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Johnson triggers diplomatic row with China by blaming it for coronavirus pandemic            Iran says US blacklisting of Yemenís Ansarullah will kill political process, talks             People plotting to do danger: US senator            Absolutely groundless: Russia rejects US claim of Iran-Qaeda ties             Afghan MPs: No System Acceptable Except Republic             J&J may not meet US COVID-19 vaccine supply target by spring: NYT             End of Trump era heralds failure of economic terrorism, bullying: President Rouhani            Venezuelaís Maduro denounces US ícriminal policyí at new parliament            Iran Navy starts military drills in southern waters, takes delivery of two warships            Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny íto return to Russia on Jan. 17í            US threatens to sanction European firms helping Nord Stream 2 pipeline            North Korean leader pledges to strengthen military, nuclear arsenal            UAEís flag carrier suspends Tunisian pilot for refusing to fly to Israel            Lebanon files complaint with UN Security Council over Israeli violations            Iran: Pompeoís claims of al-Qaeda ties preposterous, shows failure of pressure policy            


China extends debt relief to DR Congo amid COVID-19 crisis

US Justice Department sues Walmart, alleging it helped fuel the opioid crisis

National security crisis: John Kelly on Trumpís delaying of transition

What Does Tel Aviv Seek Behind Intervention In Caucasus Crisis?

HWPL Hosts Peace Education Webinar by Connecting South Asian Countries during the COVID-19 Crisis

IMF chief warns global economic crisis ífar from overí

Employment down 500,000 in Italy since February due to the COVID crisis

Trump shifts blame, targets health experts as COVID-19 crisis expands

Californiaís largest schools to go online only as US crisis expands

5 killed in deadly hostage crisis at South African church

Spain: Protesters demand government resignation over handling of COVID crisis

Pandemic could hit drug markets as in 2008 crisis: UN warns

Saudi blockade of Yemen Ďa new crisisí amid pandemic: Minister

Russia to US: Leave Syria, deal with your own crisis

Handling of US street protests creates crisis for Pentagon boss

COVID-19 Crisis Affects Nearly 7M Afghan Children, Says Watchdog

Grenfell Tower inquiry postponed due to coronavirus crisis

Uber laying off another 3,000 workers, trimming investment amid US virus crisis

Defense committee to probe armed forcesí role in coronavirus crisis

UN warns of global mental health crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic

Madrid residents protest government management of coronavirus crisis

UK adopts strong security approach to coronavirus crisis management

Saudi Arabia to impose austerity measures amid coronavirus crisis, oil collapse

Tensions and backlash over US coronavirus crisis as states reopen

Oil crisis, coronavirus taking toll on Saudi Crown Prince

Coronavirus crisis threatens eurozoneís survival: EC

Trumpís Ďfarcicalí comments about coronavirus is worsening crisis: Analyst

US imposes new sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus crisis

ECB says eurozone faces historic economic slump amid corona crisis

French GP postponed due to pandemic crisis

Bank attacked with explosive in Lebanon amid economic crisis

Coronavirus: Pandemic ífast becoming human rights crisisí warns UN chief

UK PM Johnson under fire over handling of coronavirus crisis

Miami doctor handcuffed for helping homeless amid COVID-19 crisis

Trumpís handling of coronavirus crisis Ďscandalousí: Analyst

US coronavirus crisis takes sharp political turn as Trump slams Democratic governors

COVID-19 crisis: 21 million Italians face economic hardship

US coronavirus crisis exacerbates inequalities, political dysfunction

US military task force prepares to secure capital amid coronavirus crisis: Report

Prisoners in Ecuador make coffins in response to COVID-19 crisis

Locust raid creates food crisis for one million Ethiopians: UN

Trumpís coronavirus downplaying, complacency to blame for crisis: Analyst

Most Americans disapprove of Trumpís handling of coronavirus crisis: Polls

US weekly jobless claims hit 15mn as corona crisis deepens

Zarif: Iran needs no charity from US, only wants bans lifted amid virus crisis

ISIS Afghanistan Status As Its Leader Captured By Kabul

Trump decapitating US intelligence leadership in national crisis, says top Democrat

Coronavirus: Spainís death toll tops 9,000, UN warns pandemic is íworldís worst crisisí since WW2

Latest updates: COVID-19 kills 42,000 globally in worst crisis since WWII

Will The UAE Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis?

