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Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan             Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians             íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care             Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria             Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked             Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia            US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership             UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza             Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan             Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF             Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3             Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide             Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney            US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex            US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran            


Federalism in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges

Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan

Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan

Special envoys from G7 countries discuss Afghanistan in London meeting

UNAMA report: 49 Hazara community members killed in Afghanistan in three months

Generations of Pakistan and Afghanistan who fell victim to suicide attacks

UNAMA urges increased protection for Afghanistanís Hazara community after Kabul attack

Resolution Shows UNSC Support for Reintegration of Afghanistan: Miller

Pakistan FM: Islamabad Wants Peaceful, Stable Afghanistan

UN Secretary General: rights of women and girls have been limited in Afghanistan

Taliban De-Persianizing Afghanistan Culture: Roots and Ramifications

Afghanistan: Armed attack in Shia-populated region of Herat 5 killed

Afghanistan: 8,000 Afghan refugees return through Spin Boldak in last two days

Afghanistan :An explosion killed Two people in Dasht Barchi area of Kabul

US Senator Calls to Cut Funding to Afghanistan

Blast occurs in Shia mosque in Afghanistanís Baghlan Province

Search for survivors as death toll from Afghanistan quake mounts

Death toll exceeds 2,000 in Afghanistan earthquake

At least 15 killed, 40 injured in string of earthquakes that hit western Afghanistan

Magnitude 6.3 quake in west Afghanistan leaves multiple casualties

19 international organizations in open letter call for action on women in Afghanistan

Mujahid claims some Ďcirclesí are deliberately spreading false intelligence on Afghanistan

UN: The situation of women and girls is getting worse day by day in Afghanistan

Talibanís warning to Afghanistanís neighbors: Accusations will affect relationships

supports terrorist group in Afghanistan and makes it look normal.

Calls to reopen girlsí schools in Afghanistan continue

UN says human rights in Afghanistan in ístate of collapseí

Pakistan: The conflict started from Afghanistan

US General: Daesh ďConcerns Us in AfghanistanĒ

Europe pledges $11 M to Afghanistanís educational sector

Afghanistan U19 Futsal Team Beats Tajikistan

IRC urges US, Europe to reset their policies towards Afghanistan before humanitarian crisis kills more Afghans

Imran Khan pledges more development help to Afghanistan

Afghanistan will initially have a-110,000-member army: acting Defense Minister

Afghan womenís open letter to Biden: Reconsider your decision over Afghanistanís assets

Hamid Karzai: fund belongs to no governments, but to the people of Afghanistan / all of it should be returned to Afghanistan

Afghanistanís Central Bank slates US plan for frozen funds

India, WFP signs MoU to distribute food grains in Afghanistan

Muhammad Wali Naeemi appointed Afghanistanís Permanent envoy to UN

Dispute Over Afghanistanís Seat at UN Continue

Avalanche kills 15 people in eastern Afghanistan

Taliban reacts to UN report over Al-Qaida presence in Afghanistan

Five Pakistani soldiers killed in attack Ďlaunchedí from Afghanistan

Pakistan, China reiterate release of Afghanistanís funds

UN committed to providing aid for Afghanistan, despite political predicaments

Tens of ISIS-K affiliates surrender to Taliban in eastern Afghanistan

UN canít use its $135 million in Afghanistan bank: Al Dardari

Afghanistan Faces ďTsunami of HungerĒ: SIGAR

Pneumonia cases soaring in Afghanistan, killing children: NGO

U.S. advice to banks: OK to transfer aid money to Afghanistan

England beat Afghanistan to reach Under-19 Cricket World Cup final

Germany contributes US$140 million to support UNICEF in Afghanistan

Amir of Qatar and US Defense Minister discuss cooperation on Afghanistan

COVID-19 cases increase in Afghanistan: officials

Poverty in Afghanistan Two former soldiers are now begging

Starvation in Afghanistan, people sell children and body parts: WFP

Meeting of Indiaís Modi, 5 Central Asia PMs Addresses Afghanistan

UN chief: Afghanistan hanging by thread/ Video

Afghanistan U19 qualify for Cricket World Cup Semi-Final

U.N. chief tells Security Council: Afghanistan hanging by thread

UN announces new strategic framework to tackle Afghanistan crisis

Afghan women protest for release of Afghanistanís frozen funds

UNSC is all set to convene meeting on Afghanistan today

Afghanistan clinch ODI series against Netherlands 3-0

Afghanistan connects Turkmenistan electricity after blackout in three central Asian countries

ADB Approves $405M in Grants for Afghanistan

America: Nation building in Afghanistan did not work

Heavy snowfall kills 42, destroyed over 2,000 houses across Afghanistan: officials

Afghanistan win ODI series after beating Netherlands by 48 runs

Turkish Charity pledges 80 tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Iran issues permit for transit of diesel to Afghanistan

Pakistanís PM renews call for humanitarian aid for Afghanistan

US lawmakers ask Joe Biden to unfreeze Afghanistanís assets

EU Launches Projects in Afghanistan Worth Ä268M

Pakistan played major role in peace, stability of Afghanistan: Arif Alvi

ILO estimates underscore Afghanistan employment crisis

EU launches humanitarian projects in Afghanistan worth over $300 million

Water released by Afghanistan definitely aimed at Iran: Governor

Pakistan fired 21 rockets towards Afghanistan

Magnitude 5.6 quake hits western Afghanistan, killing more than 20

media and journalists in Afghanistan have lost their independence

Lack of access to information may lead to closure of media in Afghanistan: survey

Afghanistan unable to detect omicron variant: health ministry

Karzai: There is no need for foreign manpower in Afghanistan:

US Representatives Demand Report on Equipment Left in Afghanistan

Taliban: Afghanistan not need foreigners from any country

US focused on supporting individuals of Afghanistan: Blinken

Pakistanís PM Orders Skilled Personnel Be Sent to Afghanistan

Demise of a vote based system in Afghanistan, we acquired ethnic conflicts:Taliban representative

Taliban invites UNís request for delivering Afghanistanís assets

ATM to get operational in Afghanistan, first time after Taliban return

We will make earning Ph.D. and Masterís degrees possible in Afghanistan: Haqqani

Uzbekistan restores electricity to Afghanistan after fixing power plant problem

UN launches Ďbiggest ever appeal for single countryí of $4.4 billion for Afghanistan

Muttaqi: Afghanistan Seeks Good Relations With World

China calls on US to lift economic sanctions on Afghanistan

Report: Pakistani Talibanís spokesman killed in Afghanistan

Explosion kills 9 minors and wounded four more in eastern Afghanistan

Explosion kills 9 minors and wounded four more in eastern Afghanistan

US seeks to sow discord between Afghanistan, its neighbors: Iranian foreign minister

Afghanistanís embassy to act within limits of 1961 Vienna Convention: Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman

Afghanistanís FM meets Iranian counterpart in Tehran

Afghanistanís 90% health centers may shut down by the end of 2022: IRC

We prevent economic collapse in Afghanistan: Talibanís FM

Baradar directs relief assistance for flood-affected people in Afghanistan

IRGC Quds force cmdr.: US will leave Iraq with more humiliation than what it suffered in Afghanistan

Heavy snowfall kills 11, wounded 23 across Afghanistan

UN collects $1.5 billion to address Afghanistanís humanitarian crisis

Millions in Afghanistan staring at death, starvation amid harsh winter, US sanctions

