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Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan             Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians             íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care             Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria             Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked             Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia            US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership             UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza             Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan             Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF             Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3             Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide             Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney            US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex            US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran            


Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan

Pakistan Army Kills Seven ĎTerroristsí Near Afghan Border

Pakistan recalls ambassador from Tehran

Tehran launched a strike on the Pakistan-based group Jaish al-Adl

Generations of Pakistan and Afghanistan who fell victim to suicide attacks

Leader of Pakistanís outlawed anti-Shia group shot dead

Pakistan election body rejects Imran Khanís nomination for 2024 vote

Pakistanís Election Commission approves Nawaz Sharifís 2024 nomination

Pakistan FM: Islamabad Wants Peaceful, Stable Afghanistan

Pakistan Claims 92 Afghans Involved in Attacks in Last 2 Years

Iran FM urges Pakistan to ensure border security after terrorist attack

Pakistan Claims Attacks in Pakistan Linked to Afghans

UNHCR: Forced return of Afghans from Pakistan deepens humanitarian crisis

Thousands of Afghans flood border before Pakistan deadline for expulsion

Pakistan issues last warning to hundreds of thousands of undocumented Afghans to leave

UN warns Pakistan not to forcibly deport Afghan refugees

Pakistani, Afghan FMs meet amid growing tensions over deportation of refugees

Scores killed in two separate blasts targeting mosques in Pakistan

Pakistan: We will put pressure on the Taliban for the right to education for girls and the rights of Afghan women

Pakistan: The conflict started from Afghanistan

Pakistan steps up military operation along Durand Line

Pakistan denies ISI chief meeting Afghan Jihadi leaders in Turkey

Pakistanís Khan Calls for Intl Engagement with Islamic Emirate

Five Pakistani soldiers killed in attack Ďlaunchedí from Afghanistan

Pakistan, China reiterate release of Afghanistanís funds

Afghan Officials Deny Pakistani Access to Used NATO Equipment

Pakistanís Imran Khan reiterates support of Kashmiris, slams Indiaís Ďgenocidal actsí

Attacks on Pakistan military bases kill four soldiers, 15 insurgents

Pakistan NSA Meets With Afghan Officials in Kabul

Pakistan NSA claims Afghan soil still being used against Pakistan

Pakistanís PM renews call for humanitarian aid for Afghanistan

Pakistan played major role in peace, stability of Afghanistan: Arif Alvi

Pakistan fired 21 rockets towards Afghanistan

Pakistani NSA to Visit Kabul Tuesday

Pakistan: Final Durand Line Fencing Completed

Pakistanís PM Orders Skilled Personnel Be Sent to Afghanistan

Report: Pakistani Talibanís spokesman killed in Afghanistan

At least 21 dead, hundreds stranded in Pakistan snowstorm

Afghan-Pak territorial conflicts, Pakistani NSA to visit Kabul

Pakistanís National Security Advisor to Visit Kabul

Durand Line Fencing 94% Completed: Pakistan

Kabul hoping to resolve border issues with Pakistan through dialogue

Pakistan wonít stop erecting fences on Durand Line: Qureshi

Taliban prevent fences erection by Pakistan in Nimroz

Pakistan Warned Against Firing On Afghan Soil

Pakistanís political parties ask for inclusive government in Afghanistan

Taliban destroys Pakistanís barbed-wire erected on Durand Line

Muttaqi Downplays Pakistan PM Khanís Remarks

Iranís foreign minister, Pakistanís top general discuss anti-terror fight on OIC meeting sidelines

