Ďclear messageí to certain recipients: Foreign Ministry

Ethnic mass killings in one Sudan city last year left up to 15,000 dead: UN report

Iran says reserves right to avenge Israelís assassination of IRGC advisors

Rocket barrage targets Ain al-Asad base housing US forces in western Iraq

Lebanese media: Israeli drone kills 2 Hamas members in southern Lebanon

Five IRGC advisors assassinated in Israeli aggression on Syria

Pakistan recalls ambassador from Tehran

Iraqi PM stresses to NATO chief ending of foreign troops

UN chief reiterates call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza


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