Uzbek-Afghanistan border guards engage in armed conflict

Taliban close women baths in northern Afghanistan

Talibanís interim government led to security in Afghanistan and region: Suhail Shaheen

People protest in Kabul against US sanctions on Afghanistan

28,500 Children Killed in Past 16 Years in Afghanistan: UNICEF

Man sells ten-year-old daughter in western Afghanistan to feed family

India providing Afghanistan with one million doses of COVID-19 vaccines

2021: A Difficult, Historic Year for Afghanistan

UKís former top general: West lacked Ďtrue understandingí of political situation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan loses unique opportunity for avoiding undue hardship: Abdullah

Moscow to host Troika Plus on Afghanistan

Uzbekistan temporarily decreases electricity supply to Afghanistan

US creates commission to assess two-decade war in Afghanistan

No threat from Afghanistanís borders to region: Taliban reacted to Putinís concerns

7,000 CCNPP projects still incomplete across Afghanistan: MoF

Taliban asks countries to seek friendly relations with Afghanistan

Afghanistan Tajikistan inked power agreement

High Taxes on Mining in Afghanistan Deter Investors

Pakistanís political parties ask for inclusive government in Afghanistan

Putin says West should provide aid to Afghanistan

China delivers winter clothes to 34 provinces of Afghanistan

UN considering $8 billion for Afghanistanís economy in 2022

US authorizes some transactions with Taliban to keep aid flowing to Afghanistan

UNSC passes resolution over easing financial restrictions on Afghanistan

New board members appointed to Afghanistan Cricket Board

US presents to UNSC second draft for delivering humanitarian aids to Afghanistan

Sanctions on Afghanistan only affect common people: Suhail Shaheen

Canada announces $56 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

ICRC to support salaries for 10K health workers in crises-hit Afghanistan

Iran calls for increased international aid for Afghanistan amid huge refugee influx

US House Dems warn of Ďimminent mass starvationí in Afghanistan, urging Biden to unfreeze Afghan central bank reserves

US Will Continue Aid to Afghanistan: State Dept

US root cause of current problems facing Afghanistan: Iran interior minister

Turkish companies and traders to invest in Afghanistan: officials

Afghanistanís economy in Ďfree fallí; 97% population staring at poverty, warns UN official

Tariq Ali Bakheet appointed OICís special representative to Afghanistan

Islamic countries pledge humanitarian trust fund to stave off humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Iran supports aid delivery to Afghanistan regardless of political issues: FM Amir-Abdollahian

Iran FM: Sustainable security in Afghanistan only possible through inclusive govt. representing all ethnicities

US must unfreeze Afghanistanís assets; weakening Afghan government is in no oneís interest: Motaqi

India-Central Asia Dialogue: Prevent Terrorism in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is worldís worst man-made crisis, world must act now: Imran Khan

India-Central Asia Dialogue: Prevent Terrorism in Afghanistan

Iran rings alarm bell on rise of terrorism at Afghanistan summit

Islamabad is all set to host OIC meeting on Afghanistan today

President Raeisi: Murder, crime, bloodshed sole outcomes of US, NATO presence in Afghanistan

Qureshi calls on international community to help Afghanistan

US to donate another 1 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Afghanistan

Afghanistan to host Pakistan for ODI series

Afghanistan to host Netherlands in three-match ODI series

No place for ISIS-K terrorists in Afghanistan: Taliban

Afghanistan on Agenda of EU-Pakistan Meeting in Brussels

ICG Warns of Mass Starvation in Afghanistan

Afghanistanís Deputy Foreign Minister meets Turkish Ambassador

Papers reveal what CIA did to captives in Afghanistan

UKís handling of Afghanistan evacuations was Ďdysfunctionalí, Ďchaoticí: Whistleblower

Taliban responds to UNís decision to delay seat for Afghanistan

Moscow sends new tanks to Tajikistan base close to border with Afghanistan

UN confirms Ishaqzai as Permanent envoy of Afghanistan

India-Russia annual summit, Afghanistan on agenda

US secretary of state discusses Afghanistan with Abdu Dhabi crown prince

Donors still to decide on shifting frozen funds for Afghanistan

France evacuates more than 300 people from Afghanistan

World Bank backs using $280 million in frozen aid funds for Afghanistan

India considers re-opening mission in Afghanistan

Pakistan offers to host Ďurgentí OIC meeting on Afghanistan

Peace in Afghanistan vital for transit trade corridors: Qureshi

US democracy a broken model that failed to fit Afghanistan: China

Russia, China, India call for immediate foreign aid to Afghanistan

TAPI project suspended in Afghanistan until situation Ďstabilizesí

NATO foreign ministers to discuss lessons learned in Afghanistan: Stoltenberg

Rights watchdog calls for financial restricts on Afghanistan to be eased

Chinese officials reportedly in Afghanistan to explore lithium projects

ICRC to strengthen ties with China in aiding Afghanistan

US Envoy on Afghanistan to Return to Doha to Meet Taliban

ICRC director Ďlividí over dire Ďman-madeí situation in Afghanistan

EU asks Afghanistanís neighbours to prevent exploitation of migrants

Afghanistan is the saddest country in the world

Afghanistan dedicated to protecting rights of all ethnic groups, women: Muttaqi

Abandoning Afghanistan now, amid crisis, would be Ďhistoric mistakeí

US envoy for Afghanistan meets with Indiaís NSA and Foreign Secretary

Russian, US envoys for Afghanistan meet in Moscow

Iranís envoy for Afghanistan visits Kabul for talks

US supporting Daesh terrorists following defeat in Afghanistan, says Iranís special envoy

Girls increasingly at risk of child marriage in Afghanistan

Qatar to act as US diplomatic representative in Afghanistan

China, Russia, US reach consensus on Afghanistan issue

WFP chief in Afghanistan to help avert Ďworldís worst humanitarian crisisí

For Afghanistan, itís like the 1990s all over again

UN seeks $600 million to avert Afghanistan humanitarian crisis

PIA runs first chartered commercial flight to Afghanistan

Biden Defends Decision to Withdraw From Afghanistan

Qatar warns isolating Taliban could further destabilize Afghanistan

UK says has evacuated over 7,000 people from Afghanistan

OIC holds emergency meeting on Afghanistan

Taliban seeks intíl assistance for rebuilding Afghanistan

EUís Borrell says Taliban takeover of Afghanistan biggest event since Crimea

Pentagon DOES NOT KNOW how many Americans are still in Afghanistan, or how many were among the 7,000 evacuated so far

IMF Blocks Afghanistanís Access to Emergency Reserves

Biden seeks ways to speed up evacuations from Afghanistan

Kabul residents call for Ghani to be sent back to Afghanistan

After irresponsibly watching takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, India should avoid losing Kashmir to Global Taliban through OMM

Time is Running Out for Afghanistan

Germany follows Netherlandsí lead & suspends deportations to Afghanistan, days after asking Brussels to let them continue

Ninth provincial capital falls to Taliban as thousands flee northern Afghanistan

If China uses likely Taliban govt in Afghanistan, no big deal but if Global Taliban uses China, will be game changer & catastrophic

At least 27 children killed in Afghanistan, U.N. says

Americans urged to leave Afghanistan due to security situation

Afghanistan: 218 New Cases of COVID-19, 10 Deaths Reported

U.N. concerned about civilians in Afghanistanís Lashkar Gah

587 New Cases of COVID-19, 30 Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

Americaís ruthless Ďwar on terrorí is what made it lose Afghanistan years ago, former Afghan president Karzai