Pakistan Must Not Interfere in Afghan Affairs: Karzai

Blast at Pakistan bank branch constructed on sewage drain kills at least 10

Muttaqi Leaves for Pakistan to Attend OIC Meeting

Drone strike on Pakistani Taliban leader fails to explode, TTP sources say

Afghanistan to host Pakistan for ODI series

Afghanistan on Agenda of EU-Pakistan Meeting in Brussels

Pakistan offers to host Ďurgentí OIC meeting on Afghanistan

War-weary Afghan refugees no more welcome in Pakistan, says report

IMF to revive $6 billion Pakistan funding program

Facebook says hackers in Pakistan targeted Afghan users amid govt collapse

Daesh militants claim deadly attack on Pakistani police barracks

IEA rejects reports of selling US military equipment to Pakistan

Afghan delegation meets with Pakistanís prime minister

Not so much Miltablishment rather civilian leadership more responsible for present problems of Pakistan

Pakistan urges look into Ďmeltdowní of Afghan forces as Taliban advances

A stable Afghanistan is crucial to Pakistanís Central Asia-EU railway vision

Pakistanís PM says ĎUS really messed it upí in Afghanistan

Pakistan Reopens Spin Boldak Crossing Held by Taliban

Pakistan closes Torkham crossing due to COVID-19

Turkey, Pakistan and Iran consulates close doors in Balkh

Military tanks being moved to Pakistan will be targeted: MoI

At least 20 Muslim pilgrims die in Pakistan bus crash

Sullivan Confirms US Had Intel, Military Talks with Pakistan

Six Pakistani al-Qaeda militants killed in Helmand airstrike

China, Pakistan, Afghanistan foreign ministers to meet

Key TTP member killed in Afghanistan: Pakistan media reports

NSA refutes reports of Pakistan cutting contact with him

Amid protests Pakistan wants OICís decisive steps to stop Israelís aggression

Whatís Behind Pakistani Army Chiefís Afghanistan Visit?

Ghani Seeks European Alliesí Role to ĎGet Pakistan On Boardí

Khalili meets with Pakistanís speaker of the house to discuss peace process

Pakistanís Imran Khan: Iran capable of turning into regional economic power

38 Taliban killed, incl 9 Pakistanis, in airstrikes in Farah and Nimroz

Electrical power restored in Pakistan after grid breakdown

Pakistani mourners bury slain Hazara Muslims amid tight security

Pakistanís Hazara Muslims continue protest, refuse to bury dead

Pakistanís internet regulator bans anti-Islam movie

No letup in miseries of missing citizens in Pakistan

Pakistanis pay tribute to General Qassem Soleimani

Pakistan, Afghanistan Hold Trade Talks

Four Pakistani soldiers killed in helicopter crash

Public íBlame Gameí Detrimental to Afghan Peace: Pakistan

Pakistan hold discussions on a new trade agreement with Afghanistan

Pakistani PM firmly rejects Israeli ties as íbaselessí, publicity campaign

Pakistan says fence along Durand Line is almost complete

Pakistan, India accuse each other of sponsoring terrorism at UN

Pakistan govt. under public pressure to expel French envoy over blasphemous cartoons

Pakistanís Prime Minister Imran Khan to Visit Kabul This Week

EU, Pakistan Vow to Work for Afghan Peace

At least 15 dead in stampede near Pakistan consulate in Jalalabad

Pakistan parliament to host trade and investment forum for Afghans

Khalilzad and Pakistanís envoy discuss further facilitation of peace talks

Abdullah Meets Pakistani President, Discusses Afghan Peace

Abdullah in Pakistan Meets Qureshi to Discuss Afghan Peace

Pakistan PM warns a hasty foreign troop withdrawal would be unwise

Abdullah to visit Pakistan, says both sides have Ďgrievancesí

Pakistanís Opposition come together to oust PM

Pakistan to relax visa policy for Afghans as new envoy takes over

Pakistanís exports to Afghanistan drop by 43.6% in July

UN inaugurates skills development project for Afghan refugee women in Pakistan

One Killed in Clash with Pakistani Forces

Pakistan to Comply with UN Sanctions against Afghan Taliban

Pakistan says Indiaís shelling of Kashmir on the rise

í31 Taliban Killed, 13 Held Pakistani IDsí: Officials

National Security Adviser Vows Response to Pakistani Shelling

Pakistan remains safe harbor for ďterrorist groupsĒ: US

WHO says Pakistan should implement Ďintermittentí lockdowns

Have Pakistanís Nuclear Weapons Really Made It Invincible?

