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Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan             Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians             íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care             Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria             Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked             Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia            US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership             UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza             Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan             Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF             Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3             Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide             Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney            US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex            US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran            


US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran

Iranís anti-terror strikes Ďclear messageí to certain recipients: Foreign Ministry

Iran says reserves right to avenge Israelís assassination of IRGC advisors

In letter to UN, Iran defends anti-terror operations against Takfiri, Israel-linked targets

IRGC anti-terror strikes in line with defending Iranís sovereignty, citizens: Foreign Ministry

Iran: Instead of attacking Yemen, US should stop backing Israeli war on Gaza

UN Security Council condemns terrorist attack in Iran

Israelís assassination of top Hamas official an act of frustration: Iran

US, Israel facing Ďtwo-sidedí defeat in war on Gaza Strip: Iran security chief

Iran summons Russian envoy in protest over meddlesome statement

US needs to lift sanctions on Iranís oil for JCPOA to resume: UN chief

Iran FM urges Pakistan to ensure border security after terrorist attack

Southeastern Iran terrorist assault claims 11 police lives

Iran FM: USí supportive policies encourage Zionist regime to continue massacre of civilians in Gaza

Resistance vows to give Israel harsher response if Gaza war resumes: Iran

Iran does not seek spread of Israelís war on Gaza, but US approach makes it possible

Kaníani: US-backed Israel committing crimes in Gaza with impunity; an end to war Iranís priority

Iran stun Brazil in 2023 FIFA U17 World Cup

ĎGaza genocide a test of humanityís conscienceí: Iran

Iran: Expansion of scope of Gaza war inevitable due to heightened Israeli aggression

Iran supports global bids for swift ceasefire in besieged Gaza, aid delivery to blockaded territory: President Raeisi

Foreign ministers of Iran, Saudi Arabia discuss end to Israelís genocide in Gaza, aid delivery to blockaded territory

US takes Security Council, intl. peace hostage as Israelís accomplice in Gaza carnage: Iran

Iran FM calls on Muslim govts. to take Ďimmediate, effectiveí action against Israel

Iranís Leader to Muslim nations: Boycott Israeli regime, say no to Gaza genocide

Iran FM warns Israel, US of Ďanother surpriseí by resistance groups if war on Gaza continues

Senior Iranian, Russian diplomats call for cessation of Israelís atrocities in besieged Gaza

Following Jabaliya massacre, Iran urges UN to stop Israeli íkilling machineí

Crimes in Palestine death of humanitarian values in US, European statesmenís lexicon: Iran

Hamasí Al-Aqsa Storm result of years of oppression by Israel; killing civilians no sign of victory for Israel: Iranís top general

Iran Army Ground Force launches upgraded indigenous missiles in massive drills

Meeting with UN chief, FM reiterates Iranís support for Palestine in face of Israelís íbestial crimesí

Iran: Israelís killing of journalists íignominious blotí on face of Zionist regime

Iran president: US, West directly supporting Israelís horrendous crimes in Gaza

Iran FM reaffirms support for Palestine, urges immediate end to Israeli genocide

Iranian president: Bidenís pro-Israeli remarks reactionary, anti-democratic, inhuman

Iran warns Ďthings will get out of controlí if Israeli genocide in Gaza continues

Iran: Regional situation resembles Ďpowder kegí ready to explode

Iran FM calls on Muslim regional officials to take action as Israel presses ahead with war on Gaza

Iran FM calls for political, economic sanctions on Israel, trial of its leaders over Gaza strikes

Every drop of Palestinian blood brings Israel closer to downfall: Iran president

Iran FM: Any preemptive measure against Zionist regime possible in coming hours

Iran ready to send aid to Gaza, cooperate with all countries to end Israelís atrocities, Raeisi tells Erdogan

Anything possible if Israel insists on committing crimes against Gazans, Iran warns

Israeli actions in Gaza reminiscent of Nazi crimes, West bears responsibility: Iran president

Iran FM: Al-Aqsa Storm proved Palestine is alive, normalization with Israel cannot weaken Palestiniansí will

Resistance frontís response will Ďchangeí map of occupied territories: Iran FM

Iranís Leader: Palestinian movement headed for ícomplete victoryí

Resistance ready for all scenarios versus Israel: Iran FM

Saudi Arabia puts normalization with Israel Ďon iceí, engages with Iran amid Gaza war: Report

Iran: Fighting against Israel may expand to ínew frontsí

Iran welcomes prominent cleric sheikh Zakzaki as symbol of resistance

Iran and Saudi Arabia say Israel, its supporters inviting ídestructive insecurityí

Iranian foreign minister: Israel is accountable for Gaza humanitarian crisis

Iran vows Ďcrushing response to any foolish moveí after Israeli, US threats

Iran FM: Muslim countries must join hands in defending Palestinians, al-Aqsa

Nothing could justify death of a child due to US sanctions: Iranís deputy UN envoy

Iran, UAE can turn into íworldís economic hubí: Iranís Parliament Speaker

Iran: West must address own strikes instead of focusing on Iranian women

Iran conducts first drone on drone combat operation during drill

Raeisi says Iran opposed to any geopolitical changes in Caucasus region

Iran, Azerbaijan reach agreement on joint naval exercise in Caspian Sea

Iran Army drone keeps US warship under surveillance for 24 hrs in Indian Ocean

Iran praises 3+3 as íeffectiveí mechanism for resolving issues in Caucasus region, rejects foreign interference

Saudi al-Ittihad refuse to take field against Iranís Sepahan, referee calls off match

Iran says supports expansion of regional transportation routes

Iran foils serial assassination plot against clerics, judges, IRGC members

World on Verge of Transformation: Iran Leader

Iran says Israeli attacks on Syria smokescreen for Tel Avivís crimes against Palestinians

US imposes sanctions on several entities, individuals for aiding Iranís drone program

31 US senators ask E3 to prevent expiry of UNís anti-Iran missile bans

Iran: World should stand up to Israelís ínuclear rhetoricí

Raeisi, Putin discuss Iran-Russia relations, censure foreign meddling in regional affairs

Iran foils major bombing plot in Tehran, arrests 28 Daesh-linked terrorists

Martyr Morteza Avini as the pioneer of Iranís Sacred Defense cinema

Release of US prisoners showed true face of Iranís humanitarian motives: Raeisi

Iranís President: We firmly clasp any hand that is extended in friendship

US announces new sanctions over Iranís drones, military aircraft

Two of five Iranians released in US prisoner swap deal arrive in Qatar

Iranian President Raeisi in New York for UN General Assembly session, key talks

Iran says will never cross red line in sanctions-removal efforts

Iranian top general denies military build-up at Iran-Azerbaijan border regions

Iranís oil output up 5% to 3 mln bpd in August: OPEC data

Iran says supports regional initiatives aimed at resolving Afghan woes

Iranís mission to UN identifies five Iranians to be released in prisoner swap deal with US

Iran thwarted 400 bombings planned by enemies: Intelligence minister

Raeisi: Iran ready to help prevent any geopolitical change in Caucasus

Iran rejects Reuters report on deal in Vienna talks as effort to boost Western sideís standing

China: US main culprit in Iran nuclear issue, duty-bound to take further actions in Vienna

Agreement in Vienna hinges on political decisions of íother sideí: Iran

Iran FM says some of countryís demands on removal of sanctions not addressed in Vienna talks

Disagreements resurface between US, Israel over 2015 Iran deal revival

Iran calls sanctions removal its Ďred lineí in Vienna, urges US to bring substance to talks

Iran to US: íShowí of lifting sanctions Ďnot constructiveí; real economic benefit necessary condition for deal

Despite challenges, Iran-P4+1 talks in Vienna on right track: IAEA chief

Iran: US should give guarantees, sanctions waiver Ďnot enoughí

Biden grants nuclear sanctions relief to Iran

Iran increases gas supply to Turkey, pipeline repairs postponed: Report

Iran ready to reach Ďlasting, reliableí agreement with P4+1 in Vienna: Iran FM

Iran court hears evidence of terror ringleaderís ties to Saudi Arabia, Israel

Iranís biggest cinematic event, Fajr Film Festival, gets underway

Iran plans to move centrifuge parts production from Karaj to Isfahan, IAEA says

Iran says success of Vienna talks hinges on getting Ďright answerí from West

Iran offers rare glimmer of hope as $100 oil looms

Iran exposes unsympathetic European diplomats over fake human rights concerns

Iran says March-December imports included $70mln worth of shipments from US

Iranian cmdr.: Iran, Russia, China marine drill proved regional countries can provide peace for people

Iran, Russia to ditch dollar in bilateral trade

Protest over water, Iranian protestors attack Afghan vehicles

Iran attaches great importance to enhanced ties with Latin America: FM

Iran resolved to reach Ďgood, lasting, reliableí agreement in Vienna: FM Amir-Abdollahian

Iran foreign minister sees Ďpositive processí at Vienna talks

Iran halts gasoil exports amid surge in demand in electricity sector

Iranís President Raeisi: Foreign presence in West Asia increases insecurity, concerns

India to launch new shipping line to Iranís Chabahar next month

Iran mobile phone imports at $2.9bn in March-December: IRICA

Promotion of relations with neighbors, Iranís basic priority: FM Amir-Abdollahian

Vienna talks: Iran, P4+1 delegations discuss draft texts on guarantees, verification

Iran faces blackout risk

Russia slams freezing of Iranís funds in South Korea as Ďpiracy in actioní

US drones killed tens of thousands of civilians under Ďwar on terrorí pretext: Iran

Iran agrifood exports at nearly $3.9bn in March-December

Iran issues permit for transit of diesel to Afghanistan

In phone call with Erdogan, Raeisi says Iran eyes long-term strategic ties with Turkey

Vienna talks: Iran, EU, E3 discuss verifying, guaranteeing removal of sanctions

Iran resumes exporting gas to Turkey after short suspension

Iran, China, Russia conduct massive naval drill

China reports first official oil imports from Iran in a year despite US bans

Iran, Russia FMs set to work on 20-year cooperation roadmap: Amir-Abdollahian

Kamalvandi: Iran, Russia set to boost strategic nuclear cooperation

Iran, P4+1 continue diplomatic efforts in Vienna to revive JCPOA

UN Security Councilís inaction has emboldened Israeli regime: Iran

Water released by Afghanistan definitely aimed at Iran: Governor

No hindrance in way of improvement of Iran-Russia ties: Pres. Raeisi tells Putin in Moscow

Iran, Russia redoubling efforts to nullify Western sanctions, cement trade ties: Amir-Abdollahian

