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Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan             Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians             íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care             Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria             Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked             Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia            US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership             UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza             Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan             Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF             Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3             Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide             Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney            US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex            US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran            


Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians

Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria

Five IRGC advisors assassinated in Israeli aggression on Syria

IRGCís veteran military advisor in Syria martyred in Israeli strike

Israel kills 2 IRGC military advisors in strike on Syria

US forces, allies attacked 16 times in Iraq and Syria this month: Pentagon

Fresh Israeli airstrike knocks Syriaís Aleppo airport out of commission

Drone attack on Syrian military academy kills at least 100 people

All PKK-affiliated groups in Iraq, Syria Ďlegitimate targets, says Turkish foreign minister

Israelís new aggression injures 2 soldiers in eastern Syria

No Turkey-Syria normalization unless Ankara withdraws forces from Arab country: Deputy FM

Iran says Israeli attacks on Syria smokescreen for Tel Avivís crimes against Palestinians

China urges lifting of Ďillegal unilateral sanctionsí against Syria

Biden reveals ISIS leader was Ďremovedí in recent US op in Syria

Ten civilians killed in exchange of fire between Turkish forces, SDF in Syriaís Aleppo

Report: 750 Daesh terrorists relocated in Syria

American woman leading female Daesh battalion in Syria on trial

US warplanes carry out airstrikes in Syriaís Hasakah, hit residential buildings

Maduro says to visit Damascus soon, ready to contribute to Syria reconstruction

Iran, Syria to set up joint bank and free trade zones: Minister

Syriaís exclusion from Arab League Ďdisgracefulí for all Arabs, senior Fatah official says

5 Syrian army personnel killed, 20 injured in Daesh attack in eastern Syria

Time ripe for Syriaís return to Arab League during Algeria summit next March: Top Jordanian MP

Iran, Russia, Turkey express opposition to Israelís use of civilian aircraft to cover-up attacks on Syria

US diplomat detained over secret meeting with Syrian national

Iranís UN envoy: UNSC must compel Israel to end occupation of Golan, stop aggression against Syria

Iran president: Foreign presence in Syria detrimental to regional security, stability

Turkish military forces dispatch new reinforcements to northwestern Syria to prop up allied militants

Roadside bomb explosion hits US military supply convoy in Syriaís Hasakah

Pentagon chief orders review of 2019 US strike in Syria that killed dozens of civilians

Syrian air defense units shot down 10 of 12 Israeli missiles launched at Homs: Russian military

Syria repels Israeli aggression on Homs; casualties reported

Russian FM says US, allies hindering return of displaced Syrians

Bitter clashes break out between rival Turkish-backed militants in northern Syria: SANA

US military covered up strikes that killed 64 woman, children in Syria: NYT

Tehran inks pilgrimage deal with Damascus, welcomes UAE-Syria normalization

US military forces have no legal mandate to operate in Syria: Russian Embassy in Washington

Iranís Raeisi: Foreign forces must end illegal presence on Syrian soil

Four family members killed in Syria by Turkish forces: SANA

Syriaís Assad asks PM Arnous in presidential decree to form new cabinet

Biden has no plans to end illegal US military presence in Syria: Report

Daesh merged from US backed opposition and Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria

Major US bases hit in W Iraq, E Syria; Many Americans wounded at Iraqi base

Syria: US-led coalition claim of contributing to Daesh defeat far cry from reality

US claims staging airstrikes against Iraqi resistance groups along Syria border

Official: US troops to stay in northeaster Syria to back anti-Damascus SDF

Russia: Terrorists beefing up presence in two areas in Syriaís Idlib, step up attacks

Syriaís air defenses intercept Israeli missiles over Damascus

Israel claims destroying Syrian army post in occupied Golan Heights

Assadís election victory reflects Syriansí warm feeling for president, says analyst

Criticism of Syria vote shows West detached from reality: FM Mekdad

Syrians head to polls to elect president as anti-terror fight nears end

Israel launches fresh airstrikes on Syriaís east: SANA

Drone attack hits oil refineries in militant-held northern Syrian: Reports

Syria urges UNSC to take firm action against Israeli acts of aggression

Three Russian soldiers injured in anti-tank missile attack in Syriaís Idlib

Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli aggression on Damascus: SANA

Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon set ablaze after row

Fight against Israeli occupation, terrorism common goal of Iran, Syria: President Rouhani

US encouraging separatism in Syria, hindering restoration of its unity: Russia FM

Syria mourns top diplomat & seasoned politician Walid Muallem

US military building new base in Syriaís oil-rich Dayr al-Zawr: Report

Economic sanctions among major challenges faced by war-wracked Syria: UN ambassador

Assad: Russian military presence in Syria important to intl. order

Syria invites sanction-beset nations to unite against ísuffocatingí bans

US convoy transports stolen Syrian oil to Iraq: SANA

US military deploys more troops, armored vehicles to oil-rich eastern Syria

Qamishli residents call for removal of US, Turkish occupation forces from Syria

UN war crimes panel urges Turkey to rein in allied militants in N Syria

Turkey calls Macron Ďhystericalí over Syria, Libya, East Mediterranean

Syria thwarts fresh Israeli missile attack on T4 airbase

OPCW leaks show US cover-up of illegal Syria bombing: American weekly

UN says all must respect safety of civilian flights after US jets harassed Iranian airliner over Syria

White Helmets collude with terrorists in Syria under humanitarian guise: Russia

Syrian air defenses intercept Israeli aggression on southern Damascus

Roadside bomb hits Russian-Turkish patrol in Syria, injuries reported

Militant captured in Syria says trained by American instructors to use US arms

Russiaís air defenses repel drone attack on Hmeimim base in Syria

US military tankers smuggle crude oil from Syriaís Hasakah to western Iraq: SANA

Iran-Syria accord first step to defang US Caesar sanctions: Assadís top aide

Russia, China veto Western-backed UNSC resolution on Syria aid

Warplanes attack Syrian positions in Bukamal, kill six: Observatory

Syriaís air defenses intercept invading drones

US threatens UAE with sanctions over Syria rapprochement

Iran, Russia condemn US economic terrorism against Syrian nation

US sanctions on Syria Ďlast American weaponí to pressure Damascus: Hezbollah chief

Iran, Russia, China denounce US sanctions targeting war-ravaged Syrian economy

Iran to host virtual meeting on peace process in Syria: FM Zarif

British intelligence recruited ex-Daesh member to spy on Russian military sites in Syria: Report

Russia to US: Leave Syria, deal with your own crisis

US Special Op forces testing Israeli-made smart rifle system in Syria

Russia delivers new batch of advanced MiG-29 fighter jets to Syria

Syrian army troops block US convoy in Hasakah, force it to move back

Syria finds US-made TOW missiles, Israeli mines in southern region

Syria vows fight against ĎAmerican, Turkish, Israeli occupiersí

Infighting flares up among Turkish-backed militants over stolen objects in northern Syria: Report

Captured Daesh terrorists confess to cooperation with US forces in Syriaís al-Tanf

Report reveals UK attempt to turn Syria Alawites against Assad

Israel sees Syria as existential threat: Hezbollah chief Nasrallah

Syria says botched attack from Colombia part of US conspiracy against Venezuela

US aircraft transfer Daesh terrorists from Syria to Iraq: Badr

Only Syrian people decide countryís future, type of government: Iran Foreign Ministry

Unilateral sanctions hamper Syriaís fight against coronavirus pandemic: UN envoy

Coronavirus lockdown aggravates Syrian refugees conditions

Amnesty urges Jordan to offer medical care to displaced Syrians amid pandemic

Turkish troops, allied militants cut drinking water supply to northeastern Syria

Daesh used gorge near ex-bastion in Syria to dump corpses: HRW

Russia raps US for obstructing IMFís loan to Iran, Syria amid COVID-19 pandemic

Syriaís air defenses thwart aerial missile attack in skies of Aleppo: SANA

Assad: Syria facing unjust embargo in its fight against pandemic

Unknown terrorists murder nine policemen in Syriaís Daraía

US forces transport imprisoned Daesh terrorists from Syria to Iraq: SANA

OPCW insiders slam Ďhyper-politicizedí report on Syria chemical attack

Russian forces block US convoy in northeast Syria as tensions rise

Syrian civilian shot dead by US military forces in Dayr al-Zawr: SANA

Syria, Iran, Yemen slam Germany for complying with US, Israeli dictates to ban Hezbollah