COVID-19: 484 New Cases, 37 Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

Qureshi Says Taliban Will Keep Daesh Out of Afghanistan: Media

US lawmaker calls plan to evacuate íalliesí from Afghanistan ícomplete disasterí

Ghani says Afghanistan will not give in to subversive plans

US trying to take root in Central Asia after Afghanistan fiasco: Russia

China Criticizes US, NATO for íHasty Withdrawalí from Afghanistan

A stable Afghanistan is crucial to Pakistanís Central Asia-EU railway vision

Pakistanís PM says ĎUS really messed it upí in Afghanistan

Afghanistan on Agenda in Indian FMís Upcoming Visit to Moscow

Tajik president deploys 20,000 troops to border with Afghanistan

UK to leave small number of elite troops in Afghanistan as ex-MI6 chief warns of likely civil war

Afghanistanís security must be established by Afghan people: Iranís president-elect

German military completes withdrawal from Afghanistan

US Launches Drone Strikes in Northern Afghanistan: Report

US to keep about 650 troops in Afghanistan after withdrawal

ĎForeign forces canít come and go as they wish:í China, Russia alarmed about Afghanistan

Qureshi voices concern over current situation in Afghanistan

Surge in Taliban attacks across Afghanistan as tribal leaders mobilize to fight

Erdogan Says US Can Rely on Turkey Once Troops Leave Afghanistan

Hazaras in Afghanistan: Victims of Genocide as World Turns Blind Eye

Asian Qualifiers: Oman Defeats Afghanistan 2-1

US weighs possibility of airstrikes in Afghanistan after troops withdrawal

Zarif meets with UN envoys for Yemen and Afghanistan

CIA scrambles for new approach in Afghanistan: NYT reports

Britainís war in Afghanistan has cost over $31 billion

Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to sign marble export agreement

COVID-19: 1,509 New Cases, 34 Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

China, Pakistan, Afghanistan foreign ministers to meet

Security Situation in Afghanistan Remains Challenging: NATO Chief

Key TTP member killed in Afghanistan: Pakistan media reports

US defense budget for 2022 includes $3.3 billion for Afghanistan

Afghanistan: 654 New Cases of COVID-19, 20 Deaths Reported

Biden Says US Forces Have Achieved Their ĎPurposeí in Afghanistan

COVID-19: 764 New Cases, 12 Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

Mitch McConnell accuses Biden of Ďabandoningí Afghanistan

Two decades of war in Afghanistan failed to bear results: Norway

US Lawmakers Seek Continued Efforts in Afghanistan

US president vows and vows again to leave Afghanistan

COVID-19: 114 New Cases, 3 Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

Whatís Behind Pakistani Army Chiefís Afghanistan Visit?

Fighting resumes in Afghanistan after three-day ceasefire ends

Ceasefire in Afghanistan to Start Wednesday at Midnight

Afghanistan resumes export of talc stone from Nangarhar

US Withdrawal Risks Civil War, Partition in Afghanistan: Expert

US rejects claims its pushing for interim government in Afghanistan

Peaceful, Stable Afghanistan Will Bring Opportunity: Imran Khan

US Troop Drawdown in Afghanistan íNot Haltedí: Report

Air Pollution Kills 5,000 in Afghanistan in A Year: Ministry

Turkmen FM to attend launch of key projects in Afghanistan

COVID-19: 102 New Cases, 7 Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

NATO chief says Ďno guarantee of successí in Afghanistan

Afghanistan remains one of the deadliest places in world to be a civilian

Pakistan, Afghanistan Hold Trade Talks

Miller says special forces likely to be last US troops in Afghanistan

Pakistan hold discussions on a new trade agreement with Afghanistan

230 New Cases of COVID-19, 6 Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

Belgium announces troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Violence levels in Afghanistan unacceptably high: Pompeo

More than 70 killed or wounded across Afghanistan in under 24 hours

US Committed to Enduring Partnership with Afghanistan: Pompeo

Republicans Slam Trumpís Plan to Reduce Troops in Afghanistan

Afghanistan holds first-ever menís volleyball league

Achieving Lasting Peace in Afghanistan

Taliban Rejects Al-Qaeda Presence in Afghanistan

Khalilzad Calls for Urgent Reduction of Violence in Afghanistan

US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan conditions-based: Top general

US launches airstrikes on Taliban in Afghanistanís Helmand despite Ďpeaceí deal

Joint economic commission planned between Afghanistan and Iran

NATO says allies will leave Afghanistan together

Khalilzad, Bajwa Call for Reduction in Violence in Afghanistan

US troops in Afghanistan should be home by Christmas: Trump

Islamic Ideology Council to recommend CII-like body for Afghanistan

Australia Test against Afghanistan on hold due to COVID-19

Trump calls Taliban tough but says US military canít police Afghanistan

Trumpís Former NSA says withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is an unwise policy

Afghanistan, Tajikistan discuss Afghan peace, bilateral trade and economic ties

Security Council agrees to extend Afghanistan mission for one year

Korea pledges $1m to help Afghanistan tackle pandemic

40 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Afghanistan: Ministry

Afghanistan Wins Seat at UNís Commission on Women

Pakistanís exports to Afghanistan drop by 43.6% in July

Historic peace talks underway between Afghanistan and Taliban

Trump expected to announce US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

COVID-19 Latest: 96 of 478 Cases Test Positive in Afghanistan

US Blacklists ICC Prosecutor Over Afghanistan War Crimes Probe

Afghanistan Flood Death Toll Rises to 190

UK condemns ongoing violence in Afghanistan, calls for immediate end to conflict

Afghanistan, China discuss economic cooperation and peace process

COVID-19 Latest: 40 of 162 Cases Test Positive in Afghanistan

íLess Than 5,000í Troops in Afghanistan by Late Nov: Esper

Taliban seek to control aid agencies, private companies in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Cricket CEO sacked for Ďmisbehaviorí

Saudis take madrassa-building spree to Afghanistan: Report

US Pledges $36.7M for COVID-19 Response in Afghanistan

Turkey Suspends Flights to Afghanistan and Iran

Pentagon Confirms Troops Withdrawn from Five Bases in Afghanistan

Exclusive interview with Stefano Pontecorvo, the Senior Civilian Representative of NATO to Afghanistan

US soldier dies in Ďnon-combat-related incidentí Ė Afghanistan

Afghanistan: COVID-19 Cases Exceed 34,000

US soldier killed in road accident in southwestern Afghanistan

Russia accuses US intelligence officers of trafficking drug from Afghanistan

12,189 Known Active Cases of COVID-19 in Afghanistan

US Soldier Killed in Vehicle Accident in Afghanistan

Trump: No briefings ever on Russian bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan

US Finalizing Plan to Pull 4,000 Troops from Afghanistan: CNN

324 New Coronavirus Cases Reported in Afghanistan

409 New COVID-19 Cases, 12 Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: 346 New Positive COVID-19 Cases Reported

US Reaches Troop Drawdown Target in Afghanistan

ADB approves APPCís loan to enhance Afghanistanís energy security

Mortar shell explosion at school kills 7 students in Afghanistan

Anti-Corruption Efforts Critical for Afghanistan: UN

658 New Coronavirus Cases Reported in Afghanistan

COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan Approaches 27,000: MoPH

Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan Exceed 25,000

Afghanistan: 656 New COVID-19 Cases, 20 Deaths Reported

748 New Coronavirus Cases Reported in Afghanistan

Coronavirus Cases Passes 22,000 in Afghanistan

575 New Coronavirus Cases Reported in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Coronavirus Cases Over 20,000

Afghanistan: 582 New Positive COVID-19 Cases Reported

COVID-19: 915 New Cases Reported in Afghanistan

COVID-19 Cases Exceed 18,000 in Afghanistan

COVID-19 Cases Exceed 16,000 in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Faces COVID-19 ĎHumanitarian Disasterí: IRC

Iran contributes medical equipment to Afghanistan to fight virus

NSIA Estimates Afghanistan Population at 32.9M

COVID-19 Cases Over 15,000 in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Reports 658 New COVID-19 Cases

591 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Afghanistan

782 New COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan, Highest So Far

531 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Afghanistan

US intelligence acknowledges Iran not after destabilizing Afghanistan despite Pompeoís claims

492 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Afghanistan, Total 8,145

UN alarmed by rising civilian casualties in Afghanistan

581 New COVID-19 Cases, 7,653 Total in Afghanistan

Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia support national reconciliation in Afghanistan

Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan Passes 7,000

262 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Afghanistan, Total 6,664

Contrary to US claim, Afghanistan says Taliban carried out Kabul hospital raid

COVID-19 in Afghanistan: 6,402 Positive Cases

Afghanistan: COVID-19 Cases Reach 6,053

259 New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Afghanistan

4,963 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan

285 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Afghanistan

361 new cases of coronavirus recorded in Afghanistan in past 24 hours

3,776 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan

Afghanistan public health minister tested positive for coronavirus

171 New Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan, Total 3,563

Afghanistan Coronavirus updates: 168 new cases, total 3,392

Total Reported Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan: 3,224

235 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed in Afghanistan

179 New Coronavirus Cases Reported in Afghanistan, Total 2,469

2,335 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Likely Facing COVID-19 ĎHealth Disasterí: SIGAR

Will Participatory Government Help End Afghanistan Impasse?

Afghanistan: COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Reach 1,531

COVID-19 Cases Reach 1,463 in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: COVID-19 Cases Reach 1,351

NATO: Urgent Need for Talks, Reduced Violence in Afghanistan

50 New Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan, Total 1,226

Trump, Qatari Leader Discuss Afghanistan, Prisoner Release

Total Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan Rises to 1,143

Afghanistan Among íDeadliest Countriesí for Reporters: RSF

66 New COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in Afghanistan, Total 1,092

993 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Short of RNA Extraction Kits

Afghanistanís education system launches platform for online classes

US may scale back CIA presence in Afghanistan to save peace deal

COVID-19 Cases Reach 933 in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Reach 906

56 New COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in Afghanistan, Total 840

70 New COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in Afghanistan, Total 784

714 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan

665 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan

607 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan

555 COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan, 18 Deaths Reported

COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan Reach 521

ISIS Afghanistan Status As Its Leader Captured By Kabul

56 New COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan, Total 423

Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan: 367

Intl Aid Requires Inclusive Govt in Afghanistan: Wells

Coronavirus Cases Rise to 337 in Afghanistan: Health Ministry

Coronavirus Cases at 299 in Afghanistan

World Bank Approves $100M in Aid for Afghanistan

Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan Raise to 239

196 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Afghanistan

Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan: 174

Coronavirus Cases Reach 110 in Afghanistan

Graham Backs Reduction in US Aid to Afghanistan

32 New Cases of COVID-10 in Afghanistan, Total 74

US Cuts $1B Aid to Afghanistan Over Peace Delays

Pompeo arrives in Afghanistan in bid to help salvage US-Taliban deal

Did America Commit War Crimes in Afghanistan?

US hasty measures, inattention to domestic issues behind crisis in Afghanistan: Iran

6 New COVID-19 Cases, 40 Total in Afghanistan

Foreign diplomats contract coronavirus as cases jump to 34 Ė Afghanistan

UN postpones returning refugees to Afghanistan

5 new positive cases of coronavirus surface in Afghanistan

Coronavirus in Afghanistan: 5 New Cases

Update: 11 Tested Positive for Coronavirus In Afghanistan

Afghanistan Bans All Sports Events Over Coronavirus Spread

3 More Positive Cases of Coronavirus in Afghanistan, Total 10

British forces to begin their final retreat from Afghanistan

Former president Karzai blames US for crisis in Afghanistan

7 Positive Coronavirus Cases Reported in Afghanistan

US asks UNSC to endorse Taliban deal as initial Afghanistan troop withdrawal begins

Russia to send troops to Afghanistan if the countryís official authorities ask

US-Taliban deal puts Afghanistan on a path to peace: Khalilzad

First Coronavirus Case Reported in Afghanistan

Colorado National Guard Troops Deploy To Afghanistan

New Pakistan-Afghanistan Train Transports Goods

Afghanistan; 10,000 CIVILIAN CASUALTIES in 2019 Ė UNAMA

Ghani Elected President of Afghanistan

UN Secretary-General follows ďcloselyĒ peace efforts Afghanistan

President Jeenbekov sends message over Day of withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan

Afghanistan launches National Trade Policy

US troops leaving Afghanistan?

NATO Supports US Efforts for Peace in Afghanistan

US military budget request for Afghanistan lowest in a decade

Movie on Skateboarding in Afghanistan Wins Oscar

Trump Seeks End to War in Afghanistan

Pentagon Identifies 2 Air Force Airmen Killed in Afghanistan

Afghanistanís U19 Cricket Team to Face Pakistan on Friday

Taliban attack kills 10 policemen in northern Afghanistan

US Aircraft Dropped 7,423 Munitions in Afghanistan in 2019

US military investigating reports of Afghanistan plane crash: Official

TAPI Pipeline Project Faces More Delays in Afghanistan

The Pitfalls in Afghanistanís Peace Process

Afghanistan Again Among Top Corrupt Countries: Watchdog

China appoints new special envoy for Afghanistan

Afghanistan Improves its Growth by an Estimated 2.9 Percent

Turkey to help Afghanistan develop its insurance sector

President Trump and PM Khan Discuss Afghanistan at Davos

On the move: Conflict, refugee returns fuel Afghanistan displacement

There is a Ďdisincentiveí to tell the truth about progress in Afghanistan, Pentagon official says

The Geopolitical Feature of Peace and War in Afghanistan

Qureshi Urges US to Remain Engaged in Rebuilding Afghanistan

Over 130 killed as avalanches and floods hit Pakistan, Afghanistan

Tulsi Gabbard: War with Iran would make Afghanistan, Iraq wars ílook like a picnicí

civilian casualties in afghanistan surpassed 100,000 in the past 10 years

Taliban abducts 27 peace activists in Afghanistan

European Parliament Condemns Child Abuse in Afghanistan

Biden: I Was Against Troop Surge in Afghanistan

Every day On Average, 9 Children Either Dies, Gets Injured In Afghanistan

Endless unwinnable US war in Afghanistan

Confidential Documents on Afghanistan Released

Turkey to Host Meeting on Afghanistan

US Troop Drawdowns In Afghanistan ĎNot Tiedí to Taliban Deal: Esper

Trump makes surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan

Karzai: Situation of Afghanistan Is Deteriorating

Afghanistan Beats Turkmenistan 2-1 at CAFA U-23 Women Championship

Two US Service Members Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Protests Summoning of Envoy by Pakistan