UK contributes £1 million to support Afghan refugees in Iran

World Bank revises up Iranís 2021 GDP growth rate by 1% to 3.1%

China blasts US sanctions on Iran with launch of strategic partnership

Iran, Syria to set up joint bank and free trade zones: Minister

Iranís IRGC Ground Force holds largest ever combined military drill in southeast

IRGC commander: Iran successfully tests its first satellite carrier operating on solid fuel

8th round of Vienna talks continue in Austrian capital as Iran says no to interim agreement

Iran central bank to launch digital currency on pilot basis

Iran urges US to repatriate all Achaemenid tablets

Iran ready to bolster interactions with regional states: FM Amir-Abdollahian

Iranian general: US biggest state sponsor of terror, source of insecurity worldwide

Chinaís imports of Iranian oil hit record since 2018 sanctions

Former Israeli premier says notion of destroying Iranís nuclear capabilities mere Ďnonsenseí

Intensive sanctions removal talks between Iran, P4+1 delegates underway in Vienna

Iran FM: Yemenís future must be determined by nation itself through intra-Yemeni talks

Iran sees no limits to establishing cordial ties with neighbors: FM Amir-Abdollahian

Under sanctions, Iran, Russia ties evolve into strategic partnership

Tehran-Muscat relations Ďlong-lasting, sustainableí, says Iranian foreign minister

Amir Khan Motaqi meets Ahmad Masoud and Ismail Khan in Iran

US seeks to sow discord between Afghanistan, its neighbors: Iranian foreign minister

Parties to Vienna talks can reach good agreement in shortest time if there is serious will: Iran

Iranís lead negotiator, E3 delegates, JCPOA Joint Commission coordinator meet in Vienna

Afghanistanís embassy to act within limits of 1961 Vienna Convention: Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman

Iran resolute on developing all-out relations with Turkmenistan: President Raeisi

Afghanistanís FM meets Iranian counterpart in Tehran

Ayatollah Khamenei: Soleimaniís martyrdom backfired on US, exposed Iranís glory

Taliban delegation visiting Iran, will discuss politics and economy

Iran being paid for crude exports, shipments rising: NIOC chief

Iran, P4+1 countries are resolving outstanding issues in Vienna talks: Iranian top negotiator

Iran ready for 10-fold increase in gas swap from Turkmenistan: Minister

Iran reports lowest COVID-related daily deaths in almost 2 years

Iran remains ready for bilateral talks on 2020 Ukrainian plane incident: Foreign Ministry

Losses from flash floods in south Iran estimated at nearly $180 mln: Reports

Iran FM: In Vienna, we seek guarantees that new sanctions wonít be imposed

Iran urges dialog, peaceful settlement of issues in unrest-hit Kazakhstan

US, Israel blocking elimination of chemical weapons worldwide: Iran

Vienna talks positive, forward-moving: Iranís chief negotiator

Iran reports lowest unemployment rate in 25 years at 8.9%

South Korean team in Vienna for talks on debt to Iran

Iran imposes fresh cap on foreign cash for outbound passengers

Iran, P4+1 continue sanctions removal talks in Vienna

Iran, resistance front flag-bearer of new regional geopolitics: Ex-IRGC chief

Afghan woman dies from the cold along Iran-Turkey border

Iran urges UN Security Council to hold US, Israel accountable for Gen. Soleimani assassination

Iran says identified 125 individuals, mostly Americans, involved in Gen. Soleimani assassination

Iranís SCI reports 4.2% economic growth for July-September quarter

US magazine: Iran much better armed, more influential than any time in modern history

news headlines: Putin-Biden face-off/ New Year travel chaos/ Iran satellite launch

Iran not afraid of fatigued, helpless enemies, towers over them, says IRGC chief

US says íremains concernedí over Iranís scientific progress amid sanctions

Iran successfully launches research satellite into space

Russia: US, Iranís partners in 2015 deal satisfied with Ďpositive trendsí in Vienna

Iranís non-oil exports up by 40% in March-December: IRICA

Iranís Raeisi set to visit Russia in early 2022 for talks on ways to enhance ties

Iran companies to produce helium at South Pars for first time

Iran raises electricity prices for heavy consumers

Iran, P4+1 hold fresh round of Vienna talks focused on removing sanctions imposed on Tehran

Iran interested to meditate talks between Afghan factions: Qomi

Senior Iranian, Russian, Chinese negotiators meet ahead of 8th round of Vienna talks

US assassination of Soleimani manifestation of state terrorism: Iran

New round of Vienna talks between Iran, P4+1 to be based on agreed joint document: Tehran

Iranian banksí loans to firms up 59% in March-Nov.: CBI

Iran imposes 2-week travel ban from neighbors to contain Omicron

Hailing IRGC massive drills, Raeisi warns enemies of Iranís firm response to any hostile act

Iran committed to political resolution of regional issues: Amir-Abdollahian

Iran official to UK: Time has passed since you were unbridled in region

Iranís exports to Russia exceed $1 billion for first time

Iranian Foreign Ministry slams UK Foreign Officeís Ďmeddlesome statementí on Iranís defensive capabilities

US foreign policy team sends confusing signals about Iran: Analyst

íOverhaulí maximum pressure policy, lift all íillegalí sanctions on Iran: China to US ahead of new Vienna talks

Iran fires missiles on last day of massive drills with stark warning to Israel

Iran launches its first solar cell plant with 150 MW of capacity

Iran says will continue sanctions removal talks with seriousness, rejects granting many concessions to P4+1

President Raeisi says supporting Iraqís stability, security Iranís principled policy

Iran, Azerbaijan oppose foreign interference in regional affairs

Iran agrees to tea for oil debt barter with Sri Lanka

EU court rules in Iranís favor, Reuters tells the opposite

Iran, Russia, Turkey express opposition to Israelís use of civilian aircraft to cover-up attacks on Syria

Iranian Foreign Ministry blasts UK-GCCís communiquť as íbaseless,í reaffirms Tehranís commitment to interaction

EUís top court allows European firms to scrap Iran deals

Iranian FM heads to Baku to hold talks with Azeri officials

Iran to file protest against Saudi foot-dragging that led to envoyís death: FM

Iran and India agree to increase freight traffic through Chabahar: Minister

Iran calls for increased international aid for Afghanistan amid huge refugee influx

Iranís UN envoy: UNSC must compel Israel to end occupation of Golan, stop aggression against Syria

US root cause of current problems facing Afghanistan: Iran interior minister

South Korea seriously harmed by Iran sanctions: Envoy

Gas production from South Pars phase 11 to start next October: Iran

Iran VP: Europeans just stood by as US violated commitments under JCPOA

Sound of explosion in Bushehr comes from military drills: Iranian official

Iranís foreign minister, Pakistanís top general discuss anti-terror fight on OIC meeting sidelines

Iran supports aid delivery to Afghanistan regardless of political issues: FM Amir-Abdollahian

Iran allowed IAEA cameras installed at Karaj facility after its preconditions met: AEOI spokesman

Iran FM: Sustainable security in Afghanistan only possible through inclusive govt. representing all ethnicities

Iran rings alarm bell on rise of terrorism at Afghanistan summit

Despite Europe claim, Vienna talks break result of collective consensus: Iran

Iranís resolve against sanctions paying off with rise in oil sales: Raeisi

EUís Mora: íNow we have common basisí on removal of Iran sanctions

Iranian minister promises ígood newsí on launch of satellites

Iran official warns of possible Israeli íacts of mischiefí to derail Vienna talks

Iran has no city in COVID-19 high-risk red zone

Top security official: US exit from Iran nuclear deal Ďdisastrousí

Iran rejects Canada-drafted UN human rights resolution as politically-motivated

Tehran-IAEA agreement to strip away lies, pretexts for continuation of sanctions: Iranís nuclear chief

Iran takes voluntary action to resolve misunderstanding with International Atomic Energy Agency

UN urges US to lift anti-Iran sanctions in line with JCPOA

Gaps over several issues between Iran, IAEA narrowed: Iran Foreign Ministry

Raeisi congratulates Scholz: Iran, Germany can forge Ďbeneficialí ties

Iran says ready for Ďgood dealí to reap JCPOA benefits, ease other sideís concerns

Some actors insist on blaming Iran, brush aside diplomacy in Vienna talks: Iran negotiator

Iran estimates tax cheats costing the country $4.5bn a year

India port operator cancels ban on Iranian cargo

Top negotiator: Iran serious about sanctions removal talks in Vienna, sticks to its declared positions

Iran to announce human rights-related sanctions on US individuals, entities soon: Official

Iranís Oil Ministry, Azerbaijanís SOCAR press for expanded ties

UAE to build 300 MW power projects in Iranís Khuzestan

US imposes new sanctions on dozen of Iranian officials, organizations

In Moscow, senior Iranian, Russian diplomats discuss ties, sanctions removal talks

Iran president warns of plots by regional countriesí enemies to stoke fear among neighbors

Iran president: Foreign presence in Syria detrimental to regional security, stability

Vienna talks: Iran says no interactive, flexible attitude seen on other side

President Raeisi defends proposals forwarded by Iran during Vienna talks

UAE national security adviser due in Iran on Monday

IAEA chief rejects Israeli claims on Iranís plan for 90% uranium enrichment

Iran FM: Good deal within reach in Vienna if West shows goodwill

Clash between Taliban and Iranian forces was a misunderstanding: Mujahid

Iran Foreign Ministry rejects Saudi allegation of ímaintaining military presence in Yemení

US Republicans in a letter to Biden vow to block any sanctions relief for Iran

Report: Iran delivers 2 million barrels of condensate to Venezuela

Iran says all aspects of 2020 Ukrainian plane crash Ďadequatelyí investigated

Iran lowers starting capital requirements for offshore banks to $5 mln

Iran says Israel must join NPT as its nuke program poses Ďreal threatí to Mideast

Iran authorizes COVID-19 booster shot for all adults

Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan sign gas swap deal

China, Russia ready to hold joint naval drills with Iran: Top Navy commander

At IAEA, China slams Westís double standards on nuclear activities of Iran, Australia

Promotion of regional cooperation with neighbors Iranís top foreign policy priority: President Raeisi

Israel must realize its true capacities before threatening to attack nuclear sites: Iranís nuclear chief

Russia slams US for threatening diplomatic escalation with Iran at IAEA next month

Iran stresses right to produce advanced centrifuges, says IAEA readily influenced by US, allies

Scrap sanctions, immunize JCPOA against political chaos in US, Iran demands

Iran to divest shares in its largest gasoline refinery

Iran IAEA envoy: US must stop violating its JCPOA obligations without delay, preconditions

Pinpointing root causes of JCPOA failure, Russia urges undoing of US withdrawal, anti-Iran sanctions