Thousands of Pakistani soldiers battle locust invasion

Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia support national reconciliation in Afghanistan

Pakistani nurses boycott work, stage protest for better working conditions

Khan says India could launch false flag operation against Pakistan, under infiltration pretext

Covid19 slipping 70 Million Pakistanis below poverty line

Protesters condemn rising violence against journos in Pakistan

Pakistan FM lauds Iran Leaderís Ďcontinued supportí for Kashmir

ĎIndian artillery fire kills Pakistani soldier, 2 civilians in Kashmirí

Rouhani, Imran Khan call for more trade ties as Pakistan PM blasts US sanctions on Iran

Pakistan extends lockdown for two more weeks

Four civilians killed in exchange of fire between India, Pakistan troops in Kashmir

Afghan Refugees in Dire Need: Pakistan

Urban Pakistan under lockdown after 900 tests positive for Covid-19

Pakistan, China urge removal of US sanctions amid Iranís fight to defeat epidemic

Pilot killed in Pakistan Air Force F-16 crash in Islamabad

Pakistan praises armed forces one year after standoff with India

New Pakistan-Afghanistan Train Transports Goods

Pakistani Senate adopts resolution against Trumpís Palestine plot

Khalilzad Meets Pakistan Prime Minister, Briefs on Peace Talks

UN chief praises Iran, Pakistan for hosting Afghan refugees

Bomb attack at religious rally kills 10 in Pakistani city Quetta

Gas leak kills six in Pakistanís Karachi

íMillionsí of Afghans Returning from Pakistan: Danish

Erdogan visits Pakistan in bid to reduce its dependence on Saudi Arabia

Pakistan to Host Conference on Afghan Refugees

Pakistanís deficit under microscope as IMF review begins

US Envoy Khalilzad in Pakistan as Kabul Insists on Ceasefire

Afghanistanís U19 Cricket Team to Face Pakistan on Friday

Pakistanis, Kashmiris observe íBlack Dayí against India

PTMís Leader Manzoor Pashteen Arrested by Pakistani Police

Pakistan PM warns world of danger of all-out war over Kashmir

Wells visit to Pakistan ahead of Afghan Peace Deal

Over 130 killed as avalanches and floods hit Pakistan, Afghanistan

Avalanches in Pakistan claim 67 lives

Angry Pakistani protesters vow to drive US forces from region

Rouhani receives Pakistani FM, stresses importance of mutual relations

Pakistanis protest US assassination of top Iranian General Soleimani

Trump Discusses Afghan Peace with Pakistani PM

Afghanistan Protests Summoning of Envoy by Pakistan

Taliban Delegation Meets Pakistani Officials

Senior Afghan Politicians In Pakistan For Key Meeting

No meeting between PM Modi, Pakistanís Khan at regional summit: India

Ghani To Visit Pakistan At The End Of June

Khalilzad In Pakistan To Advance Afghan Peace

Khalilzad Welcomes Afghan, Pakistani Leadersí Meeting

Afghanistan Shock Pakistan By Three Wickets In Warm-Up Match

Iran, Pakistan to form joint anti-terror force: Rouhani

Pakistan PM Says Will Not Give Advice to Afghanistan Anymore

Pakistani PM and US CENTCOM Chief discuss Afghanistan

Afghanistan Loses $8m After Pakistanís Airspace Closure

Pakistanís PM Repeats Controversial Remarks On Afghanistan

Khalilzad Discusses Afghan Peace Process with Pakistani Officials

Facebook deletes accounts in India, Pakistan

Pakistani minister brands US ambassador to Afghanistan a Ďlittle pygmyí in Twitter row