Israeli choppers launch rocket attacks against southern Syria: Reports

Turkey deployed US-made HAWK missiles to Idlib: Syriaís UN envoy

Charity urges sanctions relief on Syria, Iran, Venezuela amid pandemic

Fuel truck bomb kills 40 in Turkish-controlled northwestern Syria city

Syria air defenses down Israeli missiles over Damascus

Turkish forces gun down two protesters in northwest Syria

US-backed militants escape al-Tanf base, defect to Syrian army

US seeks to tighten grip over Syrian oil as Damascus is busy battling COVID-19: Analyst

Syrian villagers force US military convoy to return to base

Turkey dispatches some 300 allied Takfiri militants from Syria to Libya: SOHR

US military brings in 35 trucks to oil-rich northeastern Syria: SANA

OPCW report on Syria chemical attack unreliable: Russia

Turkish forces, allied militants shell villages in Syriaís Hasakah: Report

Turkish forces, allied militants shell villages in Syriaís Hasakah: Report

US officer killed in ambush in eastern Syria

Turkey sends another military convoy to de-escalation zone in Syriaís Idlib

Twenty trucks take US military equipment out of Iraq, into Syria: Report

Syrian air defenses intercept Israeli missiles over Homs: SANA

Syria UN envoy calls for lifting of sanctions amid COVID-19 outbreak

Daesh terrorists riot, escape from SDF-run prison in northeast Syria

UAEís bin Zayed expresses support to Syria in phone call with Pres. Assad

Nearly 5 million children born in war-hit Syria since 2011: UN

Russia, Turkey launch patrol mission in Syriaís Idlib

Syria won war against terrorism, but Turkey pulled agonizingly: EX-CIA official

Syria says will stand by allies on resistance axis to expel US from Western Asia

Warplanes hit Syrian-Iraqi border area, kill 18 Iraqi forces

Damascus wonít let Ankara split any Syrian territory in embattled Idlib: UN envoy Jaafari

Syria vows to continue war against terrorism following Ďpositiveí Idlib deal

We cannot guarantee safety of your planes over Syria: Russia to Turkey

Erdoganís military adventurism in Syria is doomed to fail: Analyst

34 Turkish troops killed in Syriaís Idlib as govt. forces continue gains

Turkey wants to return Syria to Ottoman Empire: Analyst

íRussia, Turkey to intensify consultations on Syriaís Idlibí

Turkey confirms presence of allied Syria mercenaries in Libya

Russia says Turkey sends large amounts of ammo to Syriaís Idlib ahead of large-scale op

Iran, Russia, Turkey working to agree on date for Syria summit: Turkish source

UN envoy urges Turkey, Russia to de-escalate situation in Syriaís Idlib

Turkeyís Erdogan threatens Ďimminentí Syria operation, sparks Russian warning

Trump calls for end to Russiaís support for Syria

Turkey bolsters Idlib outposts as Syrian govít forces make gains

Israel uses civilian flight as shield to raid Damascus after Syrian troops liberate Saraqib

Turkey military convoy enters Idlib to protect terrorists, impede Syrian forces advance: Army

Turkey-Syria clashes complicate Moscow relations

Turkey takes up its Syria accusations with Russia

Turkey may launch Syria offensive if Idlib attacks continue: Erdogan

US, Turkish presidents discuss latest developments in Syria, Libya

Russia repels drone attack on Hmeimim base in Syria

Around 350,0000 people have fled Syriaís Idlib since Dec. 1: UN

Pompeo categorizes US aggression in Iraq, Syria as Ďdefensive actioní

Militants preparing to stage new chemical attack in Syriaís Idlib, Russia warns +Video