Concerns raised about creeping authoritarianism amid coronavirus crisis

Israel demolishes Palestinian homes amid coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus crisis in UK is more about social and security challenges than public health

Pompeo in Kabul to Address Afghan Political Crisis

US hasty measures, inattention to domestic issues behind crisis in Afghanistan: Iran

COVID-19 crisis: Global outcry rises over US sanctions against Iran

EU abandoning Italy in viral crisis while China sends supplies

Ivanka Trump criticized for childcare advice during coronavirus crisis

UK coronavirus crisis íto last until spring 2021 and could see 7.9m hospitalisedí: PHE document

Coronavirus leadership crisis: Is Trump presidency over?

Israeli Shin Betís involvement in coronavirus crisis raises questions

Former president Karzai blames US for crisis in Afghanistan

Ghani and Abdullah open to negotiations to end the political crisis: Khalilzad

EU leaders to hold crisis teleconference to tackle coronavirus

Hekmatyar Rejects Results: Ghani Chose íPath of Crisisí

New Iraqi PM Marks National Consensus to Weather Crisis

New Boeing chief executive takes over with 737 max crisis unresolved

British establishment wary of post-Brexit crisis in NI

Modiís Rightist Policies Increasingly Cause Crisis in India

Ayatollah Sistani demands early elections to end crisis in Iraq

IECC Hosts Meeting on Electoral Crisis

Politicians Working on Plan to ĎEnd Crisisí

No solution on horizon to Persian Gulf crisis, says Qatari FM

Roots of Israeli Election Crisis

Libya Crisis Drags on as Key Intl. Powersí Interests Rule

ISIS-K fighters to be treated as war prisoners, not honored guests: Gen. Votel

Why Kabul Turns Blind Eye to ISIS Expansion in Afghanistan?

Year after US MOAB Strike, ISIS Growing Fast in Afghanistan

Indian ISIS recruits likely killed in Afghanistan airstrike

ISIS Suicide Bombers Target Shiite Mosque in Afghanistanís Herat

Afghanistanian Parliament to Open despite Constitutional Crisis

Over 25 Million Muslims March Against ISIS And The Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It

Attack on TV shows Taliban, ISIS opposition to freedom of speech: Dostum

US in Iraq: Taking Advantage of ISIS for Military Stay

ISIS Threatens to Attack Russia 2018 World Cup with Releasing Messi Picture

What Next after US Provides Safe Exit for ISIS in Syriaís Raqqa?

Taliban chief attempting for cease fire with ISIS group

Total Annihilation of ISIS Close, Israeli Regime Worried: Nasrallah

Karzai calls Kabul bombing work of foreigners as ISIS claims responsibility

Moscow says ready to cooperate with Pyongyang to resolve missile crisis

China rejects threats as solution for North Korea nuclear crisis

Iran detains Isis group leader near Tehran

UN asks for aid to tackle Rohingya crisis unfolding in southern Bangladesh

Iran FM urges swift UN action on Rohingya crisis

Unity Is Key To Resolving Current Crisis: Massoud

Karzai strongly reacts at civilians deaths in Taliban, ISIS attacks, and US airstrike

Tal Afar Almost Liberated; ISIS Loses Second Bastion in Northern Iraq

ISIS Besieged in Lebanon-Syria Border, Victory Close: Hezbollah Leader

Prior to Astana Talks, Accords Make Syria Crisis Solution Look in Sight

UN mission Afghanistan confirms massacre of civilians by Taliban and ISIS loyalists

Iran, Russia presidents discuss Syria crisis, JCPOA over phone

235 civilians rescued from Taliban and ISIS captivity in North of Afghanistan+Photos

Hezbollah Chief Salutes Fighters after Arsal Victory, Warns ISIS

How Ayatollah Sistani Supported Anti-ISIS Campaign in Iraq?

Afghan forces foil terrorist attack plot by ISIS in Jalalabad city

Afghan MP warns regarding tactical achievements of ISIS in Nangarhar

Saudi Regime Backed ISIS in Mosul, Iraq, Yemen: Reports

Amid Absence of Solution, Qatar Crisis Proves Costly for Both Sides

Russian Role in Resolving Syrian Crisis

Iraqi PM Officially Declares End of ISIS State of Falsehood, Terrorism

Iraqi PM Declares Victory over ISIS Terrorists in Mosul

ISIS, Secret of Chemical Attacks

What Are Post-ISIS Mosul Challenges?

Will ISIS Termination Mark Crisis End in West Asia?

Deadly airstrike target ISIS militants in Nangarhar, leaving several dead

Clashes reported among the Taliban and ISIS militants in Nuristan

ISIS in Afghanistan release grim execution video purports to show execution by children+Video

Is US Relocating ISIS Terrorists to Afghanistan, Central Asia?