Ghani Slams Taliban, Pakistan for Recent Bombing in Kabul

Pakistan PM Responds to Trumpís Comment

Afghan, Pakistani foreign ministers discuss deadly Kandahar attack

Khalilzad Leads Delegation to Afghanistan and Pakistan

US, Pakistan Welcome Ceasefire Announcement

Return of the dead bodies of Pakistanis from Ghazni incorrect, claims Gen. Bajwa

Imran Khan Sworn In As 22nd Premier Of Pakistan

Pakistan to add 60,000 more troops along the Durand Line with Afghanistan

Pakistan opposition calls for probe into allegations of rigging during election

CE Abdullah Meets Pakistanís President

Ready to resolve all issues with Pakistan through dialogue, says Ghani

Pakistan ĎAgreesí To Remove Check Posts On Afghanistanian Soil

US Held Private Talks With Pakistan on Sanctuaries: Nicholson

Pakistan still supporting Taliban, says top U.S. general

No Military Solution to Afghanistanian Issue: Pakistan PM

MoD Accused Pakistan of Backing Taliban in Staging Recent Massive Attacks

Pakistan court indicts Sharif on corruption charges

Pakistan Unveils First Section Of Durand Line Fence

Failed Truck Bombing in Kabul Planned By Haqqani Network in Pakistan: Police

President Ghani likely to visit Pakistan after Pak delegationís Kabul visit

Ghani Reiterates Call to Pakistan to Intensify State-to-State Dialogue with Afghanistan

US Concerned over Future of Government in Pakistan: Rex Tillerson

Trump ready for whatever steps necessary regarding Pakistan: Mattis

Dunford says Ďclear to meí that the ISI of Pakistan has connections with terror group

Pakistanís army chief offers to train Afghan security forces

Pakistani Chief of Army Staff to Visit Kabul

U.S. cannot achieve objectives in Afghanistan without change of behavior by Pakistan: Dunford

Asif claims Pakistan cannot take responsibility for Afghanistanís peace and security

Raziq Says Pakistan Positioning Insurgents Along The Durand Line

15 years a long time for US to decide regarding Pakistanís lies: Karzai

Abbasi admits German embassy bombers in Kabul travelled from Pakistan

Iran, Pakistan army chiefs urge Muslim world action to end Rohingya plight

Whatís behind Pakistani FM Visit to Iran, Turkey?

Torkham reopens between Afghanistan and Pakistan after Friday incident

US considering dropping Pakistan as an ally over terror sanctuaries

US drone attack kills 3 in Pakistanís tribal region

Afghan Taliban to support Pakistan against foreign invasion: Sami-ul-Haq

US forces have failed in Afghanistan, Pakistanís FM claims

Afghanistan ready for comprehensive talks with Pakistan, Ghani tells Erdogan

China defends Pakistani anti-terror bids following Trumpís criticism

China Wants íImproved Ties Between Afghanistan, Pakistaní

Pakistanís anti-corruption agency to file criminal charges against ex-PM, finance minister

BRICS Nations Condemn Pakistan-Based Terror Groups

A Look At Ghaniís Multi-Pronged Pakistan Policy

NSC rejects contacts between Atmar and Taliban leaders in Pakistan and Qatar

Pakistani army chief reacts at new US strategy for Afghanistan, South Asia

Ex-Afghan intelligence chief welcomes new US strategy and approach towards Pakistan

New US strategy an opportunity for Pakistan to review its old approach: Ghani

Pakistan reacts as US unveils new strategy criticizing Pakistan for harboring terrorism

After Trump barbs, China jumps to defend Pakistan

Trump Releases US Central Asia Policy; Afghanistan, Pakistan in Focus+VIDEO

Terrorism a serious threat both for Afghanistan and Pakistan: Ghani

Envoy Calls For Olive Branch To Pakistan

Pakistan celebrates 70 years of independence

India supports Afghanistan in hatching anti-Pakistan conspiracies, Asif claims

Pakistan Politics: Three Unofficial Powerhouses

Pakistan to elect new prime minister on Tuesday

Why Pakistan Seeks Weak Govnt, Strong Militants in Afghanistan?