Idlib Operation: Bells Ring for End of Terrorism in Syria

Syriaís Assad denounces US for blacklisting Iranís IRGC

France wonít take back Daesh terrorists, their families captured in Syria: Interior minister

New round of global outcry targets US over Syriaís Golan

Russia tells US not to go for another Ďunlawfulí aggression against Syria

Merkel implicitly rejects Putinís call to help Syria reconstruction

US cuts Syria ístabilizationí fund, vows to continue anti-Damascus bid

Syria slams ídespicableí Saudi support for US ploys in war-torn state

Syriaís Assad says Trumpís íanimalí slur represents himself

Iraqi air forces hit Daesh positions in Syria in coordination with Damascus

Russia military finds alleged chemical weapons lab in Syriaís Douma

50 People Killing Weekly in Syriaís Raqqa, Captured by US-Backed Militias: UN

US-led Syria Strikes Were for Bin Salmanís Propitiation: Expert

Bolton in contact with Arab states to create regional force in Syria: Report

Trump slammed by conservative supporters over Syria strike

Nasrallah: Saudis offered Syria money to sever Iran ties

Russian cargo plane crashes in eastern Syria, 39 killed

Syria on frontline of fight against enemies of Islam: Ayatollah Khamenei

Syria Ceasefire Resolution: Containing or Perpetuating Conflict?

Russia dismisses íbogusí reports of chemical attack in Syriaís Eastern Ghouta

íUS moving terror groups to Afghanistan after Iraq, Syria defeatsí

Chemical Attack Claims: US Handy Pretext for Pressing Syria

Assad blasts Turkeyís support for terror groups in Syria

Border Security Force: New US-designed Syria Partition Scenario

Turkish President Urges NATO Take Stance on US ĎTerrorist Armyí in Syria

Syria Pans US Plan to Set up Kurdish Border Forces as Breach of Sovereignty

Whatís Behind US Striving after Syriaís Abu Kamal Seizure?

What Next after US Provides Safe Exit for ISIS in Syriaís Raqqa?

US wonít be satisfied unless Syriaís Assad leaves power: US official

Syria Says De-Escalation Zone Pacts Donít Legitimize Turkish Presence

Iran a partner in Syrian victory: Assadís letter to Ayatollah Khamenei

Syria strongly denies alleged role in Khan Shaykhun chemical attack

ISIS Besieged in Lebanon-Syria Border, Victory Close: Hezbollah Leader

Prior to Astana Talks, Accords Make Syria Crisis Solution Look in Sight

Syrian Army Making Progress in Fighting Terrorists: President Assad

Turkey, Russia, Iran Planning Permanent Ceasefire in Syria: Turkish PM

Iran, Russia presidents discuss Syria crisis, JCPOA over phone

Syrian army, allies make new advances against Daesh terrorists

US Syria Deal with Russia Unattainable without Iran's Approval

Israeli Regime Plans New Field Hospital to Treat Terrorists in Syria

Infighting Erupts Between Terrorist Groups in Syria's Idlib

Israeli Regime's PM Opposes Russian-US Pact on South Syria

Monitoring group: US-coalition killed 744 civilians in Iraq, Syria in June

Kurds May Return Afrin to Syrian Govt amid Turkish Invasion Threats

Russian Role in Resolving Syrian Crisis

War has Cost Syrian Economy $226 Billion: World Bank

Ensuring Syria's territorial integrity extremely important: Russian president

France Slightly Shifts Syria Approach Under Macron

Russia may deploy troops to police Syria's de-escalation zones

Iranís Missiles Used in Syria Anti-ISIS Strike Displayed at Tehran Quds Day Rally

Russia blasts US shooting down of Syrian jet as violation of intl. law

IRGC launches missiles at Daesh headquarters in Syria from western Iran

Pro-Government Forces Reach Iraq-Syria Border, Take Step Closer to Major Win

Syrian Situation Improving, Wahhabi Terrorists Retreating: President Assad

Russia Says Syria Never Used Chemical Weapons, Alarmed by US Threats

Only Iran, Syria helped Lebanon when it was occupied by Israel

US-led airstrikes kills over dozen civilians in northern Syria

US, UK, Jordan deploy troops, tanks in southern Syria: Reports

Britain Unable to Control ISIS Terrorists Returning from Syria, Iraq: Report

Pentagon admits March strike hit a 'mosque complex' in Syria

Syria safe zones closed for US-led warplanes: Russian envoy

Fourth round of Syria peace talks opens in Kazakh capital

Russia Terms Terrorism Major Global Danger, Syria Top Victim

Will US Send 50,000 Troops to Syria?