US Mission Has Not Changed in Afghanistan: Esper

China Set to Host Taliban, Afghanistanian Politicians

62 killed, 33 wounded in an explosion in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan

Voting Kicks off in Afghanistanís 4th Presidential Election

ďLegislate PeaceĒ Campaign in Afghanistan

Daesh In Afghanistan Aims To Attack US: McKenzie

Hundreds of US infantry soldiers mobilizing for deployment to Afghanistan

Minister Khalid Meets Top US Military Official for Afghanistan

ICC prosecutor challenges courtís rejection of probe into US war crimes in Afghanistan

Australia police raid ABC over report on killing of civilians in Afghanistan

Nearly 200 Afghanistanian Civilians Killed In Ramadan: Report

Khalilzad Says US Is Not Seeking Violence In Afghanistan

ĎTwo Out Of Five Childrení Are Not In School In Afghanistan

Foreign forces must exit Afghanistan for peace: Taliban

US military helicopter destroyed after íhard landingí in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Shock Pakistan By Three Wickets In Warm-Up Match

US airstrikes kill at least 14 civilians in Afghanistan

Moscow To Host Meeting On Afghanistan Next Week

Naib, Shahzad Help Afghanistan Level Series Against Ireland

Peace Has Eventually Become Possible In Afghanistan: Wang

Al-Qaeda Elements Are Seen In Parts Of Afghanistan: Miller

UN Stresses On Persistent Anti-Corruption Efforts In Afghanistan

Taliban Wants To Take Over Afghanistan: Ex-Pentagon Chief

Afghanistan beats Scotland by 2 runs via D/L method in second ODI match

Dunford Suggests Longer Military Presence In Afghanistan

Turkey In Favor Of Durable Peace In Afghanistan: Erdogan

Daesh Gaining Foothold In Afghanistan: Russia

Itís íGetting Harderí To Track US Progress In Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Tajikistan to Face in Football Friendly Match

Afghanistan announces squad for ICC Cricket world Cup

Pakistan PM Says Will Not Give Advice to Afghanistan Anymore

Russian And Tajik Leaders Discuss Afghanistan

Cases of Torture Reduce in Afghanistan Prisons: UNAMA

Germany pledges 59 million euros to Afghanistan

Pakistani PM and US CENTCOM Chief discuss Afghanistan

Afghanistan Loses $8m After Pakistanís Airspace Closure

Afghanistanian Govít to Form Peace and Reconciliation Council: Abdullah

Pakistanís PM Repeats Controversial Remarks On Afghanistan

Afghanistanian Politicians To Meet Ghani And Khalilzad On Peace

US President Calls Afghanistan War ďUnfortunateĒ and ďRidiculousĒ

Flash Floods Affected Thousands of People in Afghanistan: UNOCHA

Afghanistanís Nabi Sinks RCB In IPL With Special Spell

Pakistani minister brands US ambassador to Afghanistan a Ďlittle pygmyí in Twitter row

Khanís Comments On Afghanistan ĎMisinterpretedí

ĎIf we leave Afghanistan, we will leave together with NATOí: Khalilzad

US officials confirm Afghanistanian NSA Hamdullah Mohib was summoned to State Department

ONSC Reacts on Plan to Privatize War in Afghanistan

Khalilzad Leads Delegation to Afghanistan and Pakistan

MoFA Fears Of US-Russia ĎConfrontationí In Afghanistan

Daesh Ideology Takes Root in Afghanistan: U.S. Ambassador to UN

Afghanistan Celebrates Independence Day

Reasons behind Formation of Afghanistanís Grand National Coalition

Pakistan to add 60,000 more troops along the Durand Line with Afghanistan

Afghanistan assumes full control of its airspace after almost 26 years

EU Says ĎWe Stand United With Afghanistaní After Attacks

NATO discussing funding for Afghanistanian forces beyond 2020: Stoltenberg

Nearly 3.7 Million Afghanistanian Children Out of Schools: UNICEF

Russian pilot shot down in Afghanistan in 1980s found alive

Afghanistan Gear Up for Bangladesh T20I Series

Hekmatyar Reacts to Calls for Renaming Afghanistan Back to Khorasan

Afghanistanian Shias Targeted In Deadly Attacks in Recent Years: Report

Afghanistanian complete rare silk Quran

Despite presence of foreign troops, Daesh growing in Afghanistan

Why Kabul Turns Blind Eye to ISIS Expansion in Afghanistan?

Afghanistanís Economy Stalls without Troop Presence: SIGAR

Year after US MOAB Strike, ISIS Growing Fast in Afghanistan

Pakistan ĎAgreesí To Remove Check Posts On Afghanistanian Soil

Indian ISIS recruits likely killed in Afghanistan airstrike

India to provide four Mi-24 helicopters to Afghanistan

German Defense Minister Meets Afghanistanian Security Officials in Balkh

ISIS Suicide Bombers Target Shiite Mosque in Afghanistanís Herat

Afghanistan Thrash West Indies to Claim World Cup Qualifier Title

Afghanistan-Iran Trade Volumes Rise

Nowruz in Afghanistan

1396 Deadly Year for Afghanistanian Civilians: Rights Body

Taliban Welcomes Afghanistanian Jihadi Leaderís Offer for Direct Talks

US High Delegation Led by Gen. Dunford Arrives in Afghanistan

Foreign Countries Should Not Turn Afghanistan Into Their Rivalry Hub: Iranian Envoy

Grenade attack injures 5 students in Shia district of Afghanistanian capital

Daesh Makes Progress in Eastern Afghanistan: MP Qadir

China Ramps Up Security Presence in Afghanistan

Afghanistan to battle West Indies in Super Six stage of WCQ tomorrow

39% of Afghanistanian Live Below Poverty Line

Afghanistanian lawmakers elect the first deputy speaker of the Lower House

Abdul Azim Badakhshi Ė Another rising star in MMA sports in Afghanistan

Why Does Peace Look Unachievable in Afghanistan?

Taliban kill 18 soldiers in Afghanistanís Farah province

Afghanistanian Parliament to Open despite Constitutional Crisis

Afghanistanian government offers recognition of Taliban as political group

Loss of life is high in Afghanistan: CE Abdulah

Afghanistan Prepares for Second Kabul Process Conference

Work On Afghanistan Section Of TAPI Project Launched

Former VP Qanooni warns of írevolutioní in Afghanistan

More than 10,000 civilians killed, wounded in 2017 in Afghanistan: UNAMA

íUS moving terror groups to Afghanistan after Iraq, Syria defeatsí

Afghanistanian Teenage Girl Commits Suicide in Ghor Province

No Military Solution to Afghanistanian Issue: Pakistan PM

Peace Prospects Fading in Afghanistan as Trump Rejects Talks with Taliban

Five Things to Know about US New Afghanistan Strategy

Creators of Daesh Seeking to Relocate It to Afghanistan: Ayatollah Khamenei

3 killed, 25 wounded as siege ends on NGO office in East of Afghanistan

Afghanistani Govt. Denies Holding Informal Talks with Taliban in Turkey

NATO Chief Stresses on Political Reforms in Afghanistan

Ghani and pence discuss US strategy impact on Afghanistanian forces and Taliban

India mulls security-related assistance to Afghanistanian forces

Two-Thirds of Afghanistanian Girls Do Not Attend School: Report

Karzai warns of growing US-Russia rivalry in Afghanistan, slams Taliban for destructions