Pakistan to Nominate Ousted PM's Brother as His Successor

MoD Criticizes Pakistan Over Military Operation

US To Withhold Military Fund From Pakistan Over Haqqani Inaction

Taliban Threat or Opportunity for Pakistan?

Indian Forces Kill Four Pakistan Soldiers in Kashmir

Khalilzad doubts Pakistan will act against Haqqani network and Taliban

Ghani in Tajikistan for CASA-1000 summit, to meet Pakistani and Tajik counterparts

Ghani insists on Ďreconciliation first with Pakistan' to bring peace in Afghanistan

Pakistanís Aziz Expected In Kabul In Move To Ease Tensions

Pakistan defends groups fighting against Indian forces in Kashmir

ARG Confirms Pakistani Delegation Will Visit Kabul Soon

U.S Moves To Close Afghanistan, Pakistan Affairs Office

25 killed, over 100 wounded as back to back explosions hit Parachinar in Pakistan

Pakistan Opens Illegal Trade Crossing Into Afghanistan: MoCI

China Plans Military Base in Pakistan, US Influence Declining

More Refugees Likely To Return From Iran, Pakistan: UNHRC

Pakistan Still Home To 2 Million Afghan Refugees: UNHCR+Video

Islamabad says two Pakistani diplomats have gone missing in Afghanistan

China Eyes Mediator Role To Ease Afghan-Pakistani Tensions

US airstrike target Haqqani network commander in Pakistan

President Ghani, Pakistanís PM Discuss Afghan Peace Process

Pakistanís ISI behind appointment of new ISIS chief in Afghanistan: Uzbekistani

President Ghani accuses Pakistan of launching 'undeclared war' against Afghanistan

Pakistani ambassador claims Haqqani network has shifted to Afghanistan

Pakistan reacts at Afghanistanís decision to cancel cricket series

Pakistanís notion regarding Spin Boldak clash was challenged: Zakhilwal

Pakistan Asked To Stop ĎSupporting Terroristsí

Terrorists safe havens will be hit in Pakistan, Tehran warns Islamabad Terrorists safe havens will be hit in Pakistan, Tehran warns Islamabad

Raziq Warns Pakistan Of Fallout If Border Issue Talks Fail

Afghan And Pakistani Officials Meet Over Border Clashes

Pakistanís Envoy To U.S Meets McMaster, Discusses Afghan Issues

Iran, Pakistan agree to boost cooperation on border security: Zarif

Afghan President had serious negotiations with Pakistani delegation: Muslimyar

Pakistan braces for court ruling likely of removing Sharif

5 Pakistani militants killed in an airstrike in East of Afghanistan

Afghan Ulemas once again slam Pakistanís Maulana Fazal for his remarks

Pakistan says will quit Saudi-led military coalition if it turns 'sectarian'