US strike on Syria gave Daesh terrorists free rein: Russia PM

What Will Be Outcomes of Recapture of ISIS De Facto Capital in Syria?

Turks attack Syrian refugees with knives, burn tents

Seven Theories About US Missile Strikes on Syria

US missile strikes against Syria strategic mistake: Ayat. Khamenei

US strikes in Syria violate UN Charter: Rouhani, Putin

Saudi king congratulates US for attacking Syria with missiles

International probe must be launched in reported Syria gas attack: Iran president

US attack on Syria significantly damaged US-Russia ties: Putin

Syria blasts US Ďaggressioní, terrorists and Israel hail it

Russia pledges to stand by Syria in anti-terror battles

Syria war guarantees shared interests of powers, Israel: President Assad

Syria Denies Using Chemicals, Says It Informed OPCW of Terroristís Access to Toxic Materials

Turkey Annexes Syrian Land: Diplomat Says Threatening Ankara with Military Option

Iran Slams Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria, Ready to Treat Victims

Russia, West trade barbs over Syria attack in UNSC meeting

UN urges Iran, Russia, Turkey to resume Syria talks in Astana

Putin: Russian weapons proved efficient in Syria war

Russia summons Israeli ambassador over Syria attacks

Netanyahu seeks end to Russia airstrikes in Syria to avert Israel's collapse: Nasrallah

Militants begin leaving last bastion in Syriaís Homs

Israel says will continue hitting Hezbollah in Syria

US set to deploy 1,000 more troops to Syria: Pentagon official

Trump administration sending armored vehicles for Syria opposition

Russia withdraws S-24s, deploys S-25 jets to Syriaís Latakia

Russia airstrikes in Syria very effective: US general

Russia launched 100+ strikes at Daesh positions in Syria

West should compensate Russia for fighting terrorists in Syria: Pundit

Russia airstrike destroys Daesh bomb-making facility in Syria

Russia launches first airstrikes in Syria: US

Russiaís upper house of parliament approves military presence in Syria

Syrian girl dies in another boat tragedy off Greece

Russian FM slams unauthorized US raids in Syria

Over 225,000 people under ISIL siege in Syriaís Deir Ezzor

Counter-terrorism conference in Syria

Syrian Kurds repel 7 ISIL attacks on Kobani

UK: Iran part of solution to fight ISIL in Syria

US to regret military action in Syria: IRGC chief

Turkey Mulling Buffer Zone along Iraq, Syria Border: Erdogan

Jordanian couple wedding wows: Beheading 65 Syrian soldiers

Karzai greets Bashar al-Assad for his victory in Syrian elections

Jordanian politicians fight on live TV program over Syria: Video

British women fighting in Syria

Photo painful youngest prisoner in the hands of terrorists in Syria

American cleric uses Facebook, Twitter to charge Syria war

Syria forces enter Sarkha town in Qalamoun

United Nations warns of drought crisis in Syria

Iranís anti-terror strikes Ďclear messageí to certain recipients: Foreign Ministry

Iran says reserves right to avenge Israelís assassination of IRGC advisors

In letter to UN, Iran defends anti-terror operations against Takfiri, Israel-linked targets

IRGC anti-terror strikes in line with defending Iranís sovereignty, citizens: Foreign Ministry

Resistance ready for all scenarios versus Israel: Iran FM

China filling US-created vacuum in Middle East: Washington-based daily

US, Israel blocking elimination of chemical weapons worldwide: Iran

Pentagon documents reveal civilian deaths of US war in Mideast ídrastically undercountedí