Iran: OIC can use its great capacities to build unity in Muslim world

In final months, Trump okayed secret Pentagon plan for shadow war with Iran

Court orders Bahrain to pay damages to Iran for ípolitical expropriationí

Iran FM: Contradictory US behavior presents major obstacle in Vienna talks

Iran congratulates Venezuela on holding elections

Iranís Raeisi urges removal of obstacles to closer ties among ECO states

Iran, Georgia mull corridor linking Persian Gulf to Black Sea

Iranís lead negotiator: US must íaccept reality, abide by all its commitmentsí as per JCPOA

Iran urges IAEA not to be influenced by certain countriesí political objectives

US warns Israel against launching Ďcounterproductiveí attacks on Iran nuclear sites, NYT reports

Russia: IAEA chiefís forthcoming Iran visit good opportunity for cooperation

New US sanctions continuation of Trumpís failed policies: Iran

Removal of cruel US sanctions to bring about stronger Iranian presence in regional arrangements: Amir-Abdollahian

Iran: Canada-drafted UN rights resolution lacks legal credibility

Russian diplomat applauds Arab states for Ďlearning from past, revising stanceí on Iran deal

Iran to build 5,000 MW of coal-fired power capacity

Iranís envoy for Afghanistan visits Kabul for talks

Losses from southern Iran quakes estimated at $25 mln: Governor

Iran president: Foreign presence only foments insecurity, tension among regional countries

US supporting Daesh terrorists following defeat in Afghanistan, says Iranís special envoy

Saudi Arabia committed to substantive discussion with Iran, will hold another round of talks soon: FM

Biden calls on countries to cut Iran oil imports ahead of Vienna talks

Russia to advocate removal of sanctions on Iran in next round of Vienna talks: FM Lavrov

Iranís FM says Ďgood agreement in short timeí possible if parties to Vienna talks serious

Sanctions removal main objective of upcoming talks in Vienna: Iran

World Cup qualifiers: Iran 2-1 Lebanon

Norwegian aid group says thousands of Afghans crossing into Iran daily

US lawlessness, Europe inaction responsible for status quo surrounding JCPOA: Iran FM

UK bids to blackmail Iran will never work: Top diplomat

Russia sends two ships to Iranís Bandar Anzali for Sea Cup competition

Shamkhani: Iranís membership in SCO to be finalized as obstacles removed

Production not affected after fire at Iranian petrochemical plant

Israeli owned Mercer Street latest false flag victim blamed on Iran

Iraqi FM visits Tehran to talk bilateral ties, regional issues with top Iranian officials

Japanís FM to visit Iran for high-level talks on bilateral ties, regional issues

China: Iran will make ígreater progressí in socio-economic development under Raeisi

Iran says Israel playing victim to divert attention from its crimes in Palestine, warns regime against adventurism

Iran at UN: Artificial maritime Ďincidentsí in Persian Gulf harm regional peace

Iranís Raeisi: Foreign forces must end illegal presence on Syrian soil

US renews sanctions waiver for Iraq to import Iranian energy

Turkey detains 300 migrants near Iranian border

Iran denies rumors about military forces entering foreign ships in Persian Gulf

Spokesman: Any adventurism will be met with Iranís immediate, powerful response

Official: Iran will give crushing response to any measure against its interests, national security

US, UK join Israel in accusing Iran of tanker attack, give green signal for Ďresponseí

Iran inaugurates isotopic biotech unit of Khondab nuclear site

Iranís July exports steady as OPEC pumps record crude: Report

Envoy vows to pursue beating of Iranian in Swedish custody

Raeisi to be sworn in as Iranís president at Parliament on August 5: MP

Iran to become 7th country to cure cancer using particle therapy

IRGC comamnder says Iran will not initiate war but will determine magnitude, depth of battle in case of any aggression

Iran: Resisting foreign occupation is self-defense, not Ďterrorismí

Iran says JCPOA policies Ďfundamental,í wonít change under new administration

Iran earmarks $4 mln in extra funding for setting up field hospitals in COVID-hit city

Afghanistanís security must be established by Afghan people: Iranís president-elect

Turkey, Pakistan and Iran consulates close doors in Balkh

Iran says ready to assist UN efforts to regulate cyberspace

Iran committed to Safeguards Agreement no more no less, says envoy

Iran turns a corner with production from giant oil layer

Iran urges UN to help facilitate peace process among all Afghan groups

Iran: Vienna talks on JCPOA revival unlikely to conclude this week

Washington rattled at deepening ties between Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela?

Araqchi: US shedding Ďcrocodile tearsí on prisonerís death while immiserating 82mn Iranians

Iran: US claim of policy change towards JCPOA íonly in wordsí

Iran defeat Cambodia 10-0 in FIFA World Cup qualification

2022 World Cup qualifiers: Iran top Bahrain 3-0, move up to 2nd in group C

Volleyball Nations League: Iran 3-0 Bulgaria

Volleyball Nations League: Iran 3-1 Italy

Guterres: Iran loses UN voting rights for failure to pay dues

Itís US actions, not Iran election, that determine course of Vienna talks: Official

Leader backs up Constitutional Council, urges Iranians to participate in June 18 election

Riyadh Contradictions: Saudis Want Talks with Iran, without Correcting Their Mistakes

Iran presidential election 2021: Candidates announced, cleared to start campaigning

Iran, IAEA agree to extend inspection agreement by one month until conclusion of Vienna talks

Iran marks milestone by sending oil to terminal on Sea of Oman

Iran election 2021

EU court scorns German firm over Iran contract

Iranís IRGC vows Ďmore powerfulí support for Palestine

Iran officially starts presidential election process with registration of hopefuls

Tehran slams attack on its consulate, urges Iraq to protect Iranian missions

Over a month to Iranís presidential vote, Zarif not yet engaging with Reformist bloc

Iraqi police chief says situation in Karbala, at Iranian consulate under control

Parliament speaker: Iran has four red lines in talks on JCPOA revival

Iran dismisses Moroccoís baseless accusations at AIPAC

Two Basij forces killed in armed clashes with terrorists in southeastern Iran

FM Zarif welcomes Qatarís call for Persian Gulf states to begin talks with Iran

US should rejoin Iran nuclear deal with no preconditions: China

Iranian Armyís Ground Force starts drill on southeastern Makran coast

Russia: Iran is ívictim of terrorismí, among ípioneersí in fight against terror

Iran says US blacklisting of Yemenís Ansarullah will kill political process, talks

Absolutely groundless: Russia rejects US claim of Iran-Qaeda ties

Iran Navy starts military drills in southern waters, takes delivery of two warships

Iran: Pompeoís claims of al-Qaeda ties preposterous, shows failure of pressure policy

US claims show failed maximum pressure policy against Iran: FM spox

Iran says exporting its heavy water to eight countries

Pakistanís Imran Khan: Iran capable of turning into regional economic power

Official warns EU advocating Trump ílegacy to blackmail Iraní

Iranian vaccine prioritized as Western types come under cloud of suspicion

Ex-Qatari PM urges dialogue between Iran, GCC countries

South Korean vice FM heads to Iran for íin-depth talksí on seized tanker

Pompeo says Iran should not enrich uranium at any level

Only Iran stood by Iraq in difficult times of anti-Daesh fight: Politician

Iran cancels import of American Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines after Leader bans it

Qatar to maintain ties with Iran, Turkey despite Saudi reconciliation

US no Ďidolí anymore with its election fiasco, human rights records: Iran Leader

Afghan, Iran local officials sign trade agreement

Iranian forces will determine time, place of revenge for Fakhrizadehís assassination: Top General

Iran defense chief: Serious evidence shows Israel behind scientistís assassination

US decides to keep aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf íover Iran threatsí

In pictures: Iranians commemorate their national hero on his martyrdom anniversary

Leader extends condolences on demise of Iranian cleric Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi

IAEA: Iran informed agency of plans to boost nuclear enrichment at Fordow

Iran has braced itself to face any possible scenario, IRGC chief says

Joint cooperation with Cuba in coronavirus vaccine production Ďamong prioritiesí: Iran official

US flies two nuclear-capable B-52 bombers over Persian Gulf again in threat to Iran

Iran decides damages sum for victim families of Ukraine plane crash

Iran to Qatar: US responsible for consequences of any adventurism in region

Russia: Proposals for adding irrelevant topics to Iran deal Ďwrongí

Thousands volunteer as Iran prepares to launch human trials of homegrown COVID-19 vaccine

US paper advises Biden on how to get out of Trump ímessí on Iran

Iran to Canada: USís top sanctions enforcer better stop HR brag

UN chief calls for trade with Iran based on Security Council Resolution 2231

Fight against Israeli occupation, terrorism common goal of Iran, Syria: President Rouhani

Zarif: Iran wonít negotiate with West on region, but open to talks with neighbors

Iran urges IAEA to ensure confidentiality of safeguards info after report leaked to media

UAE, Jordan condemn assassination of Iranian scientist

Leader Urges Punishment for Assassins of Iranian Scientist

Severe revenge for scientistís assassination put on Iranís agenda: IRGC chief

Trump retweets Israeli journalistís message praising assassination of Iranian scientist

Prominent Iranian physicist assassinated near Tehran: Defense Ministry

Iran swaps Israelís spy for three nationals jailed abroad

Iran condemns Pompeoís visit to occupied lands, pro-Israel doctrine

IRGC fires artillery on terrorist positions across Iranís northwest border

Iran hawks Pompeo, Bolton made rich by Israeli lobby: Pentagon adviser

Iran rejects US media report on killing of senior al-Qaeda leader in Tehran

Iran denies talks on China deal tied to US election results

France hasnít learned from dark past: Iranian intellectuals

Iran summons Swiss envoy to protest Ďbaselessí US claims on elections interference

Iran successfully tests Bavar-373 air defense system on 2nd day of drills

Iran: Saudi military expenditure turned West Asia into powder keg

Iran stresses sovereignty over trio of Persian Gulf islands at UNSC

Iran to begin testing indigenous COVID-19 vaccine on humans in Nov.