Afghanistan strongly reacts at Pakistani violations along Durand Line

Over 70 rockets fired on Kunar from Pakistan in past 24 hours

Pakistan has started fencing work along the Durand Line

Pakistanís PM Orders Immediate Re-Opening Of Torkham

MoFA Summons Pakistan Envoy Over Border Shelling

Pakistan army summons Afghan diplomats, demand actions against 80 terrorists

Flood water in Pakistan

Pakistan army chief calls President Ghani, suggests intelligence cooperation

Top Pakistani leaders of Haqqani terrorist network killed in Nangarhar

Pakistan army arrests 5 over deadly university attack

Pakistan claims attack on university handled from Afghanistan

Pakistan observes mourning for university massacre victims

21 Killed, 50 Wounded In Pakistan University Attack

Pakistan strengthens security of Afghan diplomats following attack

Mosazai says at least 60 % militants fleeing Pakistan join Daesh in Afghanistan

Pakistan To Present List Of Taliban Open To Peace Talks At Meeting

Gunmen Attack Indian Air Force Base Near Pakistan Border

Millions Lost To Pakistan By Afghan Trade Sector: ACCI

More than 100 Afghans arrested in Pakistanís Balochistan

Bombing claims 10 lives in Pakistani Shia mosque

Pakistanís Inzamam-ul-Haq hired as Afghanistan National team head coach

Pakistani forces detain 40 Afghan refugees in Quetta

Afghan Govt Rejects Pakistan's Claim It Attacked Peshawar Air Base

Pakistan Blame Afghan Militants For Air Base Attack

Afghanistan, Pakistan likely to resume talks this week

Afghan govít, Taliban militants to meet again after Pakistan talks

Pakistan rejects allegations of involvement in attack on Afghan Parliament

Devastating heat waves kill 140 people in Sindh, Pakistan

Pakistan warns Afghan Taliban to immediately end ďSpring OffensiveĒ

Pakistan engaged in an undeclared war with Afghanistan: Ghani

What persuaded Pakistan to rethink its Afghan policy?

Bin Laden died in Afghanistan in 2001, not in 2011 in Pakistan: American scholar

Militant attack leaves 47 Shia pilgrims dead in Pakistan

China, Pakistan Reaffirm Support for Afghan Peace Process

Border Police Return Fire On Militants Across Border in Pakistan

US drone strike kills 5 in Pakistanís North Waziristan

Peshawar attack over, militants killed: Pakistan police

Imran Khan supporters block roads in eastern Pakistan

Pakistan arrests al-Qaeda commander in Karachi

US drone strike kills 4 people in northwest Pakistan

Key Pakistani Taliban Leader Handed Over to Islamabad

Abdullah Discusses Taliban, Pakistan in Britain

Parliament Enraged Over Pakistani Cleric's Remarks

Time for Afghanistan and Pakistan to open new trade avenues

Pakistan issues arrest warrants for Imran Khan, Qadri

President Ghani to visit Pakistan on Friday

Lt General Rizwan Akhtar assumes office as Pakistanís new ISI chief

US airstrikes in Pakistan surpass 400

Pakistani army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif arrives in Afghanista

Haqqani Leader Killed in US Drone Airstrike in Pakistan

Pakistan National Security Advisor to Visit Kabul

Afghanistan, Pakistan sign agreement on electricity transit fee

Pakistani Forces Fire 33 Missiles Into Kunar

Pakistani Taliban Pledges Support for ISIS

Smuggling to Pakistan hikes gas prices in Kandahar

Pakistan, the source of terrorism

Pakistan seeks power sharing with Taliban in Afghanistanís next government

Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiban behind attack on Dr. Abdullah

Afghan security officers boycott Pakistan visit in wake of border tensions

Afghan forces ready to retaliate to Pakistan shelling

Balkh and Helmand residents protest against Pakistan shelling

Afghan Border Police Killed in Pakistani Forces Attack in Kandahar

Where is Ukraine? CNN map says in... Pakistan: Video

Earthquake leaves 1 dead, 70 others injured in southern Pakistan

Pakistanís North Waziristan comes under rocket attack from Afghanistan

Ex-Pakistani cricket captain joins Afghan team as short time batting coach

Iranís anti-terror strikes Ďclear messageí to certain recipients: Foreign Ministry

Southeastern Iran terrorist assault claims 11 police lives

Afghanistan: 8,000 Afghan refugees return through Spin Boldak in last two days

supports terrorist group in Afghanistan and makes it look normal.