Iraqi forces, Peshmerga fighters retake village in Kirkuk from Daesh

UN passes resolution in favor of Palestiniansí sovereignty over their natural resources

Foreign officials arriving in Tehran for President Raeisi inauguration

Efforts underway to improve ties between Damascus, Riyadh: Assadís top aide

Russia says terrorists, White Helmets plotting chemical attack in Idlib to blame Damascus

Russia defends envoy amid Israelís ire over criticism of Tel Aviv

Hezbollah ready to make sacrifices to defend Lebanon: Nasrallah

Top US military general visits Israel, stresses íneed to pressure Iraní

US warplanes in aggressive maneuvering near Iranian airliner: Reports

US using refugee camp as bargaining chip to aid terrorists: Russia

One percent of world population displaced due to violence: UN

US military killed 132 civilians globally in 2019: Pentagon

Charity forecasts one billion coronavirus cases, warns rapid outbreak in refugee camps

Turkish-backed militants undermine Russia-Turkey joint patrols in Idlib

US offers Turkey Patriot missiles if it ditches Russiaís S-400: Erdogan

Greece tightens border control after Turkey opens gates

Russia says Turkish troops killed among terrorists, warns against op

Ex-inspector tells UN how OPCW whitewashed findings on Douma chemical attack

Whatís Driving Forthcoming American-Russian-Israeli Summit?

Israeli paper betrays scandalous details of ídeal of centuryí

Video purportedly shows Daesh ringleader after 5 years

Trumpís so-called Ďpeaceí plan for Palestine dead on arrival

EU rejects Israeli claim to Golan, other occupied territory

Pope blames US, Europe for deaths of people in war zones

West Bank next on US recognition list, Nasrallah warns

Trumpís move on Golan will lead to war with Israel: Experts

Why US Pin Airstrike against Iraqi Popular Forces on Israeli Regime?

Putin: Russia Creates Advanced Weapons Responding to US Scrapping Missile Treaty+Videos

Is Jordan Breaking Alliance with Saudi Arabia, West?

Takfiri Terrorismís Next Station Could be Southwest Asia

Iconic Martyr Hojaji Laid to Rest in Central Iran

Iran bids farewell to iconic martyr Hojaji



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



Federalism in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges

Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan

Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians

íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care

Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria

Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked

Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia

US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership

UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza

Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan

Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF

Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3

Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide

Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney

US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex

US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran

Yemen directly hits US warship with ballistic missile

Hamas has self-reliantly opposed the three giant intelligence agencies of the world!

President Raeisi calls for UN reform, says body unable to end Gaza genocide

Pedram: The Abduction of Hazara and Tajik Women Recalls the Crimes of Abdur Rahman

Special envoys from G7 countries discuss Afghanistan in London meeting

Turkish lawmakers open debate over Swedenís NATO membership

UN agency says over half a million Palestinians face Ďcatastrophic hungerí in Gaza

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Al-Maghazi operation proved defeat of Israeli regime in Gaza war

European support for Israel damaging energy security on the continent, report says

Pakistan Army Kills Seven ĎTerroristsí Near Afghan Border

Israel kills at least 190 people in Khan Younis in 24 hours

UNAMA report: 49 Hazara community members killed in Afghanistan in three months

Indiaís Modi inaugurates Hindu temple on site of razed mosque ahead of elections

US 2024 election: DeSantis drops out of Republican presidential race, backs Trump

Survivors of Russian charter flight crash transferred to Kabul

Iranís anti-terror strikes Ďclear messageí to certain recipients: Foreign Ministry

Ethnic mass killings in one Sudan city last year left up to 15,000 dead: UN report

Iran says reserves right to avenge Israelís assassination of IRGC advisors

Rocket barrage targets Ain al-Asad base housing US forces in western Iraq

Lebanese media: Israeli drone kills 2 Hamas members in southern Lebanon

Five IRGC advisors assassinated in Israeli aggression on Syria

Pakistan recalls ambassador from Tehran

Iraqi PM stresses to NATO chief ending of foreign troops

UN chief reiterates call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza


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