Iran finds deposit with 8 million tonnes of gold reserves

China: Removal of Iran arms ban must be faithfully implemented

Lifting of UN arms ban outcome of Iranís correct policy on JCPOA: Govt. spox

Spain extradites former Iranian banker sentenced to jail for corruption

Iran envoy to UN: Ordinary citizens fall victim to US economic terror amid outbreak

Iran warns against US, Israeli, Saudi nuclear threats to global security

Abdullah set to visit Iran, will meet with Rouhani

Iranís strong defense chain in high seas ready to repel threats: Senior Navy commander

Unidentified drone crashes in NW Iran as Armenia, Azerbaijan clash over Nagorno-Karabakh

World Bank to consider Iranís improved climate for business in 2021 report

Joint economic commission planned between Afghanistan and Iran

US pressure campaign against Iran Ďexample of state terrorismí: Envoy to UN

Iran defense chief hails Armed Forces as Ďthorn in side of enemiesí

Defying US sanctions, Iran completes 2nd fuel delivery mission to Venezuela

Iranís Zarif says Intl. community must pressure Israel to destroy nuclear arsenal, accede to NPT

Iranís absence in Doha was due to tensions with US: Abdullah

Intl. day for elimination of nukes: Iran stresses right to peaceful nuclear energy

Tehran: Guardian report meant to paint black picture of Iran rights situation

Iranís IRGC opens new naval base at Strait of Hormuz

US repeated Saddam miscalculations by waging economic war on Iran: Rouhani

How Iran is sharing lessons in resilience with Venezuela

Iranian-made combat drones, copters join IRGC naval fleet

Venezuela: Aggressive US sanctions wonít hinder free trade with Iran

Iran will never succumb to US bullying, illegitimate demands: President Rouhani

US rage rooted in repeated failures vis-a-vis Iran: Foreign Ministry

E3: US claim on snapback sanctions on Iran lacks legal effect

US snapback push against Iran ítheatrical performanceí: Russia

Iran on US histrionics: Sanctions are not back except in Pompeoís imaginary world

IRGC to enemies: We will crush your teeth if Iranís interests threatened

Alleged Iran ďassassination plotĒ coincides with Trump boasting of own plot

IRGC chief: Iranís revenge ídefiniteí, but to target those behind assassination

South Africa says Ďsurprisedí by Ďbizarreí report of Iran plot to kill US envoy

After failure at UN, US says will work to hinder arms trades with Iran with its own action

Iran sees a big change in mining with gold prospecting

Rouhani congratulates Iranians on assured victory against US over sanctions snapback

Iran complains to UN over Trumpís military threat, stresses right to self-defense

Trump cites false media report on Ďassassination planí to threaten Iran with attack

Iran rejects íbaselessí US report of retaliatory assassination plan

Iran on US medicine sanctions: White House has no sense of humanity

Iran Judiciary sentences own high-ranking official to 31 years in jail

Iranís IRGC strikes terrorist positions along NW borders

Iran holding large-scale naval drills in strategic southern waters

No link between Swiss FM visit, US-Iran issues: Foreign Ministry

Swiss FM calls for boosting scientific, tourism ties with Iran

Iran divesting worldís largest gas condensate refinery

Iran rings in new school year two weeks earlier amid special COVID-19 measures

Iran raps US Ďunceasing insanityí over blacklisting of ICC prosecutor

Owners of cargoes carrying Iranian fuel challenge US loot in court

JCPOA Joint Commission meeting convenes as US pushes to kill Iran deal

Iranís UN envoy: US has no right to trigger snapback mechanism

Iranís IKCO develops panoramic roof for popular French model

US attempts to re-impose sanctions on Iran doomed to failure: Russiaís Lavrov

President Rouhani invites Malaysian king to Iran

Iran says analyzable data retrieved from downed Ukraine plane

US governance model an utter failure: Iranís Leader

Iran defense minister hails Ďprogressiveí military ties with Russia

ĎIt will fail anyway:í Russia on US push to restore Iran sanctions

13 out of 15 UNSC members reject US bid to snapback Iran sanctions: Report

China says US push for Iran sanctions Ďself-serving political manipulationí

Pompeo: US ready to block Russia, China from violating Iran sanctions

Trump admin. to get isolated, disgraced once again: Iran FM

Iran unveils new domestically-built military achievements on Defense Industry Day

Iran hawk Bolton says US snapback ínot worth the riskí

GCC: Iranís strong reaction to UAE-Israel normalization ía threatí

Top US military general visits Israel, stresses íneed to pressure Iraní

UN says all must respect safety of civilian flights after US jets harassed Iranian airliner over Syria

ĎCENTCOM lying; US warplanes harassed Iran airliner in Lebanon airspaceí

US warplanes in aggressive maneuvering near Iranian airliner: Reports

Iran, China deal result of age-old ties, nothing out of order about it: Iranís UN envoy

Iran says recent fires have nothing to do with cyber attacks

US turned into rogue state after leaving Iran nuclear deal: Zarif

Iran successfully tests 5G in lab in Tehran

Iranian parliament chief urges Iraq to pursue Gen. Soleimaniís assassination case

Study: Why are intl. media so obsessed with Ďordinaryí fires, blasts in Iran?

Iran: Neighbors must join hands to expel evil US from region

USís Pompeo repeats widely-disregarded appeal for arms embargo on Iran

Iranian and Afghan medical universities sign MoU to strengthen relations

Iraqi prime minister meets with Iranís Leader

Rouhani: Iraq PM visit to Iran milestone in bilateral ties

Iran to launch special trade office in China: Businessman

Iran FM heads to Moscow with Rouhaniís message for Putin

Iranian actor wins best leading actor award at Italian film festival

Outsiders seeking to sell arms in Middle East: Iranís mission in Kuwait

Turkey Suspends Flights to Afghanistan and Iran

Armenia-Azerbaijan border clashes: Iran ready to help ease tensions

India fully removed from Iranian railway project: Report

Iran executes CIA spy; another agent of US, Israel on death row

Iran nuclear deal 5th anniv.: EU vows íto do everything possibleí to preserve JCPOA

China: World must stop US push to reinstate Iran sanctions, kill JCPOA

40 Iranian artifacts smuggled to Austria due back home soon

ĎIran open to long-term roadmaps for cooperation with friendly countriesí

Iran-China deal to ditch dollar, bypass US sanctions: Leaderís advisor

Fire contained at Iranian petrochemical complex: Official

Leader urges Iranians to observe heath protocols as virus cases rise again

Srebrenica genocide 25 years on: Iran slams Europeís failure to uphold duties

Iran slams Ďflurry of disinformationí about potential China deal

US assassination of Gen. Soleimani gift to Daesh, regional terrorists: Iran

UAE, Saudi Arabia stall on US initiative against Iran

Iran-Syria accord first step to defang US Caesar sanctions: Assadís top aide

Iran warns of consequences if foreign role in Natanz blast proven

Iran says not surprised by Western concerns about strategic ties with China

FM Zarif: Iranís ditching of US dollar to ease sanctions pressure paying off

Iran lodges complaint against US at ICC over sanctions amid rise in COVID-19 infections

Iran says has triggered JCPOA dispute mechanism Ďsix timesí

70 affected by gas leak at Iranian petrochemical complex: Spokesman

EUís Borrell: Iran triggers dispute mechanism in nuclear deal

US film distributor buys Iranian drama íYalda, a Night for Forgivenessí

Iranís IRGC to receive Ďsurprise systemsí soon: Top general

At UN, US pushing for extension of Iran arms ban, warns Russia, China

Iran cinema actively present at Cannes virtual film market

EU, China restate commitment to Iran nuclear deal

Iranís enemies donít even think about war with Islamic Republic: IRGC commander

Iran parliament: IAEA resolution proof of structural discrimination within UN nuclear watchdog

American company acquires screening rights to Iranian drama íWhen the moon was fullí

Iran raps Europeís ídefeaning silenceí on US suppression of peaceful rallies

Iran asks Romania to allow fact-finding team to probe judgeís death

Another Iranian ship approaching Venezuela in defiance of US bans

China, Russia see US íbullyingí as IAEA adopts anti-Iran resolution

Tehran renews warning to UN nuclear watchdog as EU, US launch anti-Iran push

Iran Navy successfully test-fires new-generation cruise missiles during drills

Iran, Russia condemn US economic terrorism against Syrian nation

Iran, Russia, China denounce US sanctions targeting war-ravaged Syrian economy

Iran plans monthly gasoline shipments to Venezuela: Report

Iran on Nord Stream 2: US bully now biting EU allies with sanctions

No change in Iran JCPOA implementation, cooperation with agency: IAEA chief

Iran to host virtual meeting on peace process in Syria: FM Zarif

Iran warns IAEA board against falling under US, Israel pressure

Trade in focus as Iranís Zarif visits Turkey

Denmark summons Saudi envoy over Riyadhís support for anti-Iran terror group

Rouhani: Iranians defeated Americaís knee-to-neck policy through unity

Iran may take legal action to access funds in South Korea

China, Russia fighting off US Ďsnapbackí threat against Iran at UN

Top EU diplomat: EU: US no longer party to Iran deal, canít invoke JCPOA

Imposing bans on Iranís shipping network shows lack of vision, strategy in US: Russian envoy

Airbus, Boeing refuse to repair Iranian plane parts: Aviation chief

Iran freed US navy veteran White on humanitarian grounds: Judiciary spokesman

Iran rejects Turkey excuse with warning, expects gas flow to resume

US enforces sanctions on Iranís shipping network expected to hinder imports of food, medical supplies

Venezuela hails Iran, Russia, China, Cuba as true friends

Iran underscores follow-up of Rouhaniís historic visit to Iraq

OPEC agrees to extend output cuts by one month: Iran minister

Iran: New IAEA report confirms continued verification process, nuclear commitment cuts

US says will continue with its policy of harsh sanctions on Iran

Leaving Iran deal a ídumb betí; up to you when to fix it: Zarif to Trump

Iran censures Franceís Ďinterventionistí attitude on jailed academic

Iranian cargo vessel carrying construction materials sinks off Iraqi coast

Imam Khomeini shattered superpowersí aura of invincibility: Iranís Leader

Imam Khomeini legacy lives on as Iranians mourn 31st anniversary of passing

US must be prosecuted at intl. courts for human rights abuses: Iranís Judiciary chief

FM Zarif: Iranian scientist on his way back home after release from US jail

Fifth Iranian tanker carrying fuel sails into Venezuelaís territorial waters

Iran health minister warns of 2nd wave of coronavirus outbreak

Trumpís move to hide from protesters in bunker proves US democracy is big lie: Iran

Iran contributes medical equipment to Afghanistan to fight virus

US íknee-on-neckí technique failed with Iran, will fail with African-Americans: FM Zarif

Arrogant US used to lecturing others: Iran

Long lines as Iranian fuel arrives at Venezuelaís gasoline stations

Speaker: Iranís new parliament views talks with US íharmfulí

France, Germany, UK criticize US for ending Iran nuclear waivers

Who are the secret puppet-masters behind Trumpís war on Iran?