Iranís Missiles Used in Syria Anti-ISIS Strike Displayed at Tehran Quds Day Rally

Cornered ISIS Terrorists Destroy Historic Al Nuri Mosque in Mosul

Iranís Anti-ISIS Missile Strikes Send Clear Message to Terrorists, Their Patrons

Yemen Crisis News Blackout Amid Arab Diplomatic Row

ISIS Terrorists Training to Hit Europe:Report

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Twin Attacks in Iran Capital; 12 Killed, 42 Injured

Jamiat Official Calls for Early Elections to Fix Current Crisis

Pakistanís ISI behind appointment of new ISIS chief in Afghanistan: Uzbekistani

What Is behind Fresh Qatar-Saudi Crisis?

ISIS Expansion to Southeast Asia: Poisonous Fruit of Saudi Arabian Trees

German FM Harshly Slammed Trump for Weakening EU, Fueling Crisis in Mideast

NSC reacts at Zubair Massoudís remarks about ISIS plans in Afghanistan

15 ISIS loyalists killed by Afghan civilians in Nangarhar province

Trump committed to defeat ISIS and Taliban: White House

ISIS head in Afghanistan, mastermind of Kabul military hospital attack killed

Britain Unable to Control ISIS Terrorists Returning from Syria, Iraq: Report

ISIS claim responsibility for Kabul suicide attack that left 8 dead

How Does ISIS Agenda Work and How Can Be Taken Down?

91 killed in Taliban and ISIS militants clash in North of Afghanistan

ISIS suffer heavy casualties in Zabul province of Afghanistan

ISIS-K leader Hafiz Saeedís horse presented to the Afghan President

What Will Be Outcomes of Recapture of ISIS De Facto Capital in Syria?

Karzai vows to oust US forces from Afghanistan after MOAB strike on ISIS

ISIS in Afghanistan kidnapped wives, daughters for forced marriage: Nicholson

132 ISIS terrorists killed in Afghanistan in past 6 days: MoD

Foreigners among 25 ISIS militants killed in East of Afghanistan

ISIS execute 3 civilians on charges of supporting police in North of Afghanistan

16 ISIS militants killed in Afghan commandos operation in Nangarhar

Top ISIS leader involved in Kabul demonstration attack killed

6 key ISIS leaders killed in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan

Afghan forces rescue 26 civilians kidnapped by ISIS loyalists

ISIS suffer heavy casualties in latest operations of Afghan forces

6 ICRC employees shot dead in northern Afghanistan by ISIS loyalists

ISIS fighters held from Peshawar hospital, returned to Afghanistan: Pak officials

36 ISIS militants killed, 20 wounded in South of Afghanistan

Austria warns Athens of Schengen zone expulsion over refugee crisis

Refugee Crisis: EU Seeks Political Solution For Challenges In Afghanistan

Special force formed to counter ISIS in Afghanistan

ISIS photo purports to show captured Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

ISIS's Future Ideology; Maintaining Caliphate

The dual effect of environment and idea on political behavior of ISIS

Emotions Run High As MPs Demand Answers Over Kunduz Crisis

Social media users slam PG Arab rulersí inaction on refugee crisis

The risk of ISIS for Afghanistan

Analysis of Turkish military action against ISIS

Hekmatyarís party to support ISIS in fight against Taliban

ISIS Tries to Inter Europe by Posing as Refugees: Intelligence Analyst Says

ISIS (Daesh) rejects involvement in Jalalabad suicide attack

ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi possibly killed in US airstrike

Crisis in region aimed at redrawing Mideast map: Nasrallah

5 Taliban Commanders Declare Allegiance to ISIS

ISIS Terrorists Go House to House in Kobane

25 killed in Anti ISIS Violence in Turkey

Pakistani Taliban Pledges Support for ISIS

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gives a briefing on Ukraineís humanitarian crisis in Moscow

Who Hampers Peaceful Management of Ukraineís Crisis?

Iraqi forces kill 25 ISIS militants in ambush

United Nations warns of drought crisis in Syria

World risks ímoral catastropheí if COVID shots delayed in Africa: CDC chief

An Online Prayer Meeting for Religious People Around the World to End COVID-19

Jordan king swears in new government led by PM Khasawneh

Male suicides in England and Wales at record high

Tunisia appoints new prime minister

Several US states post record COVID-19 cases, curfew ordered in Miami

Lebanon blames íforeign interferenceí for riots, slams blocking of roads

Anti-govt. protests restart in Lebanon against worsening economic woes

ECB chief: Eurozone economy in for unprecedented contraction this year

Trumpís economic adviser: US unemployment could pass 20 percent in May

Chancellor Rishi Sunak warns of economic hardship

Pompeo shares demand with Afghan govt, Taliban after deadly Kabul, Nangarhar attacks