Torkham Crossing Opens to Traffic After More Than a Week

Iran says supports regional initiatives aimed at resolving Afghan woes

Imran Khan pledges more development help to Afghanistan

Joint Ministerial Committee Formed to Address Durand Line Issues

India says five suspected militants killed in overnight Kashmir clashes

Karzai: There is no need for foreign manpower in Afghanistan:

Taliban: Afghanistan not need foreigners from any country

7 TAPI Project Agreements to Be Signed Soon: Officials

Turkmenistan delegation visiting Kabul to assess TAPI

TAPI Pipeline Project to Resume Soon: Officials

Islamic Emirate: No More Fencing Allowed on Durand Line

Six suspected militants, one Indian soldier killed in Kashmir clashes

Insulting Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Ďviolation of religious freedomí, says Putin

Tariq Ali Bakheet appointed OICís special representative to Afghanistan

Islamic countries pledge humanitarian trust fund to stave off humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Iran supports aid delivery to Afghanistan regardless of political issues: FM Amir-Abdollahian

US must unfreeze Afghanistanís assets; weakening Afghan government is in no oneís interest: Motaqi

Afghanistan is worldís worst man-made crisis, world must act now: Imran Khan

Iran rings alarm bell on rise of terrorism at Afghanistan summit

Islamabad is all set to host OIC meeting on Afghanistan today

Qureshi calls on international community to help Afghanistan

Peace in Afghanistan vital for transit trade corridors: Qureshi

TAPI project suspended in Afghanistan until situation Ďstabilizesí

Troika Plus reiterates support for Afghans following Islamabad meeting

Imran Khan assures Muttaqi of Islamabadís help with aid

PIA runs first chartered commercial flight to Afghanistan

After irresponsibly watching takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, India should avoid losing Kashmir to Global Taliban through OMM

Imran Khan says Taliban wonít talk peace unless Ghani goes

If China uses likely Taliban govt in Afghanistan, no big deal but if Global Taliban uses China, will be game changer & catastrophic

Two policeman killed, 12 injured in Quetta explosion

Qureshi Says Taliban Will Keep Daesh Out of Afghanistan: Media

Afghanistanís security must be established by Afghan people: Iranís president-elect

Qureshi voices concern over current situation in Afghanistan

Blinken and Qureshi discuss Afghan peace process

Peaceful, Stable Afghanistan Will Bring Opportunity: Imran Khan

Taliban deputy head holding Ďconsultationsí on peace talks with clerics and leaders



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



Federalism in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges

Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan

Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians

íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care

Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria

Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked

Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia

US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership

UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza

Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan

Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF

Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3

Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide

Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney

US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex

US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran

Yemen directly hits US warship with ballistic missile

Hamas has self-reliantly opposed the three giant intelligence agencies of the world!

President Raeisi calls for UN reform, says body unable to end Gaza genocide

Pedram: The Abduction of Hazara and Tajik Women Recalls the Crimes of Abdur Rahman

Special envoys from G7 countries discuss Afghanistan in London meeting

Turkish lawmakers open debate over Swedenís NATO membership

UN agency says over half a million Palestinians face Ďcatastrophic hungerí in Gaza

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Al-Maghazi operation proved defeat of Israeli regime in Gaza war

European support for Israel damaging energy security on the continent, report says

Pakistan Army Kills Seven ĎTerroristsí Near Afghan Border

Israel kills at least 190 people in Khan Younis in 24 hours

UNAMA report: 49 Hazara community members killed in Afghanistan in three months

Indiaís Modi inaugurates Hindu temple on site of razed mosque ahead of elections

US 2024 election: DeSantis drops out of Republican presidential race, backs Trump

Survivors of Russian charter flight crash transferred to Kabul

Iranís anti-terror strikes Ďclear messageí to certain recipients: Foreign Ministry

Ethnic mass killings in one Sudan city last year left up to 15,000 dead: UN report

Iran says reserves right to avenge Israelís assassination of IRGC advisors

Rocket barrage targets Ain al-Asad base housing US forces in western Iraq

Lebanese media: Israeli drone kills 2 Hamas members in southern Lebanon

Five IRGC advisors assassinated in Israeli aggression on Syria

Pakistan recalls ambassador from Tehran

Iraqi PM stresses to NATO chief ending of foreign troops

UN chief reiterates call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza


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