Iranian tankers feed fuel to Venezuelaís El Palito refinery, help it resume gasoline production

ĎGracias Iraní Venezuelaís top Twitter trend as Iran tankers deliver much-needed gasoline

Inflation to decline by nearly 7% in Iran in late March 2021: Report

Iranís second fuel tanker sails into Venezuelaís waters: Telesur

Iran reliable partner of all fraternal African nations: FM Zarif

Turkey delaying gas pipeline repair for unknown reasons: Iran

Venezuela defends Ďrightí to free trade with Iran

Iran scolds Europe for ístunning captivityí to Israeli lobby

Human Killing Machine: Tweets by Iranís Foreign Ministry put Israeli crimes in focus

US cannot bring Iranian nation to its knees: President Rouhani

US intelligence acknowledges Iran not after destabilizing Afghanistan despite Pompeoís claims

Painful US sanctions have also led to great achievements in Iran

US sanctions Chinese logistics firm over business with Iranís Mahan Air

US not allowed to disrupt legal international trade: Iran FM Zarif

Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia support national reconciliation in Afghanistan

Iran: US bears responsibility for any foolish act against tankers heading to Venezuela

US spreads division, violence instead of fighting COVID-19 outbreak: Iran

US unable to block Iran gasoline shipments to Venezuela: Source

Iran to hold Eid al-Fitr, Quds Day events in compliance with outbreak protocols: Rouhani

Trump, Pompeo, Hook represent USí dangerous ruling class: Iranís Shamkhani

Russia, China slam US plan to extend UN arms embargo on Iran

Iranís FM Zarif compares US Ďdisinfectantí advice to Iran deal comments

Iran: US sponsors terrorists, not qualified to assess other countriesí anti-terror efforts

Iran says test kits sent to Turkey, though with delay, despite Turkish denial of delivery

Iran urges world to take action against Israeli occupation of Palestine

US threatens to trigger return of UN Iran sanctions as Russia reaffirms opposition

High COVID-19 fatality rate among Afro-Americans due to ĎRampant racismí under Trump: Iran

Iran eases curbs on exports of COVID-19 test kits, PPEs

Israelís US-backed annexation scheme bound to fail: Iran parliamentary body

Iran enacts law on granting residency to foreign investors

Iran vows harsh response to any US escapade after Trump veto of war powers resolution

Iranís care home death toll from coronavirus among lowest in the world

Turkeyís dithering on Iran gas imports and US link

Iranís Army rejects media propaganda about naval accident, says probe still ongoing

Russia: US claim of Iran nuclear deal membership Ďridiculousí after unilateral withdrawal

Iran exports to Eurasian countries surge by nearly 70%: Official

Foreign Minister Zarif: Iran, US not engaged in any negotiations

Iran holds funeral procession for 19 victims of naval exercise incident

Iran playing good host to millions of Afghan migrants for 4 decades

US must stop acting callously, let Iranian hostages go: Foreign Ministry

Russia says expects Ďhot battlesí at UN Security Council over Iran arms embargo

IranAir to partially resume international flights on May 14

Iranian scientist will return home soon if tested negative for COVID-19: FM Zarif

Iraqís independence, political stability of high importance to Iran: President Rouhani

US holds world record in lying: Iran Health Ministry

19 martyred, 15 injured in naval incident in S Iran: Report

Iranian vessel involved in fatal incident: Report

Iranian, Afghan FMs discuss reports of migrants drowned at border

JCPOA withdrawal to be remembered as everlasting US disgrace: Iran FM spox

Iran receiving orders for COVID-19 test kits from 8 countries: Official

Only Syrian people decide countryís future, type of government: Iran Foreign Ministry

Swiss humanitarian channel not enough to meet Iranís needs: UN envoy

Enhanced Iran-Iraq ties serve common interests, promote regional peace: Rouhani

Iran says ready for prisoner swap, wonít accept any US preconditions

Pompeo to visit Israel to discuss Iran influence, W Bank annexation

New Iraqi PM meets Iranian, American envoys after his first cabinet session

Iran urges US to end its Ďabject unilateralismí

Senate fails to override Trump veto of Iran war powers resolution

US in no position to comment on Iran nuclear deal: Foreign Ministry

Russiaís Lavrov: USí Ďillegalí sanctions hamper Iranís fight against coronavirus pandemic

Iran scientist jailed in US due back home soon after recovery from COVID-19: MP

Iran Intelligence Ministry busts two terrorist groups, confiscates their arms cache

Iran health sector gets another $260 mln in rescue over pandemic

Iran denies any role in Afghan border incident but says ready to cooperate for investigation

Iran wonít accept violation of UNSC resolution on arms ban, Rouhani warns US

Iran dismisses US claim about mistreatment of Afghan migrants as bitter joke

Iran sends first batch of COVID-19 test kits to Germany

US must remove sanctions if it truly seeks to help Iran in virus fight: Rouhani

US forfeited any right to seek renewal of UN arms embargo on Iran: European diplomats

Russia raps US for obstructing IMFís loan to Iran, Syria amid COVID-19 pandemic

Iran to launch 5 new free trade zones

No end to US propaganda war on China and Iran

Iran parliament approves currency overhaul bill

Iran to export coronavirus test kits to Germany, Turkey

US House war hawks write to Pompeo over UN arms embargo on Iran

Foreign direct investment to Iran down at $854 mln in year ending March: Report

Iran to reopen mosques in low-risk areas from Monday

Iranís warning: Nuclear deal will die forever if arms ban extended

Iran allows issuance of $1.12bn worth of sukuk bonds under current budget

Zarif: US pouring weapons all over globe while seeking arms embargo against Iran

Germany labeling Hezbollah terrorist out of fear from Ďchild-killingí Israel: Iranís security chief

US imposes new sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus crisis

Tehran urges US to release Iranian scientist infected with COVID-19

Pakistan FM lauds Iran Leaderís Ďcontinued supportí for Kashmir

Iran to cut dependence on Russia for maintenance of Bushehr nuclear plant

Syria, Iran, Yemen slam Germany for complying with US, Israeli dictates to ban Hezbollah

German blacklisting of Hezbollah only serves Israel interests: Iran

US no longer party to JCPOA: EU on Washingtonís anti-Iran bid

US attempts to present itself as part of Iran nuclear deal have íno futureí: Russian envoy

E3 agrees with Iran: US is out of JCPOA, cannot push for arms embargo renewal: Reports

ĎIran will target US bases with missiles if it faces security threat: Senior official

WHO lauds Iranís initiatives to fight coronavirus pandemic

US tells UN to renew Iran arms embargo in breach of nuclear deal

Rouhani, Imran Khan call for more trade ties as Pakistan PM blasts US sanctions on Iran

His warnings unheeded, Iranian scientist contracts coronavirus in US jail

íAny US infringement of Iran territorial waters will draw tough responseí

Charity urges sanctions relief on Syria, Iran, Venezuela amid pandemic

US to face tough battle in pushing plan to extend UN Iran arms embargo: Diplomats

US blocking Iran media outlet stark infringement of freedom of expression : Foreign Ministry

Iran FM, UN chief urge humanitarian aid for Yemen amid COVID-19 pandemic

Whatís Behind Trump Threat To Attack Iranian Naval Boats?

USís Treasury Dept. blocks, seizes website of íIraní newspaper

Ayatollah Khamenei calls on Iranian people not to be afraid of US, bullying powers

US opposition to IMF loan to Iran violates global right to health norm: Shamkhani

President Rouhani: Iran closely watching US moves

Iran witnessing Ďdeclining trendí in coronavirus deaths, infections

IRGCís satellite launch proved Iran stronger than before: US Senator

US groups urge Washington to end sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus

Iran declares Saturday as first day of holy month of Ramadan

US fears Iran as natural hegemon of region: Analyst

Scientific, technological advances Iraniansí legitimate right: Foreign Ministry

US congressman tells Iran to íget its act togetherí or prepare to ímeet Soleimanií

Iran Naval forces have orders to target US vessels if harassed: IRGC chief cmdr.

Iran says wonít give in to intimidation after US threat of naval action

US tracks Iranís ĎNourí satellite as it enters into orbit

Iran, Turkey stress preserving bilateral trade ties under coronavirus pandemic guidelines

Iran stresses its sovereignty as redline regardless of who occupies Oval Office

Iranís defense minister blasts íaggressiveí US presence in Persian Gulf

Trump says ordered Navy to destroy Iranian boats Ďif they harassí US ships

IRGC shoots Iranís first military satellite into orbit

IRGC shoots Iranís first military satellite into orbit

South Korean bank submits to US fine over Iran transactions

Iran: US seeks to hide íeconomic terrorismí with arms embargo call

South Korea blocks test kits for Iran on Saudi-funded TVís request

Iranís main stock exchange records biggest daily jump ever

Iranís defense ministry makes mass delivery of new drones to army

Iran, Qatar agree to increase energy cooperation despite pandemic

Iran on brink of containing virus in most provinces: Health Minister

Iranís defense minister blasts íaggressiveí US presence in Persian Gulf

US Navy claims 11 Iranian ships came close to its military vessels in PG

Venezuela, Iran discuss ties amid pandemic

Iran coronavirus fatalities drop to double figures for first time in month

Iranís Army to unveil new achievements to help fight off coronavirus: Commander

Iran FM discusses Yemeni, Afghan developments, anti-corona fight with counterparts

US cannot treat world countries, intl. bodies as its subordinates: Iran

Rate of virus infections declining in most Iranian provinces: Official

Iran has handled virus outbreak better than US, Europe: President Rouhani

Iran ramps up production of coronavirus test kits

Pope sympathizes with Iran amid coronavirus, pontificates US over sanctions

As US consigns Iranians to death, corporate media look the other way

Iran blasts ďmaximum expectationĒ as US hell-bent on blocking IMF loan

Spokesman: Hungaryís decision to expel Iranian students deeply regrettable

Iranians celebrate Imam Mahdiís birth anniversary under coronavirus lockdown

Zarif: Iran needs no charity from US, only wants bans lifted amid virus crisis

Mosques converted into factories as Iran fights coronavirus

Iran-made coronavirus test kits, ventilators, anti-viral masks to hit market

Human Rights Watch blasts US refusal to lift Iran sanctions amid coronavirus

Iran to have blocked funds released: Government spokesman

More than 30 countries helped Iran fight coronavirus: Foreign Ministry

China leading fight against COVID-19, aiding world countries: Iran FM spokesperson

Iran rallies to produce crucial supplies as US retains sanctions despite coronavirus

Iran to start building 6,000-ton destroyer, able to produce nuclear submarines: Defense Ministry

US has no moral duty to ease Iran sanctions amid coronavirus pandemic: Trump

Iran medical body writes to Guterres, slams UN inaction on cruel US bans

Zarif rejects Trumpís claim amid tensions in Iraq, says Iran wonít initiate any war