Moscow To Host SCO Contact Group Meeting On Afghanistan

Mr Afghanistan Wins Gold At World Amateur Championships

Former President Karzai slams ĎUS new policyí on Afghanistan

US to ask NATO for 1,000 more troops for Afghanistan

Ghani Reiterates Call to Pakistan to Intensify State-to-State Dialogue with Afghanistan

Talibanís Qatar Office Engaged in ĎSpreading Terror Activitiesí in Afghanistan

Denmark to Send 55 More Soldiers to Afghanistan

U.S. cannot achieve objectives in Afghanistan without change of behavior by Pakistan: Dunford

Asif claims Pakistan cannot take responsibility for Afghanistanís peace and security

Twin bombings, gun fight kill six police in Afghanistan

India Tells Mattis It Wonít Send Troops to Afghanistan

Afghanistan Wins Its 9th Bronze Medal At Asian Games

Upcoming event in India big opportunity for investment in Afghanistan: CE Abdullah

Afghanistan likely on agenda as US defense secretary starts visit to India

Iran edges past Afghanistan 2-1 2018 AFC U-16 Championship qualifier

3,000 suicides annually in Afghanistan

Torkham reopens between Afghanistan and Pakistan after Friday incident

Afghanistan wins first gold and silver medals in Turkmenistan games

China, Turkey, Iran support Islamabadís stance on Afghanistan: Asif

US forces have failed in Afghanistan, Pakistanís FM claims

Modi reiterates strong support to Afghanistan in the fight against imposed terror

Afghanistan ready for comprehensive talks with Pakistan, Ghani tells Erdogan

Abdullah calls Taliban a Ďterrorist groupí Afghanistan marks week of martyrs

China Wants íImproved Ties Between Afghanistan, Pakistaní

US authorizes sending 3,500 more soldiers to Afghanistan: US official

US Sending 3,500 Extra Troops To Afghanistan

Afghanistanís oldest female asylum seeker faces deportation from Sweden

US Benefits from Afghanistan Drugs Production

Understanding Afghanistan's Haqqani Network

Pakistani army chief reacts at new US strategy for Afghanistan, South Asia

Ex-President Karzai Opposes New US Strategy for Afghanistan

Trump Releases US Central Asia Policy; Afghanistan, Pakistan in Focus+VIDEO

UN mission Afghanistan confirms massacre of civilians by Taliban and ISIS loyalists

Independence Day Celebrated Across Afghanistan

Afghanistan Celebrates 98 Years Of Independence

US soldier killed in operations against militants in eastern Afghanistan

Belarus, Afghanistan Forge New Strategy for Cooperation

Terrorism a serious threat both for Afghanistan and Pakistan: Ghani

What Factors Destabilize Afghanistan?

US Airstrikes Kill 16 more Civilians in Afghanistan

Failure In Afghanistan Means Strengthening Terrorists In West

Iran Slams Massacre of Shiites in Afghanistan, Urges Unity in War on Terror

Ghani, Nicholson Vow to Defeat Terrorists in Afghanistan

235 civilians rescued from Taliban and ISIS captivity in North of Afghanistan+Photos

Trump's Frustrated in Afghanistan Quagmire, Demands Plunder of Country's Minerals

Noor slams security institutions amid reports over 50 massacred in North of Afghanistan

Abdullah informs regarding CIA chief's visit to Afghanistan

India supports Afghanistan in hatching anti-Pakistan conspiracies, Asif claims

Private, public sector meet to review progress in reconnecting Afghanistan to regional markets

Why Pakistan Seeks Weak Govnt, Strong Militants in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan announces Kankor results for enrollment of students in universities

40 dead, wounded in a traffic incident in North of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Inches Closer To U19 World Cup By Beating Malaysia

Status of Factions of Taliban in Afghanistan

Steinmeier visits Afghanistan more than a month after deadly Kabul bombing

McCain Claims U.S ĎLosing' In Afghanistan Due To Lack Of Strategy

Pentagon confirms death of US soldier in Helmand province of Afghanistan

Afghanistan and Turkmenistan sign 7 agreements during President Ghaniís visit

Ghani insists on Ďreconciliation first with Pakistan' to bring peace in Afghanistan

NATO considering an increase in troops level in Afghanistan: Stoltenberg

Afghan governmentís optimisms on Gen. Dunfordís visit to Afghanistan

ISIS in Afghanistan release grim execution video purports to show execution by children+Video

Is US Relocating ISIS Terrorists to Afghanistan, Central Asia?

U.S Moves To Close Afghanistan, Pakistan Affairs Office

Afghanistan declares Sunday first day of Eid-ul-Fitr

Afghanistan announces parliament elections date scheduled for 7 July 2018

Afghanistan confirmed as full members by the International cricket council

Afghanistan and US hold talks regarding the framework of new bilateral cooperation

Pakistan Opens Illegal Trade Crossing Into Afghanistan: MoCI

Modi thanks Ghani for Afghanistan-India air corridor initiative

U.S Needs To Be In Afghanistan For The Long Haul: Petraeus

Afghanistan-India air corridor inaugurated as $5m cargo to arrive New Delhi today

Islamabad says two Pakistani diplomats have gone missing in Afghanistan

U.S. To Send Almost 4,000 Additional Troops To Afghanistan

US not to repeat past mistakes in Afghanistan: Mattis

UN Chief Calls on World to Support Afghanistan

Afghanistan receives $180 million in incentives from World Bank

New strategy about Afghanistan to include ĎRegional Approachí: Mattis

Afghanistan and China sign agreements on railway network, electricity projects

Pakistanís ISI behind appointment of new ISIS chief in Afghanistan: Uzbekistani

President Ghani accuses Pakistan of launching 'undeclared war' against Afghanistan

Afghanistan defeats Maldives 2-1 in friendly football match

Afghanistan loses the third and final T20I match to West Indies

Pakistani ambassador claims Haqqani network has shifted to Afghanistan

Pakistan reacts at Afghanistanís decision to cancel cricket series

Afghanistan-India air corridor program first flight scheduled for 15th JuneAfghanistan-India air corridor program first flight scheduled for 15th June

Ghani approves Habibiís appointment as Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority chief

Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism

NSC reacts at Zubair Massoudís remarks about ISIS plans in Afghanistan

Trade Volume Between Afghanistan and Tajikistan Doubles

ICC recognizes Afghanistanís domestic ODI tournament as List A league

U.S Seeks to Establish Hegemonic Govt in Afghanistan: Pedram

SIS radio station destroyed, 34 militants killed in East of Afghanistan

ISIS head in Afghanistan, mastermind of Kabul military hospital attack killed

Head of Daesh in Afghanistan killed in joint strike with US: Ghani

Iran, Afghanistan Vows to Expand Ties, Fight Terror

US Mulls Sending New Forces to Afghanistan, Amid Trumpís Policy Incertitude

U.S Looking At 'Adjustments' To Afghanistan's War Strategy

Massive corruption involved in mines contracts in Afghanistan: IWA

Taliban are main reason behind US forces presence in Afghanistan: Hekmatyar

Reasons behind Talibanís Recently-Heightened Violence in Afghanistan

Afghanistan reacts at Talibanís announcement of spring offensive

91 killed in Taliban and ISIS militants clash in North of Afghanistan

ISIS suffer heavy casualties in Zabul province of Afghanistan

Geopolitical games being played around Afghanistan: Russia

U.S To Review Afghanistan Strategy Following Army Base Attack

Mattis in Afghanistan to shape US strategy

Hekmatyar Expected In Afghanistan In Next Few Days: Hizb-e-Islami

China to help Afghanistan in deployment of second satellite to orbit

Afghanistan gets Minister of State to boost tourism

5 Pakistani militants killed in an airstrike in East of Afghanistan

Karzai vows to oust US forces from Afghanistan after MOAB strike on ISIS

Mega-bomb dropped by US on east Afghanistan kills 94: Official

ISIS in Afghanistan kidnapped wives, daughters for forced marriage: Nicholson

Karzai strongly condemns US dropping of huge bomb in Afghanistan

Trump lauds US military for firing Ďmother of all bombsí in Afghanistan

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan + video

Pistachio harvest in NE Afghanistan expected to surpass 1,000 tons

132 ISIS terrorists killed in Afghanistan in past 6 days: MoD

Trump sending Gen. McMaster to Afghanistan to review the situation

View of good and evil Afghanistan from 1960 to 1980

Iran Named Afghanistanís Largest Trade Partner in 2016: ACCI

Foreigners among 25 ISIS militants killed in East of Afghanistan

Senior Taliban leader arrested in North of Afghanistan

Afghanistan strongly reacts at Pakistani violations along Durand Line

Japan provides $12m in fresh aid to Afghanistan for irrigation and fiscal support

NATO in Afghanistan to prevent it from becoming terrorism safe haven: Stoltenberg

NATOís work in Afghanistan remains critical: US Secretary of State

6 people working at US Embassy in Afghanistan fired over drugs

Taliban militants suffer heavy casualties in US airstrike in East of Afghanistan

ISIS execute 3 civilians on charges of supporting police in North of Afghanistan

Russia rejects US claim of giving supplies to Taliban in Afghanistan

Taliban militants capture key district in Afghanistanís Helmand

Afghanistan defeats Ireland in fifth and final ODI and wins series 3-2

Afghanistan defeats Singapore 2-1 in friendly football match

Illiteracy Rate in Afghanistan is Terrible: Danish

Prominent religious cleric killed in East of Afghanistan Prominent religious cleric killed in East of Afghanistan

Clash among Junbish and Jamiat gunmen leaves 4 dead in North of Afghanistan

Afghanistan defeats Ireland in first ODI series by 30 runs

Afghanistan whitewashed Ireland in T20I series

6 key ISIS leaders killed in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan

Afghanistan finalizes law to criminalize Bacha Baazi

Afghanistan to launch 4G services in the near future: MCIT

NATO firmly committed to Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan: Stoltenberg

6 ICRC employees shot dead in northern Afghanistan by ISIS loyalists

ISIS fighters held from Peshawar hospital, returned to Afghanistan: Pak officials

SIGARís Afghanistan report to Trump admin offers bleak progress statistics

Afghanistan A wins series against Zimbabwe A with third consecutive victory

36 ISIS militants killed, 20 wounded in South of Afghanistan

Recent Afghanistan Bombings Muscle-Flexing from Taliban: Analyst

Afghanistan to profit $1 billion annually for transit from TAPI pipeline

Trump vows support to help unearth Afghanistanís massive natural resources

Draft Agreement Finalized to Link Afghanistan with Black, Mediterranean Sea

Afghan brothers make drone to hunt mines in Afghanistan

India approves MoU with Afghanistan on Space Technology Cooperation

Afghanistan becomes Desert T20 champion, defeats Ireland in final

Tajikistan defeats Afghanistan in friendly football match

Afghanistan defeats Oman in Desert T20 Challenge semi-final

NATO admits to killing of civilians in 2016 Afghanistan attack

5 Emirati diplomats slain in south Afghanistan bomb attack

Afghanistan signs $205m road construction project with a Chinese firm

Afghanistan signs grant agreements worth $128 million with World Bank

US-led drone strikes kill over three dozen in eastern Afghanistan

Pakistan claims attack on university handled from Afghanistan

Refugee Crisis: EU Seeks Political Solution For Challenges In Afghanistan

New US drone raid kills 11 in eastern Afghanistan

Mosazai says at least 60 % militants fleeing Pakistan join Daesh in Afghanistan

US drone kills Daesh, civilians in Afghanistan: Report

Special force formed to counter ISIS in Afghanistan

State-owned Indian firm commissions two 220/20kV substations in Afghanistan

Leader calls for Ďcommunal unityí in Afghanistan

Afghanistan faces defeat during the final match of SAFF Championship

Five people killed in US drone strike in northeast Afghanistan

ISIS photo purports to show captured Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

20 Killed and 229 Injured In Powerful Afghanistan Earthquake

Afghanistan defeats Zimbabwe in first T20 following historic ODI win

Afghanistan likely to receive Russiaís support in fight against terrorism

Ghani, Obama Discuss Afghanistan Security

Afghanistan to play with Singapore for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018

Pakistanís Inzamam-ul-Haq hired as Afghanistan National team head coach

Taliban Changing Military Strategy in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Pakistan likely to resume talks this week

Afghanistan president targets corruption

The risk of ISIS for Afghanistan

Afghanistanís mining law draft to be ready by year-end

Islamic State Eying Afghanistanís Natural Resources

Afghanistanís Natural Resources under the sight of Islamic State

Afghanistanís dried and fresh fruits export to reach 55,000 tons this year

ISIL beheads 10 Taliban militants in eastern Afghanistan

Daesh Recruiting in Afghanistan: Campbell

Pakistan engaged in an undeclared war with Afghanistan: Ghani

Afghanistan strongly condemns Saudi terrorist attack

Bin Laden died in Afghanistan in 2001, not in 2011 in Pakistan: American scholar

US, allies oppose Iran-Afghanistan cooperation: Leader

Iran, Afghanistan sign memorandums to improve cooperation

Obama Administration to Reassess US Troops Presence in Afghanistan Post-2015

Ghani Urges Foreign Leaders Not to Forget Afghanistan As New Threats Emerge

Pentagon nominee considers changing troops pullout plan from Afghanistan

Obama Insists Fewer Troops in Afghanistan

No Regional Progress During Foreigners' Presence in Afghanistan: Zarif

Afghanistan probes regarding ministerís name on Interpol list

Foreign presence pretext for Afghanistan attacks: Iran

Germany not in favor of swift end to NATO mission in Afghanistan

Afghanistan World's Third Largest Opium Producer: UNODC

No More Combat Mission Needed in Afghanistan: NATO

US used Afghanistan as testing battleground: Analyst

5 year old raped in Afghanistan

Militants launch rocket attack on US airbase in Afghanistan

US to increase troops in Afghanistan in 2015

US drone attack kills 4 in eastern Afghanistan

IncreaseNormalDecrease Afghanistan secretly lifts ban on US night raids: Report

Fazal-ur-Rehman endorses Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan

Time for Afghanistan and Pakistan to open new trade avenues

Afghan Mobile Business event announces winners of Afghanistanís first smartphone app competition

US aid package to Afghanistan, doubtful: Analyst

Afghanistan rolls out red carpet for Chinese investors

11th cricket academy established in Afghanistan

Afghanistan a priority country for WFP

Afghanistan, Pakistan sign agreement on electricity transit fee

Japan funds mine clearance operations in Afghanistan

UN Has Misspent Millions in Afghanistan: U.S Watchdog

What the BSA Entails for Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani sworn-in as the new president of Afghanistan