Coronavirus lockdown aggravates Syrian refugees conditions

US missed chances to slow coronavirus spread: Senior CDC official

Lebanon approves economic rescue plan, eyes IMF aid

Germanyís economy to suffer biggest slump this year, govt. warns

Coronavirus: Spain wants EU to unite behind Ä1.5 trillion COVID-19 recovery fund

IMF warns of social unrest amid coronavirus pandemic

Germany arrests 5 Daesh members planning attack on US bases

IMF: Global economy will suffer worst year since Great Depression

What Noam Chomsky wonít tell you about COVID-19

Amid world suffering, activists promote ĎPromised Saviorí hashtag

British army recruits can barely read and write

Virus triggers Ďunprecedented collapseí in EU, US economies

Attacker in London terrorist incident identified as Daesh sympathizer

Warning shots fired as refugees rush Serbiaís border with Hungary

Daesh In Afghanistan Aims To Attack US: McKenzie

Idlib Operation: Bells Ring for End of Terrorism in Syria

Syria slams ídespicableí Saudi support for US ploys in war-torn state

New ISIL called the MEK

Death Toll Rises To Nine In Kabul Blast

Border Security Force: New US-designed Syria Partition Scenario

Whatís Behind US Striving after Syriaís Abu Kamal Seizure?

Takfiri Terrorismís Next Station Could be Southwest Asia

The best policy for Iran is to focus on the "look inside" strategy

Zarif Slams Trumpís Anti-Iran Remarks Saying Govt. Drives Legitimacy from People

Smell of Conspiracy in the Referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan

What Behind Zealous Israeli Support for Kurdish Independence Referendum in Iraq?

Syria strongly denies alleged role in Khan Shaykhun chemical attack

What Driving US Def. Sec. Visit to Turkey?



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



House votes to impeach Donald Trump with just a week to go before he is due to step down

Johnson triggers diplomatic row with China by blaming it for coronavirus pandemic

Iran says US blacklisting of Yemenís Ansarullah will kill political process, talks

People plotting to do danger: US senator

Absolutely groundless: Russia rejects US claim of Iran-Qaeda ties

Afghan MPs: No System Acceptable Except Republic

J&J may not meet US COVID-19 vaccine supply target by spring: NYT

End of Trump era heralds failure of economic terrorism, bullying: President Rouhani

Venezuelaís Maduro denounces US ícriminal policyí at new parliament

Iran Navy starts military drills in southern waters, takes delivery of two warships

Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny íto return to Russia on Jan. 17í

US threatens to sanction European firms helping Nord Stream 2 pipeline

North Korean leader pledges to strengthen military, nuclear arsenal

UAEís flag carrier suspends Tunisian pilot for refusing to fly to Israel

Lebanon files complaint with UN Security Council over Israeli violations

Iran: Pompeoís claims of al-Qaeda ties preposterous, shows failure of pressure policy

US rejects claims its pushing for interim government in Afghanistan

Millions of WhatsApp users migrate to Signal and Telegram

Ethiopia warns Sudan against igniting war at disputed border region

US faces extraordinary humiliation as Europeans refuse to meet with Pompeo

EU, OIC slam Israelís plan to build more illegal settler homes in West Bank

Several House Republicans join Democratsí bid to impeach Trump

Israel launches fresh airstrikes on Syriaís east: SANA

US claims show failed maximum pressure policy against Iran: FM spox

US state Capitols brace for armed protests against Biden victory

EU slams US blacklisting of Yemenís Houthis, warns of aid delivery disruption

UK troops should stay until peace talks are over: House of Lords

Peaceful, Stable Afghanistan Will Bring Opportunity: Imran Khan

UN and partners seek $1.3 billion to help 16 million Afghans

Iran says exporting its heavy water to eight countries

Khalili meets with Pakistanís speaker of the house to discuss peace process

Gunmen target Mazar army personnel in military vehicle

US Troop Drawdown in Afghanistan íNot Haltedí: Report

Bahrain to reopen airspace to Qatar after reconciliation

Top EU diplomat: US Capitol siege Ďwake-up callí for democracies

Pakistanís Imran Khan: Iran capable of turning into regional economic power

Official warns EU advocating Trump ílegacy to blackmail Iraní

UK ramps up COVID vaccinations as it faces íworst weeksí of pandemic

Hundreds of cars stranded due to historic heavy snowfall in northern Japan

UAE has converted Yemenís Balhaf gas facility into secret prison


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