US threatens Iran by citing baseless allegations involving Iraq

US lawmakers press Trump to lift Iran sanctions amid Ďborderlessí pandemic

Twitter suspends Iran Leaderís accounts

US sanctions aim to destabilize Iran: Analyst

Blast near joint border halts Iranís gas exports to Turkey

Europe sends medical aid to Iran in first INSTEX transaction: Germany

Iranís Defense Ministry unveils rapid test kits for novel coronavirus

Iran FM: US Ďmedical terrorismí leading to Ďhumanitarian catastropheí

Wife recounts Iranian scientistís ordeal in US jail

US wages medical terror against Iranians amidst COVID-19 pandemic: FM Zarif

Rouhani: Iranís health infrastructure ready for possible COVID-19 spike

US will let coronavirus kill many: Iranian scientist detained in US

Iran tightens protective measures, introduces travel bans to rein in virus spread

5 years of Yemen war: Iran takes US to task for complicity in Saudi crimes

Ď80 hours for 80mn campaigní pressing US to ditch Iran sanctions amid outbreak

Sanctions on Iran, others facing coronavirus must be urgently re-evaluated: UN

Iran used home-made Fatíh 14 radar system to intercept intruding F-18, media speculate

Iranian firm supplying much needed test kits amid coronavirus surge

Iran screens 41 million for coronavirus symptoms

Pakistan, China urge removal of US sanctions amid Iranís fight to defeat epidemic

US hasty measures, inattention to domestic issues behind crisis in Afghanistan: Iran

Iranians using social media to show support for doctors, nurses amid fight against coronavirus

Russia calls on US to remove Iran bans amid COVID-19 outbreak

Ayatollah Khamenei: US ímost evilí enemy of Iran, its virus aid offer strange

France releases jailed Iranian engineer accused of violating US sanctions: Press TV

COVID-19 crisis: Global outcry rises over US sanctions against Iran

US sanctions on Iran amid COVID - tantamount to mass murder

Trump refuses to suspend Iran sanctions amid coronavirus outbreak

US imposes fresh sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus outbreak

Iran screens 14mn for COVID-19, gets foreign aid in anti-virus fight

Iranians sue UK bank for blocking accounts, seek £1.5mn in damages

UK agrees to repay £400mn debt to Iran: Envoy to London

Iran screens 10 million for coronavirus symptoms

Iran FM says US cruel sanctions severely hindering anti-corona fight

Iranians from all walks of life do their part in anti-virus campaign

10 Afghan Refugees in Iran Killed by COVID-19: Minister

Iranís Army launches drills to prevent, monitor coronavirus spread

Analyst: US sanctions Ďact of warí on Iran, US Treasury Ďhotbed of Zionismí

Iran: Trump must reassess behaviour of US forces in region

Iran slams Trumpís íhypocritical, repulsiveí virus aid offer amid US Ďmedical terrorismí

Russia gives Iran 50k coronavirus testing kits to help fight epidemicRussia gives Iran 50k coronavirus testing kits to help fight epidemic

Advisor to Iranís supreme leader dies after contracting COVID-19

Iran virus death toll at 34 as minister vows containment surprises

COVID-19 latest: Iranian official claims death toll rises to 50

Iran introduces contingency plans as coronavirus death toll rises to 8

Principalists leading Iranís parliamentary elections: Partial results

Pompeo assures US support, stresses íIran threatí in Saudi visit

The FATF blacklist of Iran is American economic terrorism: Writer

Iran confirms two new deaths, 13 more coronavirus cases

US fears democracy in Iran, will have to learn to respect it: Foreign Ministry

Iranians go to polls in parliamentary elections amid US animosity

Iran forms task force to fight coronavirus after two deaths reported in central city

Iran, Russia, Turkey working to agree on date for Syria summit: Turkish source

Iran confirms first cases of coronavirus for two old men

Zarif meeting with US senator part of Iran general diplomacy: Foreign Ministry

Iranian Parliament speaker wraps up Lebanon visit

UN chief praises Iran, Pakistan for hosting Afghan refugees

US point man on Iran met with MKO rep. before, after Gen. Soleimaniís assassination: Report

US enmity towards Iranian nation rooted in its fear of Revolutionís might: Rouhani

Islamic Revolution turns 41: Iranians mark anniversary nationwide

Iranians reflect on most important issues in elections

US brain injury numbers cover-up for dead US troops in Iranian missile strike: IRGC

50 US soldiers diagnosed with brain injury after Iran strike: Pentagon

Saudi Arabia complicit in US assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani: Iran Foreign Ministry

Trump takes credit for quitting Iran deal as Ďmost importantí thing he did for Israel

US disgraceful, imposed plan is treason of century: Iran

Iranís Zarif rebuffs Trumpís call for direct talks as íwishful thinkingí

Prince Charles wants to visit Iran: Sunday Times

Martyrdom exerts profound effects on worldís future: Iran Leader

Biden slams Trump remarks about US troop injuries from Iran attack as Ďdisgustingí

Website of Iranís Fars news agency blocked by US Treasury

US border officers directed to stop Iranian-born travelers: Report

Trump downplays US troopsí concussion injuries from Iranian missile attack

Trump mounts pressure on EU to shun Iran

US: Iranians no longer eligible for trade, investment visas

Trumpís Iran Policy Is Brain-Dead

Iran: US will fail to undercut our influence through terror acts like Soleimaniís assassination

More US troops Ďtreatedí after Iran attack on US base, Pentagon admits

Leader of Iran: Iranís appeal as model of resistance angers US

Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian plane to Kiev: Civil Aviation Organization

Iran: Region facing dangerous situation due to US combination of arrogance, ignorance

6 US Jets Were Near Iran Border at Time of Accidental Shoot-down of Ukraine Plane: Russia

US military says 11 US troops wounded in Iranian missile attack despite earlier denials

Tehran now enriching more uranium than before 2015 deal: Iranís Rouhani

Zarif: Europeans sold out remnants of Iran deal to appease Trump

White House abruptly cancels Iran briefings amid contradictions

íLyingí Trump could spark war with Iran: Bernie Sanders

EU3 triggers dispute mechanism with Iran in blow to nuclear deal

US court rejects bid to seize $1.7 billion of Iranian assets

US Wants Taliban to Cut Iran Ties: Hekmatyar

Europe accuses Iran of íviolent actioní, urges return to obligations

Iran volleyball qualify for Tokyo 2020

Nasrallah says Iran missile strikes showed all US bases in West Asia within range

Iran summons British ambassador over íunconventional behavior,í attending íillegalí rally

Iran sets up hotline to help families of victims of downed Ukrainian plane

73% of Americans concerned about war with Iran: Poll

Regional security cooperation has no value without Iran: Qatari emir

Trump tweets message of support to Iranian protests

Pakistanis protest US assassination of top Iranian General Soleimani

EU ministers hold emergency talks on Iran

What Are The Implications Of Iranís Missile Strikes On US Bases?

Iran: Ukrainian plane brought down ídue to human errorí

US imitating Daesh in threatening Iranís cultural sites: Zarif

Putin, Erdogan urge restraint, de-escalation of Iran-US tensions

Trump says US will impose new sanctions against Iran after Tehranís retaliation

20 killed, over dozen wounded in bus accident in northern Iran

Ayatollah Khamenei: Iranís retaliation against US only ía slapí

Epic Funeral Services for Gen. Soleimani Across Iran

Ukrainian passenger jet crashes in Iran, all 176 on board dead

Countries move to evacuate, restrict citizens after Iran missile attacks on US bases in Iraq

Iran FM vows proportionate response to US terror act after assassination of General Soleimani

Indian Muslims protest US assassination of senior Iranian, Iraqi commanders

Iran calls for national legal action against Instagram

Tulsi Gabbard: War with Iran would make Afghanistan, Iraq wars ílook like a picnicí

Pelosy: US House will vote to limit Trumpís war powers on Iran

Iran announces decision to take fifth step to scale back JCPOA commitments

Millions of Iranians mourn Lt. Gen. Soleimani, PMU deputy head in Mashhad

Iran will hit US Ďmilitary sitesí in response to assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani

Biden blasts Trumpís íincredibly dangerousí tweets on Iran

Iran says US lacks courage after Trump threatens to hit 52 sites

Targeting Iran cultural sites will be war crime: People react to Trump

US assassination to make Iran-Iraq alignment stronger: Analysts

Assassination of Iranís Soleimani Meets with Negative Reactions in US

In Pictures: Iranís Gen. Soleimani assassinated in Iraq

Palestinians in Gaza pay tribute to assassinated Iranian commander

Iran will be patient in planning crushing anti-US response: IRGC commander

Iranian media react to Quds Force chief assassination

In Pictures: Iranians mourn General Soleimaniís martyrdom

Angry Iranians rally in huge numbers to call for revenge

US Senator Bernie Sanders condemns Trump for ordering assassination of Iranian General Soleimani

Trumpís order to assassinate Iranian General Soleimani draws swift condemnation from US officials

Iranís Armed Forces vow ípunishing responseí to Soleimaniís assassination

Iran Leader vows íharsh revengeí following assassination of Gen. Soleimani

Commander of Iranís Quds Force, Iraqís PMU deputy head assassinated in US strike

Trump says does not foresee war with Iran over Iraq

Iran, Russia: West disturbing peace in region

Iran, China, Russia drill in vital waterways for 2nd day

Russia, China want Iran to adopt FATF rules: Chief banker

India, Iran Agree to Accelerate Chabahar Project

Twitter aborts another Ďmanipulativeí Saudi state-backed op, which included activity against Iran

Iranians rally to support establishment as riots contained

Report: Road Accident in Iran Kills 28 Afghan Nationals

Russia will help Iran with oil, banking if payment channel not launched: Ryabkov

Iran refrained from hitting manned US plane accompanying downed drone, IRGC says

Video: Iran saves crewmembers of tanker hit in Sea of Oman

Leader of Iran to Japan PM: Trump not worthy of exchanging messages with

PM Abe calls Iran significant country, voices Japanís readiness to help ease tensions

Afghan Director Begins Filming New Movie In Iran

US pressuring world into ignoring Security Council resolution on Iran: Russia FM

US mulls new sanctions to kill Iran-EU trade vehicle

Europe must resist US economic terrorism against Iran: President Rouhani

Iran unveils new indigenous air defense system

Iran: Abe visit success depends on unwinding US measures

Iran says Macronís remarks to deepen distrust among JCPOA parties

Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran will not fall for Trumpís politicking