Afghanistanís new unity government to serve as a green signal for investors

Canada welcomes agreement on national unity govt in Afghanistan

Female journalist brutally murdered in northern Afghanistan

Final report of Afghanistan National Development Strategy published with key support from Germany

Pak envoy summoned over Punjabi Talibanís war declaration in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Revealed

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Increase

Militants set hundreds of fuel tankers ablaze in Afghanistan

Afghanistan GDP growth indicates a 6.4% spike

Voting starts in Afghanistan run-off presidential election

Pakistan seeks power sharing with Taliban in Afghanistanís next government

Five US soldiers killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Maintains Foreign Policy Sovereignty

US-led soldier killed in E Afghanistan

Afghanistan close to be blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Afghanistan defeats Turkmenistan 3-1 in AFC Challenge Cup

Interesting photos of the presidents of China and Afghanistan

Afghanistan to launch 4G internet services soon

US-led airstrike kills 11 in east Afghanistan

US military presence to remain significant in Afghanistan

Turkmenistan to export 300MW of electricity to Afghanistan

Afghanistanís first satellite starts formal operation

Major international aid conference to be held on Afghanistan

Turkmenistan and Tajikistan willing to support Afghanistanís socio-economic development

DAB and HARAKAT team up to improve access to finance in Afghanistan

Afghanistan defeats Oman by 5 wickets in ACC Premier League

US and British forces run illegal prisons in Afghanistan

Coal mine explosion leaves 20 people dead in northern Afghanistan

Pakistanís North Waziristan comes under rocket attack from Afghanistan

Afghanistan presidential election goes to run-off

5 NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash

Flash floods leave over 100 people dead in Afghanistan

Abdullah maintains lead in Afghanistan presidential race

Children with a sense of sadness calls to Afghanistan

Afghanistan election results delayed over fraud investigations

Afghanistanís economy to pick up pace in 2015 and 2016

United States Intervened in 2009 Presidential Election/US Dealt with Iran Vigilantly in Afghanistan

Afghanistan cricket board announces squad for ACC Premier League

What is your idea about US army in Afghanistan?

Pedram: The Abduction of Hazara and Tajik Women Recalls the Crimes of Abdur Rahman

Survivors of Russian charter flight crash transferred to Kabul

UNICEF: Afghan earthquakes leave 100,000 children in urgent need of aid this winter

Increased Taliban arrests lead to Kabul families restricting womenís movement

Explosion reported in Kabul , casualties still unknown

UN expert demands Ďimmediateí release of women detained by Taliban for Ďbad hijabí

Taliban arrests dozens of women in Kabul for Ďimproper hijab,í says womenís group

Kazakhstan Removes Taliban From Banned Group List

Pakistan Claims 92 Afghans Involved in Attacks in Last 2 Years

Political figures criticize UN report for alleged Ďwhitewashingí of Taliban, demand accountability

Huge explosion rocks Kabul

Lack of Access to Information Increased By 32 Percent

íRobust Measuresí Keep US Aid From Benefiting Taliban: Miller

Pakistan Claims Attacks in Pakistan Linked to Afghans

UNHCR: Forced return of Afghans from Pakistan deepens humanitarian crisis

UNís Deputy Chief reiterates UNís support for Afghan women

Blast hits commuter bus in Kabul, 7 killed, 20 injured

Thousands of Afghans flood border before Pakistan deadline for expulsion

From Kunduz to Gaza, how US and Israel have normalized hospital bombings

UK begins inquiry into armyís extra-judicial killings of Afghans

Taliban, World Communityís Understandings of Inclusive Govt. Are Worlds Apart

UN warns Pakistan not to forcibly deport Afghan refugees

Pakistani, Afghan FMs meet amid growing tensions over deportation of refugees

Taliban Needs to Meet Its Commitments: US

UNís Afghan mission condemns arrest of womenís activists

Pakistan: We will put pressure on the Taliban for the right to education for girls and the rights of Afghan women

Tajik President Remarks on Intra-Afghan Dialogue, Inclusive Govt

Thomas West: ĎWe Need to Keep Women, Girlsí Issues Front and Center

Former president Rabbani remembered on 12th anniversary of his assassination

Amnesty Intl: Secondary Schools Should Be Reopened for Afghan Girls

US Military: The 2021 Kabul airport incident will be re-examined

Torkham Crossing Opens to Traffic After More Than a Week

West: Islamic Emirate íSignificantly Degraded ISKP Capabilityí

Iran says supports regional initiatives aimed at resolving Afghan woes

Pakistan steps up military operation along Durand Line

Ghani Removed From UN Heads of State List

Taliban Delegation Returns to Kabul from Doha

Afghan Women Criticize Bidenís Afghan Assets Decision

Afghan U19 Futsal Team Beats Uzbekistan 8-1

Talks on Outsourced Airport Operations Still Ongoing: Ministry



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



Federalism in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges

Formation of the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan

Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians

íUK national scandalí: 20,000 mental health patients íraped, sexually assaultedí in NHS care

Three US troops killed, dozens injured in drone attack in Syria

Trump says NATO will not come to rescue if US attacked

Ukraine beset by $40m fraud in arms procurement amid war with Russia

US approves sale of F-16 jets to Turkey after Ankara ratifies Swedenís NATO membership

UNSC to meet to discuss ICJ ruling on Israeli genocide in Gaza

Taliban: Afghanistan Does Not Have Formal Border With Pakistan

Gazaís major health facility collapses amid Israeli attacks: MSF

Americans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid fears of WW3

Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide

Trump walks out of courtroom during closing arguments of Carrollís attorney

US: 3 dead in shooting at Texas apartment complex

US-UK aggression against Yemen risks expansion of war: Iran

Yemen directly hits US warship with ballistic missile

Hamas has self-reliantly opposed the three giant intelligence agencies of the world!

President Raeisi calls for UN reform, says body unable to end Gaza genocide

Pedram: The Abduction of Hazara and Tajik Women Recalls the Crimes of Abdur Rahman

Special envoys from G7 countries discuss Afghanistan in London meeting

Turkish lawmakers open debate over Swedenís NATO membership

UN agency says over half a million Palestinians face Ďcatastrophic hungerí in Gaza

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Al-Maghazi operation proved defeat of Israeli regime in Gaza war

European support for Israel damaging energy security on the continent, report says

Pakistan Army Kills Seven ĎTerroristsí Near Afghan Border

Israel kills at least 190 people in Khan Younis in 24 hours

UNAMA report: 49 Hazara community members killed in Afghanistan in three months

Indiaís Modi inaugurates Hindu temple on site of razed mosque ahead of elections

US 2024 election: DeSantis drops out of Republican presidential race, backs Trump

Survivors of Russian charter flight crash transferred to Kabul

Iranís anti-terror strikes Ďclear messageí to certain recipients: Foreign Ministry

Ethnic mass killings in one Sudan city last year left up to 15,000 dead: UN report

Iran says reserves right to avenge Israelís assassination of IRGC advisors

Rocket barrage targets Ain al-Asad base housing US forces in western Iraq

Lebanese media: Israeli drone kills 2 Hamas members in southern Lebanon

Five IRGC advisors assassinated in Israeli aggression on Syria

Pakistan recalls ambassador from Tehran

Iraqi PM stresses to NATO chief ending of foreign troops

UN chief reiterates call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza


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