Iranians mark anniversary of Imam Khomeiniís passing

VNL 2019: Iran Victorious over Germany

Iranís steadfastness made US back off: Rouhani

War on Iran to Set Fire to Whole Region: Nasrallah

On Eve of Intl. Quds Day, Iran urges strong Muslim unity against Israel

Boltonís allegation against Iran psychological op: Academic

Iranian Foreign Minister: Donald Trump as ďa terroristĒ

Trump may use Iran tensions to bypass Congress, sell Saudis more bombs: Senator

Iran in full control of Persian Gulf: IRGC deputy commander

EU under huge US pressure over Iran trade: France

íUS, Iran tensions can turn Mideast into powder kegí

Russia, France, Germany defend JCPOA, support trade with Iran

Trump says no war, but wonít let Iran have nuclear weapons

Trump says he hopes US does not go to war with Iran

IRGC commander: Iran enemies have reached end of the line

Iran FM rules out possibility of talks with US

US passes phone number to Swiss in case Iran wants to call: CNN

US beating drums of war with Iran with fake intel: Muslim congresswoman

EU rejects Iranís 60-day deadline on nuclear deal, says will remain committed for now

Senior diplomat: Withdrawal from nuclear deal on Iranís agenda

Iran to unveil countermeasures to US withdrawal from JCPOA

Iran: US power doesnít match its bluster

Rouhani: Iran to Bring US to Its Knees

US grants exemptions to new sanctions on Iranís elite military force

Iranís Zarif Believes Trump Does Not Want War

US Sanctions Iran Oil Due to Regional Failure

Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran to Export Oil At Will

Iran, Pakistan to form joint anti-terror force: Rouhani

Iranís Zarif, Turkeyís Erdogan slam US sanctions, IRGC blacklisting as they urge enhanced ties

Syriaís Assad denounces US for blacklisting Iranís IRGC

US fines Standard Chartered $1.1bn over Iran transactions

Iranís IRGC on US Terror List: Reasons, Consequences

US under pressure to extend Iran waiver as oil surges

Flash Floods Killed 50 People In Iran In Two Weeks

Zarif: US waging Ďeconomic terrorismí against Iran

Iran floods: New alerts issued as heavy rains continue

Extreme weather kills 25 in Iran; relief efforts continue

EU, Asia leaders call for lifting sanctions on Iran

Iran will slap US in face by defeating sanctions: Ayatollah Khamenei

No War No Talks with US: Iran Leader

EU wants firms exempt from US sanctions on Iran

Franceís PSA again reverses on Iran deal in deference to US

EU confirms Iran enrichment plan not in nuclear deal violation

NATO says wonít defend Israel in case of Iran attack

Iran Armed Forces will not hesitate to respond to threats: Military chief

US anti-Iran sanctions will further endanger Mideast: French FM

Iran FM: US leaders prisoners to pipe dreams, pressure groups

West fears losing dominance of Mideast due to Iranís rising influence: Analyst

íDown with Israel & USí: Iran showcases its military might in parade

Iran marks National Army Day with military parade

Iranís Leader, senior officials stop using Telegram messaging application

Erdogan, Putin Hold Talks on Upcoming Iran-Russia-Turkey Summit in Ankara

Nasrallah: Saudis offered Syria money to sever Iran ties

Countries sponsoring terrorism pay US for support: Iran diplomat

Afghanistan-Iran Trade Volumes Rise

Iran sanctions already tough enough, says EUís Mogherini

Foreign Countries Should Not Turn Afghanistan Into Their Rivalry Hub: Iranian Envoy

Tillersonís sacking shows US determined to leave Iran nuclear deal: Araqchi

Netanyahu launches into another tirade against Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran and prospects for security in the Middle East

US Plotting Against Turkey, Iran, Maybe Russia: Erdogan

Iranians hold rallies to mark US embassy takeover

Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan to hold tripartite summit in Tehran

No bargaining with enemy on Iran defense might: Ayatollah Khamenei

IRGC vows enhanced Iranian missile power in face of threats

Iran to Shred Nuclear Deal if Other Party Tears It up: Leader

Total termination of Iran nuclear deal ía real possibilityí: Trump

EU supports Iran nuclear deal, vows full commitment

Saudi king phones Trump to thank him over Iran

US presidentís anti-Iran speech pile of delusional claims: Rouhani

Trumpís Iran claims have nothing to do with reality: Pundit

Trump refuses to certify Iran nuclear deal

The best policy for Iran is to focus on the "look inside" strategy

Iranís IRGC to treat US troops like Daesh if blacklisted

Chomsky Explains Reasons behind US Animus towards íIndependent Iraní

Iranophobic Allegations in Service of Saudisí Regional Interventionism

Russia remains committed to Iran nuclear deal: Putin

Rouhani: Iran, Turkey anchors of stability in Middle East

Qatari Emir Meets Iranís Foreign Minister in Doha

Iran, Turkey back Iraqís integrity, voice opposition to Kurdish secession

Iran Navy will increase extra-regional missions

One killed as Iranian army chopper crashes in Urmia

Iconic Martyr Hojaji Laid to Rest in Central Iran

Zarif Slams Trumpís Anti-Iran Remarks Saying Govt. Drives Legitimacy from People

Iran bids farewell to iconic martyr Hojaji

Iran closes airspace to all flights to and from Iraqi Kurdistan

Iran strikes 19 more medals at Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games

Iran edges past Afghanistan 2-1 2018 AFC U-16 Championship qualifier

Iran marks Sacred Defense Week with massive military parades

Trumpís anti-Iran speech proves US failed policies in Middle East: IRGC commander

Russia rebukes Trump, says to ídefendí Iran nuclear deal

French leader speaks in defense of Iran deal in first UN speech

Rouhani censures Trumpís anti-Iran rhetoric

Iran lures Afghan traders into investing in Chabahar port

US committed to no international obligation: Iranís Rouhani

Scrapping nuclear deal with Iran will be clear breach of agreement: Pres. Rouhani

Iran, Pakistan army chiefs urge Muslim world action to end Rohingya plight

Iran will respond to any íwrong moveí on JCPOA

Whatís behind Pakistani FM Visit to Iran, Turkey?

South Korea is Iranís new natural gas client

Iran overcomes Japan in FIVB Volleyball World Grand Champions Cup

Russia, Iran, Turkey agree on Idlib ísafe zonesí

Iran a partner in Syrian victory: Assadís letter to Ayatollah Khamenei

US House votes to block aircraft sales to Iran

China, Turkey, Iran support Islamabadís stance on Afghanistan: Asif

FIVB World Grand Champions: Iran 3-0 USA

Zarif, Putin stress full commitment to Iranís nuclear agreement

Iran detains Isis group leader near Tehran

Iranís missile boat warns off US warship in Sea of Oman

Merkel Says Iran Deal a Model for solving North Korea Issue

Erdogan criticizes US for charging ex-minister over Iran bans

Iran FM urges swift UN action on Rohingya crisis

Iranís President Urges Myanmar to Stop Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims

Iranís Leader Hails Army Air Defense Forces

Haleyís remarks show US envoyís ignorance of JCPOA text: Iran FM

South Korea miss World Cup chance after draw with 10-man Iran

Iranís Leader Urges Immediate End to Domestic Wars in Islamic Countries

Israel wary of Iran's growing influence: Netanyahu

Political geography change in Iraq creates regional insecurity: Iranian cmdr

Turkey, Russia, Iran Planning Permanent Ceasefire in Syria: Turkish PM

Iran, Russia finalizing Ďoil-for-goodsí deal: Novak

Iran's Missile Program ĎInternal Affair', Suffocating N. Korea Tragic: Russia

Iran, Russia presidents discuss Syria crisis, JCPOA over phone

Iran Slams Massacre of Shiites in Afghanistan, Urges Unity in War on Terror

Rouhani sworn in for 2nd term as Iran president

Zarif criticizes European states for anti-Iran statement with US

News US Anti-Iran Sanctions Violate Nuclear Deal: Iran Deputy FM

Iran Leader Urges pilgrims to Use Hajj to Take Stand against Israel

Watch moment Iran successfully launches Simorgh satellite carrier

Iran, Iraq Sign Pact to Enhance Military Ties

Trump assigns new team to work against Iran nuclear deal: Report

Iran Starts Producing Sayyad (Hunter) 3 Air Defense Missiles

Blacklisting Iran's IRGC to cost US dear: Top commander

US Syria Deal with Russia Unattainable without Iran's Approval

Iran Dismisses Interfering Comments by US Defense Chief

Iran's Leader Urged IRGC to Boost Country's Missile Defense Power

Efforts Underway for Israeli-Arab Normalization Amid Tense Iranophobic Campaign

Iranís Armed Forces to continue anti-terror battle: Official

Combating Israeli Regime, Obligation of All Muslims: Iranís Leader

Iranís Missiles Used in Syria Anti-ISIS Strike Displayed at Tehran Quds Day Rally

Iranís Anti-ISIS Missile Strikes Send Clear Message to Terrorists, Their Patrons

US House speaker supports swift action on Iran, Russia sanctions

Iran starts much-awaited gas exports to Iraq

Iranís Leader Urges Iraqi Vigilance over US Plots

More Refugees Likely To Return From Iran, Pakistan: UNHRC

Iran summons Swiss envoy over 'meddlesome' US remarks

Terrorist ringleader killed in clashes with IRGC in SE Iran

IRGC launches missiles at Daesh headquarters in Syria from western Iran

Iranís Leader Dismisses Trump, says Regime Change Plots Failed

Iran Kills, Nabs Terrorists in Border Areas

Whatís Behind New US Sanctions Against Iran?

Senior Iranian official warns US against any act of aggression

Security forces kill 2 terrorists, arrest 5 in southeastern Iran

Iran beats Uzbekistan 2-0, gains entry to 2018 World Cup

Qatar says keen to have Ďpositiveí Iran ties amid row with neighbors

Iran says arrested 48 Daesh Wahhabi terrorists

Rouhani: Iran to crush any enemy plots through unity, integrity

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Twin Attacks in Iran Capital; 12 Killed, 42 Injured

Imam Khomeiniís Saying That US Unreliable Attested by Western Leaders: Iran Leader

37 injured as Explosion Hits Hypermarket in Shiraz, Iran

Trump's claims against Iran Ďlead to nowhereí: Russia

Saudi Kingdom Doomed to Collapse: Iran Leader

Iran, Russia presidents discuss JCPOA implementation, Middle East developments

Only Iran, Syria helped Lebanon when it was occupied by Israel

Trump should engage in talks with Iran: Kofi Annan

Iranís Enemies Seek to Create Insecurity, Sedition: Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran loses to Tahiti, fails to snag berth in Beach Soccer World Cup final

Iran Rejects UNESCO 2030 Agenda: Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran, Afghanistan Vows to Expand Ties, Fight Terror

Scrapping Iran deal in no oneís interest: EUís Mogherini

Coal mine explosion leaves casualties in NE Iran

Iran, Pakistan agree to boost cooperation on border security: Zarif

Iranian weightlifters at crest of Asian championships

Iran 2017 presidential candidates hold first live debate

Western Powers Seek to Dominate Muslim Nations: Iranís Leader

8 border guards killed in clashes with outlaws in southeastern Iran

Iranís Leader Highlights Reasons behind US, Israel Hostility towards Islam, Iran

US defies both letter, spirit of nuclear deal: Iran FM

Iran's Interior Ministry nnounces final list of presidential candidates

Enemies Ty to Sabotage Upcoming Presidential Elections: Iran Leader

Iran can help Kyrgyzstan with hydropower plants construction: Zarif

Iran, EU sign first-ever nuclear safety cooperation project

Raeisi joins mix for 12th Iran presidential election

Iran rejects EU sanctions over human rights as politically-motivated

Iran Named Afghanistanís Largest Trade Partner in 2016: ACCI

International probe must be launched in reported Syria gas attack: Iran president

Iran Slams Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria, Ready to Treat Victims

Sandstorm unearths historical site in southeastern Iran

US should use Ďmilitary meansí against Iran: CENTCOM chief

Iran announces sanctions on 15 US companies

UN urges Iran, Russia, Turkey to resume Syria talks in Astana

Iranian Foreign Ministry condemns London terrorist attack

Iran Unveils Its Most Advanced Tank

Iranian university launches Pashtu faculty

Iran says Daesh elements arrested in vicinity of capital

Bullies will regret threatening Iranian nation: President Rouhani

Iranians stage nationwide rallies to mark anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution

Iran lineup for 2017 Freestyle World Cup announced

38 Years On, Iran Celebrates Islamic Revolution Anniversary

Missile tests Iranís inalienable defensive right: Qassemi

Celebrations begin in Iran to mark anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Sixty percent of refugees in Iran become educated: Official

Iran, intl. community condemn Bahrainís execution of three activists

Iranís president stresses need for anti-terror fight

Iranian, foreign officials attend mourning ceremony for Ayatollah Rafsanjani

Condolences Pour into Iran over Demise of Ayatollah Rafsanjani

Hezbollah Chief Calls Iranís Rafsanjani "Great Supporter" of Resistance Movement

US Excuses for Missile Sanctions on Iran

Iran urges cooperation between ASEAN, ECO

Persian Gulf banks eye Iran prospects

Nuclear agreement result of Iranian nationís endeavors: Leader

Sanctions imposed over Iranís nuclear program lifted

Iran: All sanctions to be annulled today

Obama lifts ban on aircraft sale to Iran

IRGC move in Persian Gulf shows Iran might: MP

Leader warns of enemy attempts to harm Iran

Tehran Backs Afghan Peace Talks: Iranian Diplomat

Iran to US defense chief: Mind your words

Iran's possible reaction vis-ŗ-vis Mina tragedy tough: Leader

Iranian Foreign Minister Urges Reconciliation in Region

Iranian volleyballers edge past Poland in 2015 FIVB World League

Host Iran blanks US volleyball team 3-0

Iranian volleyballers stun US in World League

History of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini Ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini (Imam Khomeini)

Iran mourns Imam Khomeiniís decease anniversary

Russia says preparing S-300 for delivery to Iran by 2016

Iranians celebrating Imam Mahdi birth anniversary

Iran allows no foreign inspection of military sites: Leader

Iran complains to UNSC of Riyadh siege on Yemen

Iran to produce US-, Europe-licensed drugs

Russia backs immediate lifting of anti-Iran sanctions

US, allies oppose Iran-Afghanistan cooperation: Leader

Iran must always be prepared for defense: Leader

Iran, Afghanistan sign memorandums to improve cooperation

Iran showcases domestically-developed defense achievements

Tehran, Canberra concerned over ISIL: Iran FM

Turkey eager to buy more Iran gas

Iran, US kick off 5th day of nuclear talks in Lausanne

Iran mass produces long-range anti-ship Qadir cruise missile

Iran anti-terror assistance to Iraq unconditional: Iraqi commander

Takfiri groups will soon breathe their last: Iran Quds Force cmdr.

Iranians rally in millions to mark Revolution victory

Iran's Islamic Revolution: An indisputable reality

Iran leader message to the youth in Europe and North America

Obama warns again Congress over Iran sanctions

Foreign presence pretext for Afghanistan attacks: Iran

Iran to provide 500 scholarships to Afghan students each year

West cannot bring Iran to knees over N-issue: Leader

Why's the queen scared of Iran?

What if the Iran nuclear talks fail?

Lebanese, Palestinian Resistance Own Fateh-Class Missiles: Iranian Commander

Iran is Americaís enemy, not partner: Israeli premier

Sami Yusuf contributes to Iranian filmís music

Iranís version of captured US drone makes maiden flight

Iran ĎSnowí to compete at Singapore film festival

West media blitz to blame for Jabbari execution: Iran official

Top Iranian cleric laid to rest in Tehran

Urgent: Head of Iran's Assembly of Experts 'Mahdavi Kani' dies

Tehran to act if Islamabad refuses to secure border: Iran general

Iran Leader: Takfiris created to split Muslims

Iran Warns Turkey against Aggravating Regional Tensions

Iran volleyball players win 2014 Asian Games gold

UK: Iran part of solution to fight ISIL in Syria

Iran Cinema Celebration 2014 announces winners

Iran completes indigenous missile system

Iran respects popular vote in Afghan presidential election

Iran urges firm action on brutal Israel attacks

Iran remembers US downing of passenger plane

Iranian, British foreign ministers discuss Iraq chaos

Iran, US start direct nuclear talks in Geneva

Iran never giving in to West

Iran, Kuwait sign 6 pacts in Sheikh Sabah's 1st state visit

US unable to paralyze Iranian nation: Leader

In picture: Goitered gazelles in Iranís Kish Island

United States Intervened in 2009 Presidential Election/US Dealt with Iran Vigilantly in Afghanistan

President Raeisi calls for UN reform, says body unable to end Gaza genocide

Five IRGC advisors assassinated in Israeli aggression on Syria

Pakistan recalls ambassador from Tehran

Tehran launched a strike on the Pakistan-based group Jaish al-Adl

Criminals behind Kerman attacks must await fitting punishment, harsh response: Ayatollah Khamenei

Condemnations pour in following terrorist attack at Gen. Soleimaniís burial site

IRGCís veteran military advisor in Syria martyred in Israeli strike

Raeisi: US, Israel must stand trial for crimes against humanity in Gaza

Haniyeh says resistance stands ístrong, resoluteí as Israel says ready for ceasefire

IRGC chief: The more Israelis destroy Palestine, the more nails they drive into their coffin

UN chief: Humanitarian situation in Gaza Ďcatastrophicí, urgent ceasefire needed

Israel kills 2 IRGC military advisors in strike on Syria

Raeisi calls for international tribunal to prosecute Israeli leaders for Gaza genocide

President Raeisi: War against Hamas amounts to war on democracy

Haniyeh met with Ayatollah Khamenei in recent days: Hamas official

Stop Gaza bombings, halt exports of oil and other commodities to Tel Aviv

US secretly expands classified military base in occupied territories: Report

Flames of US-Israeli bombs to soon devour Zionists: President Raeisi

Israelís lunatic actions will spread conflict across region: President Raeisi

Raeisi: Muslim countries must take urgent action to stop Israeli Ďkilling machineí

Seyyed Ali Khamenei: Israel regime to receive Ďheavier slapí for Gaza massacre

Geopolitical Aftershocks of Latest Karabakh Developments

IRGC to use Nour-3 satellite for military intelligence purposes: Chief commander

Raeisi: 60% uranium enrichment came after Europeans ítrampled on JCPOA commitmentsí

Raeisi: 60% uranium enrichment came after Europeans ítrampled on JCPOA commitmentsí

Al Nassr victorious over 10-man Persepolis

Russiaís defense minister visits Tehran for talks on boosting defense cooperation

Saudi Al-Nassr football team arrives in Tehran

Israel trying to sabotage Vienna process as talks enter sensitive stage: Report

JCPOA negotiators to resume talks in Vienna on Tuesday: EU

Global impact of Islamic Revolution / Video

In phone call with UAE FM, Amir-Abdollahian says Israelís presence in region threat to all

Vienna sanctions removal talks entering Ďfinal stageí as diplomats return to capitals

Amir-Abdollahian: Increased military moves in region will intensify war in Yemen, region

Israeli regime enemy of humanity: President Raeisi tells Azeri defense minister

Facebook deletes HispanTV page without explanation in new attack on free speech

Removal of sanctions will open room for any deal: Raeisi

In dismissal of US pressures, Tehran says it never accepted preconditions for Vienna talks

Trumpís JCPOA withdrawal Ďone of the dumbest, most dangerousí foreign policy decisions: US senator

Ayatollah Khamenei: Jihad means striving to target enemy



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



Federalism in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges

Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan

Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians

íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care

Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria

Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked

Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia

US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership

UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza

Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan

Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF

Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3

Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide

Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney

US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex

US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran

Yemen directly hits US warship with ballistic missile

Hamas has self-reliantly opposed the three giant intelligence agencies of the world!

President Raeisi calls for UN reform, says body unable to end Gaza genocide

Pedram: The Abduction of Hazara and Tajik Women Recalls the Crimes of Abdur Rahman

Special envoys from G7 countries discuss Afghanistan in London meeting

Turkish lawmakers open debate over Swedenís NATO membership

UN agency says over half a million Palestinians face Ďcatastrophic hungerí in Gaza

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Al-Maghazi operation proved defeat of Israeli regime in Gaza war

European support for Israel damaging energy security on the continent, report says

Pakistan Army Kills Seven ĎTerroristsí Near Afghan Border

Israel kills at least 190 people in Khan Younis in 24 hours

UNAMA report: 49 Hazara community members killed in Afghanistan in three months

Indiaís Modi inaugurates Hindu temple on site of razed mosque ahead of elections

US 2024 election: DeSantis drops out of Republican presidential race, backs Trump

Survivors of Russian charter flight crash transferred to Kabul

Iranís anti-terror strikes Ďclear messageí to certain recipients: Foreign Ministry

Ethnic mass killings in one Sudan city last year left up to 15,000 dead: UN report

Iran says reserves right to avenge Israelís assassination of IRGC advisors

Rocket barrage targets Ain al-Asad base housing US forces in western Iraq

Lebanese media: Israeli drone kills 2 Hamas members in southern Lebanon

Five IRGC advisors assassinated in Israeli aggression on Syria

Pakistan recalls ambassador from Tehran

Iraqi PM stresses to NATO chief ending of foreign troops

UN chief reiterates call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza


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